Draft Meeting Minutes
BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive
Thursday, October 19th, 2017 Scheduled 1 pm - 5 pm
Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

Phil Mantler (Chair)
Karen Hall (Secretary) – by phone
Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)
Carl Cahoon (Vice Chair, Awards Committee - Chair)
Ken Antao (Member at Large)
Pierre Charpentier (Member at Large)
Adele McLean (Member at Large)

Ernie McLean

Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)

Summary of Action Items

  • Awards Committee to develop ToR and bring back to Executive for approval
  • P MacDougall to ensure Resolutions have movers and seconders
  • P MacDougall to highlight region interest in all Resolutions and present at BC/Yukon AGM caucus
  • P Mantler to discuss AGM buddies with R MacDonald
  • P Mantler and R MacDonald to send email to Branch President regarding rally kits
  • K Hall to investigate kits and prepare rough budget
  • P Mantler to develop and circulate motion electronically regarding rally kits
  • All to think about there roles in National/Regional Initiatives and be prepared to discuss at the December Meeting including achievable goals

Carry forward to future agendas

  • National and Regional Initiative to become standing items on future agendas
  • Branch Liaison – discuss focus of position (December)
  • Designated Youth position on executive (December)
  • Social Media and the Region (December)
  • Alternates (December)
  • Youth in Region and Regional Symposium (December)
  • Mentorship in the region (Future)

Meeting called to order – 1:10 pm

1. Approval of Agenda (All)

  • Motion to approve the agenda
  • m/s P Charpentier/P MacDougall - carried

2. Approval of Previous Minutes (All)

  • Motion to approve the September 16th , 2017 Minutes
  • M/S C Cahoon/A McLean– carried

3. Business Arising from February 17th Minutes (All)

a) Discussion regarding Training Committee Reports – Completed
b) Presentation on changes to steward program – bring forward in agenda
c) Follow-up on Steward of the Year with Awards Committee Chair - Completed

4. Regional Executive Chair Report (P Mantler)

  • No new report since September meeting

5. Regional Director Report (R. MacDonald)

  • Motion to accept the Regional Director Report September16th to October 18th 2017
  • M/S C Cahoon/P MacDougall –carried
  • Report is attached

6. Financial Report (P. MacDougall)

  • Motion to accept the Treasurer Report
  • M/S ?/?– carried
  • Summary provided by the Treasurer; finances are in good order
  • Discussion occurred on potential spending prior to the end of the calendar year. Item carried forward into New Business

7. Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)

  • Verbal report provided
  • M/S P MacDougall/C Cahoon – carried
  • High level overview provided on new steward program. Full presentation to be provided at Steward Council
  • New program that allows stewards to identify in one of 3 levels of steward activity – training will be provided on steward level
  • Executive training will occur in December 2017

8. Steward Council

  • E McLean discussed the change in format and as the executive to provide constructive feedback on our thoughts
  • Volunteers were assigned to take tickets for the meals
  • A McLean has invited the Richmond Society for Community Living to present

9. New Business
a) Regional Executive Liaisons with Branches (All)

  • Group brainstormed on ideas for this position. Examples included
  • Connect with Branches regarding administrative responsibilities
  • Informing on upcoming events
  • Providing ongoing communication coming out of Reg Exec
  • This item will be brought back to the December meeting along with a discussion on Social media as a communication tool

b) Awards Committee Terms of Reference (C Cahoon)

  • Awards Committee with meet with Regional Director to develop ToR.
  • To be brought forward to December meeting

c) Training Committee Terms of Reference (P MacDougall)

  • Approved several meetings back

d) AGM 2017

  • P MacDougall will confirm that we have movers and seconders for motions the Region has put forward, during Thursday evening meeting
  • P MacDougall will go through the remaining resolutions and bring them forward for discussion at the Thursday evening meeting
  • The idea was brought forward to “buddy up” with our youth members while at the AGM
  • P Mantler to discuss with R MacDonald

e) Rally Items

  • Executive discussed the idea of creating Rally Kits for each of the Branches
  • P Mantler and R MacDonald to reach out to the Branch Presidents to seek input on what could be included in kits
  • K Hall will look up items and provide a rough budget by the end of Steward Council
  • If there is enough interest, a motion will be prepared on the purchase of material and vote will occur electronically

f) National/Regional Initiatives

  • Legacy Fund
  • K Antao will be presenting at the Steward Council Lunch
  • 100th Anniversary
  • No report this meeting
  • Better Together
  • P Mantler will be co presenting with R MacDonald at Steward Council
  • Government Relations
  • No Report this meeting
  • BC Fed Membership Investigation
  • No Report this meeting
  • It has only been a month since these roles were assigned; The Group agreed to have more wholesome discussions on what these roles could encompass and to develop some achievable goals. – Forward to December

10. Next Meeting(s)

  • December 1, 2017 9 - 5
  • February (To be confirmed)

11. Adjournment @ 2:50 pm m/s P MacDougall/C Cahoon - carried

Regional Director’s Report - October 19, 2017 – Regional Executive Meeting
Period: September 16, 2017 – October 18, 2017

Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the board mandate letters, my focus over this last period has included:

Chair, Executive Compensation Committee:

  • Tasks from BOD approved 3-year Work Plan and BOD assigned tasks.
  • Efforts continue on the Pre-Triennial Review Process and the full Triennial Review.

Board Liaison, Science Advisory Committee and Science:

  • Tasks from BOD approved 3-Year Strategic Plan.
  • Preparation for a presentation to the BOD before the end of the year.

Assist in the delivery of the key results area of “Model Organization” in areas of governance and strategy planning for the Institute:

  • Undertaking a governance review for the Institute and supporting BOD initiatives.
  • Preparation to present the ECC’s ‘Authority of the Executive Committee’ memo to BOD.

This was another busy period for the Institute with significant focus on Phoenix (see www.pipsc.ca for latest updates on efforts).

I am proud to advise the Institute formalized its relationship with the Broadbent Institute for the next four years at our October Board Meeting. While PIPSC has worked and supported the Broadbent Institute for some time now, this strengthens our partnership and our ability to advocate for working Canadians. Check out http://www.broadbentinstitute.ca/

Over the next few weeks, PIPSC will be on Parliament Hill to participate in another Political Action Day (Lobby Day) to advocate for our members. Hopefully we will roll out a similar initiative in the Region in 2018. This is part of our work on advocacy and government relations that will be increasing over time.

Over this period in the Region, the final work is going into the upcoming Steward Council, scheduled for October 20 and 21, 2017 in Richmond. This should be another great Steward Council and a great chance for our stewards to be recognized, receive some valuable education and development and network with friends and colleagues.

As always, let me know if you would like to assist in organizing any Better Together Initiatives or our upcoming Regional Events.


Regional Executive Meetings / Events:

  • Regional Executive Meeting / Orientation – September 16

Regional Meetings / Events / Conference Calls:

  • Library and Archives Canada Consultation Meeting – September 22
  • Meeting with Penticton CRA Stewards – September 27
  • Okanagan Branch AGM – September 27
  • Library and Archives Canada LMCC – September 28
  • Victoria Branch AGM – October 14
  • BCFNHA JCC – October 18

Board Meetings / National Events:

  • NJC Seminar – September 20
  • Executive Compensation Committee – September 21
  • Science Advisory Committee – October 6
  • Regional Directors Meeting – October 12
  • Phoenix Rally in Ottawa – October 12
  • Board of Directors Meeting – October 13 & 14

In Solidarity
Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM
Director, BC/Yukon Region