February 7th, 2019 7:00 to 10:00 pm


Phil Mantler (Chair)
Karen Hall (Secretary)
Ken Antao (Member at Large)
Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)
Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)
Carl Cahoon (Vice Chair, Awards Committee - Chair)
Adele McLean (Member at Large)
Liz Oliphant (Member at Large)

Meeting called to order – 19:05

1.Approval of Agenda (All)

  • Motion to approve the agenda
    • m/s - carried

2.Approval of Previous Minutes (All)

  • Motion to approve the November 28/29 2018
    • M/S – approved by consensus with changes

3.Business Arising from November 28/29 2018 (All)

  • Recruitment Video to be on next Regional Training Committee Meeting (February agenda) – Bring forward in Agenda
  •     R MacDonald to discuss 100th Anniversary Committee with Ottawa and carry out digitizing of thephoto albums - ongoing
  • R MacDonald and P Mantler to discuss follow-up with Kamloops members - completed
  • R MacDonald to work with executive on connecting with members in Prince Rupert -ongoing
  • R MacDonald will move forward with the etched glasses - ongoing
  • K Hall will create a poster to communicate with Branch Presidents and P Mantler will be the contact – ongoing
  • R MacDonald to draft up language to send to Branches to ask for inclusivity in delegation selection – draft to be sent to executive
  • K Hall to report to Executive in February on option regarding Labour Federation affiliation – bringforward in agenda
  • K Hall will work with R MacDonald on developing a written draft strategic plan – ongoing

4.Regional Director Report (R. MacDonald)

  • Motion to accept the Regional Director Report November 28th 2018 to February 6th 2019; M/S–carried
    • Report is attached

5.Financial Report (P. MacDougall)

  • Financial Report received verbally
    • m/s to receive – carried
  • Report amended to accommodate motion. Carried with consensus

6.Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)

  • No regional committee report – have not met since June
  • National summary provided
  • C Cahoon attended the 3 day PSAC Ontario Labour School

7.National Initiatives
a)  Better Together (P Mantler/R MacDonald)

  • R MacDonald and P Mantler went to Kamloops and had a successful trip leading to steward renewal and recruitment
  • R MacDonald has connected with a member in Prince Rupert a DFO and a session will be held at the DFO office on the Monday of the trip

b)Legacy Fund (K Antao)

  • K Antao provided executive posters to be used for upcoming year
  • Motion: The Regional Executive supports the purchase of 2 gift certificates worth a value of $100 each for prizes for a draw at Regional Council in support of Legacy Cup Fundraising in 2019. m/s - carried

8. New Business
a) Youth Forum Update – (R. MacDonald)

  • Event was successfully held on November 30 2018
    • Follow-up with participants has occurred to determine if support is required to keep them engaged;
    • L Oliphant provided some feedback as an attendee

b)Recruitment Video for stewards – (P. MacDougall)

  • Short discussion on how to get this to move forward
    • A McLean and P Mantler will flush this out and bring forward to the April Meeting

c)BC Yukon and BC Federation/Yukon Federation Labour– (All)

  • K Hall to provide a report to the Executive within the next few weeks on findings

d)Adding Young Professionals as delegates to Regional Council – (All)

  • R MacDonald drafted language to send to Branches to ask for inclusivity in delegation selection –
    • Further discussion in April on providing further direction

e)Regional Delegation for PIPSC AGM

  • Our Region will receive 21 Delegate spots for the 2019 AGM
    • Motion:The Regional Executive, in accordance with the delegation formula for the National AGM, will propose the new Delegation Count and communicate it to Branch Presidents, for each Branch. m/s - carried

f)3 Year Strategic Plan follow-up (R MacDonald)

  •     K Hall to develop communication to Branches to highlight a focus on 3 events this year along with possible funding sources
    • K Hall to develop Facebook page for the Region. C Cahoon to be a second administrator

g)Additional Branches

  • This discussion has been tabled for the time being to become a goal within year 2 of the 3 year strategic plan

h)Regional Visibility Items (All)

  • Discussion around potential items carried over from last agenda
    • Lanyard with Proud to be union/in public service for NPSW
    • C Cahoon to contact CS Group to ask about costing of notebook and pen
    • Proud to be PIPSC magnet for the work place
    • New Logo should be selected within the next few weeks and shared with Executive

i)Regional Council/Steward Council Entertainment

  • Executive continued to brainstorm
    • Potential comedy/improv night for Steward Council – R MacDonald to follow-up

j);2020/2021 Budget Exercise

  • R MacDonald to talk to Regional Office and get back to P Mantler and P MacDougall

k)Lunch and Learns

9.Next Meeting(s)

  • Prince Rupert Visit in April – Tentative date 8 – 10; Meeting on 9th
    • Thursday May 30th 2019 (prior to Regional Council)
    • Fall meeting in Fraser Valley (September 12 – 13?)
    • Wednesday October 17th (before Steward Council October 18-19) Victoria

10.Adjournment @ 21:15

Regional Director’s Report – February 7, 2018 – Regional Executive Meeting
Home of the PIPSC’s Legacy Cup!

Period: November 28, 2018 – February 6, 2019

Let me start by wishing every members of the BC/Yukon Region all of the best in 2019!
This will be a busy year for PIPSC! In addition to our annual programs, we also have the Federal Election on October 21, 2019, as well as significant efforts continuing with Phoenix, the replacement of Phoenix, bargaining at with Treasury Board, Whitehorse Hospital Corporation and others. Members should check out our latest ‘Do Better’ campaign to support bargaining and join the campaign. Isn’t it time for our employers to do better! https://www.pipsc.ca/labour-relations/collective-bargaining
As in past years, members of the various Committee of the Board of Directors were appointed at the January meetings. I look forward to working with all the individuals selected from the BC/Yukon Region and would encourage all members of the Region to reach out to these individuals if you have any questions regarding our committees. Once updated, information on the various Committees of the Board can be found at https://www.pipsc.ca/about/governance/committees
For 2019, in addition to continuing my role as Chair of the Executive Compensation Committee (ECC) and Board member on the Life Insurance Trust, I was also appointed to the Building Trust. The Building Trust is responsible for the PIPSC building at 250 Tremblay in Ottawa and the location of our national headquarters. I am looking forward to each of these opportunities. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of these national roles.
Planning is well underway for our Regional Council (May 31 & June 1 @ Delta Burnaby) and our fall Steward Council (October 19 & 20 @ Delta Victoria). Stewards will also have received their notice for Advance Training School (April 10 to 13). If you have any suggestions regarding these events or ideas for additional events, please contact me or your Regional Executive. Our schedule of activities for 2019 can be found at http://www.pipsc.ca/regions/bc-yukon

Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the board mandate letters, my focus over this last period has included:

  • Chair, Executive Compensation Committee (ECC)
    • Preparation for the Committee’s initial 2019 meeting and specialized training on compensation. This also will be the kick off for the next triennial review cycle (2019-2022) in advance of the 2021 National Election.
  • Board Liaison, Science Advisory Committee and Science:
  • Assist in the delivery of the key results area of “Model Organization” in areas of governance and strategy planning for the Institute:
    • On-going work on the eight recommendations from the ECC’s memorandum on the ‘Authority of the Executive Committee (EC)’, as approved at the August BOD Meeting.
    • Assisting in the development of some orientation material for new board members.
    • Member of PIPSC’s Life Insurance Trust – Completed work for a new marketing campaign.

Phoenix information can be found on our website www.pipsc.ca Members impacted should follow the instructions on the website. Let me know if you have concerns (contact info below).
As always, please consider becoming more involved in your union. Continue to utilize the incredible power of conversation - members are our best advocates when changing the conversation with family, friends and neighbours during this election year!

Events Attended

  • Regional Executive Meetings / Events:
    • Regional Executive Meeting – November 29
    • OHS Training – December 1
    • BC/Yukon Region Young Professionals Forum – December 1
  • Regional Meetings / Events / Conference Calls:
    • Victoria NR Sub Group AGM – November 29
    • Vancouver Branch AGM – December 3
    • Vancouver RMG Chapter Holiday Get-Together – December 18
    • Transport Canada Programs L&L – January 22
    • Kamloops DFO L&L – January 23
    • Transport Canada Surface Branch L&L – January 24
    • Transport Canada Civil Aviation Branch L&L – January 28
    • Vancouver SP Sub-Group AGM – January 28
    • RMG Chapter Presidents Breakfast – January 29
    • Vancouver Branch Executive Meeting – January 29
  • Board Meetings / National Events:
    • PIPSC Lobby Day – February 4 & 5
    • Special Board of Directors Meeting / Building Trust – December 6
    • Board of Directors Meeting – December 7
    • Board of Directors Planning Session– January 16 & 17
    • Board of Directors Meeting – January 18 & 19

If you have any questions or would like additional information please feel free to contact me at 236-888-8739 or robertmacdonald@pipsc.ca
With this being an election year, and with so much important work going on in your union, I strongly encourage members to looks for further ways to become involved. Finally, make sure you regularly check out www.pipsc.ca
In Solidarity
Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM
Director, BC/Yukon Region