Draft Meeting Minutes

BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive  

Saturday, February 17th 2018  Scheduled 9 pm - 5 pm

Vancouver Airport Marriott


Phil Mantler (Chair)

Karen Hall (Secretary)

Carl Cahoon (Vice Chair, Awards Committee - Chair)

Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Training Committee - Chair)

Ken Antao (Member at Large)

Pierre Charpentier (Member at Large)

Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)


Harinder Mahil


Adele McLean (Member at Large)

Summary of Action Items

  • P Charpentier to email Summary of responsibilities for branch liaison
  • C Cahoon to send Awards Committee ToR to Secretary for posting
  • C Cahoon to send Awards Committee Standard Operating Procedure to Exec for review
  • R MacDonald to discuss AGM ideas with PIPSC HQ
  • P Charpentier to send regrets to RMG regarding hospitality suite
  • P MacDougall to provide Training Committee Report to Secretary for attaching to minutes
  • K Hall to create poster to promote training committee L&L
  • C Cahoon to look into polo shirts for Regional Exec
  • R MacDonald to talk to Regional Office about networking event in Victoria after next Reg Exec Meeting
  • All to provide R MacDonald with ideas for Steward Council by April
  • K Hall to meet with BC Fed in support of developing a briefing on external membership
  • P Charpentier and R MacDonald to work together to create announcement regarding Logo contest for Regional Council
  • K Antao to develop a proposal for to support our participation in Legacy Fund
  • R MacDonald and P Mantler to discuss Better Together before April Meeting
  • P Mantler to draft Regional Policy on Electioneering at Regional Council hosted events
  • P Charpentier to circulate Regional Policy on Electioneering at Regional Council to branches once approved, as a suggestion
  • P MacDougall to draft bylaw wording for Young Worker position on Regional Executive and circulate to group for approval by email
  • P MacDougall to email updated financial report to Executive for approval
  • All to submit interest to Broadbent Institute events, if interested. Include dates and a few lines on why you are interested
  • P Mantler to seek interest in Chair for Regional Council
  • R MacDonald to seek interest for Parliamentarian for Regional Council
  • All to think about Selection criteria for AGM observer
  • Recruitment Video to be discussed by Training Committee and brought back to Regional Executive

Meeting called to order – 9:00 am

1.    Approval of Agenda  (All)

  • Motion to approve the agenda
    • m/s - carried

2.    Approval of Previous Minutes (All)

  • Motion to approve the December 1st, 2017 Minutes   
    • M/S – approved by consensus

3.    Business Arising from December 1st  Minutes  (All)
a)    Rally Kits (R MacDonald, P MacDougall)

  • Branch Presidents have received and good response

b)    Summary of Responsibilities for branch liaison (P Charpentier)

  • Summary provided  m/s – carried; copy attached

c)    Awards Committee Terms of Reference (K Hall, C Cahoon)

  • Documents to be provided to Secretary for posting to Internet

d)    Awards Committee Standard Operating Procedures (C Cahoon, R MacDonald)

  • Document to be provided to Chair for inclusion in April Meeting

e)    Cost of digitizing albums (P Charpentier)

  • Summary of cost comparison and resulting products provided for discussion
  • Motion: Regional Executive to scan one binder of the oldest photos at a high quality resolution for a cost of up to $500.  m/s – carried
  • P Charpentier to carry out this action

f)    Hosts for 2018 PIPSC AGM/Hospitality (P Charpentier)

  • R MacDonald to take suggestions from brainstorm to PIPSC HQ to see what is viable
  • Regional Exec did not support hosting a separate hospitality suite – P Charpentier to send regrets to RMG who were looking to partner up in hosting

g)    Resolutions to enlarge Regional Executive to include youth member (all)

  • P MacDougall to draft bylaw and circulate to the group for approval

4.    Regional Director Report   (R. MacDonald)

  • Motion to accept the Regional Director Report December 2nd 2017 to February 16th 2018;  M/S–carried  Report is attached
  • No update at this time on the Youth Forum
  • Report on status of Regional Executive was provided
  • K Hall to research charities and A McLean to make connections
  • C Cahoon to investigate Polo shirts for executive
  • R Macdonald looking at t shirts for swag
  • Ideas for upcoming Steward Council were sought

5.    Financial Report  (P. MacDougall)

  • P MacDougall to provide updated financial report
  • Motion: Regional Executive will support and observer at the 2018 PIPSC AGM for a cost of $2500.  m/s – Carried
    • Treasurer directed to set create a line item in upcoming budget to reflect this
  • Formal approval of budget will occur at April Meeting

6.    Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)

  • Reminder provided on the importance of having timely minutes for Regional Executive approval
  • Summary provided on National initiatives
  • P MacDougall to provide secretary with report for the minutes
  • K Hall volunteered to create a poster to advertise Lunch and Learn sessions and send to training committee for approval
  • Discussion on Recruitment Video to still be discussed by this committee

7.    National Initiatives
a)    Legacy Fund (K Antao)

  • K Antao to bring forward a proposal for April Meeting on how to increase participation in legacy fund within the region

b)    100th Anniversary (P Charpentier)

  • Nothing more to report

c)    Better Together (P Mantler)

  • R Macdonald and P Mantler to connecter before April Meeting to discuss further

d)    Government Relations (A McLean)

  • No report

8.    New Business
a)    Broadbent Institute, regional seats (R MacDonald)

  • We have regional seats to attend an event
  • Interested people to send Regional Director an email to indicate April/May event and why they would like to attend

b)    Election campaigning at Regional Council (P Mantler, R MacDonald)

  • Discussion on what level of election campaigning was discussed.  P Mantler to develop policy on agreed to criteria and circulate for approval
  • P Charpentier will circulate to Branches as a suggestion

c)    Membership in BC Federation of Labour (K Hall, A McLean

  • K Hall to work with R MacDonald to set up meeting with BC Fed.  
  • Briefing material to be developed
  • R MacDonald to provide some direction coming from Board of Directors

d)    Board of Directors Planning Meeting

  • Summary provided of planning meeting and the discussion of the Strategic Plan
  • Committee selection criteria being looked at

e)    Award Committee

  • C Cahoon provided member names for approval  m/s – carried

f)    Logo (P Charpentier)

  • Logo is hard to reproduce and it may be time for a new one
  • An announcement for Regional Council on contest – to be brought back to April Meeting

9.    Next Meeting(s)

  • Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 9 – 5 (Victoria)
  • Thursday, May 31st, 2018 1 – 5 (Whistler)
  • August by phone (TBD)

10.    Adjournment @ 2:35 pm   m/s - carried

Regional Director’s Report – February 17, 2018 – Regional Executive Meeting

Period: December 1, 2017 – February 16, 2018

Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the board mandate letters, my focus over this last period has included:

  • Chair, Executive Compensation Committee: 
    • Efforts continue on the Triennial Review.  Results for elected officials (President & Vice-Presidents) are scheduled to be presented at the March BOD meeting. 
  • Board Liaison, Science Advisory Committee and Science:
    • Efforts continue on the BOD approved 3-Year Strategic Plan.  An update is scheduled to be provided at the March BOD meeting. 
  • Assist in the delivery of the key results area of “Model Organization” in areas of governance and strategy planning for the Institute:
    • At the January BOD meeting I presented a memorandum on ‘Protecting the Board of Directors Fiduciary Duty to the Institute’.  I am pleased to report the Board approved my recommendation that members of the BOD should not be representing individuals in internal PIPSC disciplinary matters.  Members of the BOD should be focused on their duty to the Institute and it 57,000 members as a whole.  BOD members can still represent members as stewards in the workplace. 

Since the last report, I have given several presentations to members regarding PIPSC’s on-going response to the Phoenix crisis.  Member impacted should review the Phoenix page on our website www.pipsc.ca  and take necessary actions.  Latest updates on our policy grievances can also be found on the website.   Further efforts will be announced by PIPSC in the upcoming weeks and months.

The Region hosted an informative and insightful Executive Training Course in Richmond on December 1.  It is great to see an increasing number of Better Together Events and Lunch and Learns since our Steward Council in the fall.  Also great to see a number of new individuals signing up to be Stewards! 

At its January meeting the Board of Directors called a Special General Meeting (SGM) to address a decision of the Panel of Peers pursuant to our Dispute Resolution and Discipline Policy (DRDP).  This matter does not affect members from the BC/Yukon Region; however, information can be found on the portal.   If you have any concerns or questions please contact me directly.

As always, let me know if you would like to assist in organizing any Better Together Initiatives or our upcoming Regional Events.  We are planning another jammed packed full Regional Council and Steward Council for 2018! 


  • Regional Executive Meetings / Events:
    • Regional Executive Meeting – December 1
    • Regional Training Committee – February 16
  • Regional Meetings / Events / Conference Calls:
    • BC/Yukon Executive Training – December 2
    • Vancouver Branch AGM – December 7
    • BCFNHA Group Executive Meeting – January 12
    • Vancouver Branch Movie Morning – January 13
    • NCVI Branch Movie Morning – January 14
    • Vancouver SP Sub Group AGM – January 24
    • RMG Chapter Presidents’ Meeting – January 30
    • Victoria NR Sub Group Lunch and Learn – February 8
  • Board Meetings / National Events:
    • Science Advisory Committee – December 4
    • Executive Compensation Committee Meetings – December 14; February 12
    • Board of Directors Meetings – December 15; January 19 - 20
    • Board of Directors Planning Session – January 17 - 18
    • Women in Science and Scientific Integrity Briefings – February 1
    • Working Group on Consultation – February 2

If you have any questions or would like additional information please feel free to contact me at 236-888-8739 or robertmacdonald@pipsc.ca

In Solidarity


Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM


Director, BC/Yukon Region

BC/Yukon Regional Executive Branch Liaison role and responsibilities

The BC/Yukon Regional  Executive Branch Liaison main role is to have a quick two way communication with the regional branches Presidents and Vice Presidents as to keep them up to date with events, activities, news, rally information that occurs within the region, or is of short notice from Ottawa.

As well, the Branch liaison solicit input from the branches with regads on how can the BC/Yukon Regional executive serve their membership.

The Branch liaison, will also, at the bequest of the executive communicate to the branches the guidelines for posting information on the PIPSC website with regards to the PIPSC constitution towards branches. Such as, the postings of the branches AGM minutes in a timely manner.