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15 October 2019
Last week, the Conservative party platform revealed cuts to government operations which will dramatically reduce public services Canadians need.
15 October 2019
We represent 13,000 IT workers in the federal government. We’re leading the fight against overpriced consultants. We need to elect a government that will invest in a permanent, not contract, public service.
15 October 2019
On August 29, PIPSC sent questions on our top priorities to the leaders of all the four federal parties running candidates across the country. We have summarized their responses to help you vote for public services.
10 October 2019
With the federal election underway, the government is now in “caretaker mode” which will delay the roll-out of the next phases of the Phoenix Compensation Agreement.
9 October 2019
This code was developed based on input from the delegates to the 2018 PIPSC AGM, the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors. All AGM Delegates and Observers will uphold the principles of respect in their own dealing during the AGM with fellow Institute members and staff.
9 October 2019
INTRODUCTION Rules of Procedure are to be used to facilitate the business of the meeting, not to obstruct it.
8 October 2019
1) Is my sick leave changing if I vote for this tentative deal?
4 October 2019
Ottawa, October 4, 2019 – PIPSC President Debi Daviau will be speaking to union members outside Place du Portage on Monday morning about the importance of electing a government that closes tax loopholes to pay for climate action.