Information for members regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

The health and safety of our membership continues to be of paramount importance.

PIPSC is consulting with all employers on a regular basis. We are working closely with consultation teams to ensure that members’ concerns are being addressed. We continue to monitor announcements from governments, public health officials, and the Treasury Board for potential impacts on PIPSC members.

If you are experiencing workplace issues related to COVID-19 and don’t know what to do, fill out our COVID-19 help form.

As the union representing the scientists who approved the COVID-19 vaccines, we encourage members to get vaccinated as soon as possible to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Visit the Government of Canada’s website for more information.

Information regarding COVID-19

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COVID-19 help form

14 June 2022
The Federal Government has announced it will drop its Covid-19 vaccine mandates as of June 20, 2022. Policy grievances filed by PIPSC on behalf of members on LWOP after April 6, 2022, and individual grievances remain in effect until we have further details.
19 May 2022
PIPSC has filed a policy grievances against the Treasury Board’s vaccine policy for all members who remain on Leave Without Pay (LWOP) beyond April 6, 2022.
29 March 2022
As we view the vaccination policy as a temporary measure, and with the high vaccination rates achieved across Canada, we urge the employer to determine when the policy will no longer be required.
23 December 2021
Federal public servants need clear guidelines to telework as much as possible. And critical workers need quick access to booster shots.
15 October 2021
As the union representing the scientists who approved the COVID-19 vaccines, PIPSC welcomes all efforts to increase vaccination coverage in Canada.
7 October 2021
How to submit your proof of vaccination in order to be eligible to attend in-person union meetings, events or activities.
13 September 2021
As the union representing the scientists who approved the COVID vaccines, PIPSC welcomes all efforts to increase vaccination coverage in Canada. That includes a vaccine policy that makes vaccines more accessible to our members and accommodates legitimate reasons for which an employee may not be vaccinated.
20 May 2021
If you’re being temporarily deployed to a provincial health care authority, here’s what you need to know.
18 May 2021
On May 10, 2021, PIPSC President Debi Daviau appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates (OGGO) to discuss the government’s handling of the pandemic’s impact on its employees.
29 April 2021
Managers should be flexible to allow you to get the earliest possible vaccine appointment once you’re eligible in your province or territory.
27 April 2021
Too many federal frontline workers are still waiting for the vaccine. Treasury Board must step up to ensure their workers are quickly vaccinated.
18 December 2020
The New Brunswick Premier wants a one-year wage freeze and three years with only a 1% annual increase for public servants. We are working with all other bargaining agents to push back against this wage freeze.
17 December 2020
Ontario hospital workers are being denied leave with pay when required to self-isolate due to possible COVID-19 exposure. This is unacceptable. We are demanding better.
15 December 2020
Following the results of our most recent survey of PIPSC members in the federal public service, PIPSC has filed a series of policy grievances with the employer.
3 December 2020
In its November 30, 2020 Fall Economic Statement, the government announced a simplified tax process for Canadians claiming home office expenses.
6 November 2020
The new guidelines on the use of leave code 699 fail to take into account the very difficult circumstances that so many of our members still find themselves in. We've written a strongly-worded letter to the Treasury Board President on this issue.
26 October 2020
To date, the use of Code 699 has been minimal. Those who need it – need it. It is a great disappointment that the Treasury Board has decided to change its guidance on the use of Code 699.
27 August 2020
The Public Service Disability Insurance Plan will temporarily accept electronic forms and signatures for claims.
25 August 2020
On August 19, 2020, we sent a letter to Minister Anand demanding a stop to the office conversion process until COVID-related health issues have been eradicated from federal workplaces.
24 August 2020
The best course of action to take when determining how to manage the reopening of schools is to speak directly with your manager about your personal situation. We are working at all levels, with all unions representing workers in the federal public service, to ensure you have access to the leave you need.
14 August 2020
On August 12, the PIPSC Board of Directors met in a special session to discuss the resumption of in-person meetings of PIPSC members. After extensive discussion, the Board determined that all in-person member meetings will be suspended until the end of 2020.
24 July 2020
“Public servants have gone above and beyond in the face of this crisis,” said Debi Daviau, PIPSC President. “Working parents have been faced with full time childcare duties and balancing their current workloads. It is clear that safe and accessible childcare is key to a functioning economy.”
23 July 2020
Listen to the recordings of our recent town hall for PIPSC members at provincial or separate employers hosted by President Debi Daviau.
25 June 2020
Listen to the recordings of our recent town hall for federal public servants hosted by President Debi Daviau.
24 June 2020
Join President Debi Daviau on Thursday, July 9 to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the work of members at provincial or separate employers, what PIPSC has been advocating for, and where we go from here.
11 June 2020
Join President Debi Daviau on Thursday, June 18 to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the work of federal public servants, what PIPSC has been advocating for, and where we go from here.
10 June 2020
PIPSC has been in discussions with the Treasury Board Secretariat on guidelines to returning to the workplace for several weeks. There is still no date for that return. The health and safety of our members must be ensured.
2 June 2020
We are disappointed by the Ford government’s decision to not expand pandemic pay. We are extremely proud of our radiation therapists working on the front lines during this pandemic. PIPSC will be pursuing this further in the collective bargaining process.
20 May 2020
We have reached out to the President and CEOs of the hospitals our members work at, imploring them to write to the Ford government on their workers’ behalf.
20 May 2020
The PIPSC Board of Directors met on May 14 to discuss and plan for important PIPSC events and activities in light of restrictions on large in-person gatherings due to COVID-19.
15 May 2020
This week, some students across parts of Quebec are allowed to return to school under new guidelines and restrictions. Our members are understandably worried about sending their children back to these facilities. We’re speaking up to ensure your concerns are heard.
13 May 2020
We are living through an unprecedented moment. The impact of public policy decisions made in the next few years will be felt for generations. Let’s not screw it up.
5 May 2020
We have come to an agreement with the Treasury Board that all grievances will be suspended from March 20 to July 5, 2020, inclusively.
1 May 2020
The Ontario government has announced pandemic pay for front-line healthcare workers. We have written to Premier Ford asking for confirmation that our members who are working on the front lines in Ontario’s cancer centres will receive pandemic pay.
28 April 2020
The Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) will temporarily accept expenses for social workers and psychotherapists under the mental health provision.
9 April 2020
Every day, PIPSC members work to protect Canadians, keep them safe, and perform critical services. Recognize a fellow PIPSC member or share your own story about how we are working hard for Canadians during the COVID-19 crisis.