Demanding Pandemic Pay for Ontario’s essential hospital workers

The Ontario government has announced pandemic pay for front-line healthcare workers. Front-line health care workers are critical to the ongoing efforts to protect Ontarians and reduce the impact of COVID-19. Their sacrifices and dedication to service are remarkable.

The details of the program released provided examples of workers who will receive pandemic pay but it did not provide an exhaustive list. 

This list is still not available. 

We have written to the Presidents and CEOs of the hospitals where our members work imploring them to write to the Ford government on their worker’s behalf. Earlier this month, we wrote to Premier Ford asking for confirmation that our members on the front lines will receive pandemic pay. We have not received an answer from the Premier’s office. 

Read our letter to the Presidents and CEOs of hospitals.

Mr. Jean Bartkowiak, President & CEO of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has written to the Premier and the Minister of Health asking that pandemic pay be expanded to all hospital employees except CEOs.

David Musyj, President & CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital has written the Premier and spoken publicly in support of expanding the pandemic pay to every front-line health care worker.

Mr. Rob MacIsaac, President & CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences, responded to our call and has committed to writing to the Premier. 

Our radiation therapists are doing important work. They are subject to the provisions of the Ontario state of emergency and are essential workers who cannot refuse unsafe work.

It’s time for the Ford government to recognize your contributions in this unprecedented time.

We will provide an update as soon as we learn more.