PIPSC proof of vaccination: your step-by-step guide

As a result of the Board’s decision to make full vaccination against COVID-19 a mandatory requirement for attending in-person union meetings, events, or activities, PIPSC has developed a system to automate the proof of vaccination process.

Please note that this is a one-time registration process. Once you have submitted your proof of vaccination and it has been approved, you are eligible to attend all PIPSC in-person meetings or events. 

The system is set up using our “Expense Claim” system in Concur. If you have ever submitted an expense claim, you’re already familiar with the process. However, even if you have never used it before, we’ve made it easy for you by outlining the 6 steps below.

How to upload proof of vaccination

Step 1. Sign into your Concur account and select “Create a new Expense Claim”. To sign in to Concur, click here.  [If you have never used or signed in to Concur, here’s a start-up guide to help you set up an account].

Step 2. Select “Proof of Vaccination” when asked for the “Meeting Type” and “Meeting Field”. Enter “N/A” in the “TAN/Meeting ID” field

Step 3. Click “Add a New Expense” and select “Vaccination Passport” under Section 07. Other

Step 4. For the “Transaction Date”, enter the date that you received your second valid dose. For the “Amount”, enter $0.00 

Step 5. Click on “Attach Receipt” and attach your Proof of Vaccination. This should be the dose administration receipt for your second vaccination dose.

Step 6. Click “Submit Report”

PIPSC staff will review your record. If there is an issue with your vaccination record, someone will be in touch with you to follow up. If you don’t hear back, it means your proof of vaccination has been approved.