Supporting parents as schools reopen

Parents and caregivers are making tough decisions as September approaches. For PIPSC members in the federal public service, every situation will be unique depending on your department and your children’s school.

It is important that you speak directly with your manager about your personal situation. Together with your HR department they will advise you on the leave available to you for childcare if your children’s school is only opening part-time or if your children are enrolled in online classes.

If management and HR are not offering proactive advice and solutions in this stressful time, our consultation teams are available for you. Contact the consultation team president in your department: They will have the most up to date advice and are meeting regularly with your department to discuss these important issues.

As schools reopen there are a lot of unanswered questions like, what happens if there is a COVID-19 outbreak at the school? What happens if the school closes? What do I do if my child is ill? What happens when my leave runs out? What leave will be made available to me if I choose to keep my children home from school?

PIPSC is now seeking answers to these important questions. We are working at all levels, with unions representing workers in the federal public service, to ensure you have access to the leave you need. This is a top priority for our discussions with the Treasury Board and the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer.

We are working for temporary changes to your collective agreement to ensure that you’re able to weather the COVID-19 storm. We’re advocating for the continuation of the Leave Code 699 and more flexibility for your work schedule in order to give you the most appropriate, reasonable accommodation in your particular situation.

Many of our members who are parents and caregivers are choosing between taking care of their families and working. Women in the labour force have been set back nearly three decades. Safe and reliable childcare spots that workers can access now and as this crisis continues, along with safe and open public schools are the clear solution.

Our team is here to help if you do not get the support you need from your employer.