Nursing - Correctional Service Canada          

Eric Massey - Elected

Occupational and Physical Therapy                

Selena Glover - Acclaimed

Social Work                                                     

Sandra Garland - Elected but withdrew after election

As runner-up, Jeremy Mayer accepted position                                                                                                                                                                              


Nursing – Veterans Affairs Canada (NU-VAC)

In order to better represent the membership, a by-law amendment was made to the NU-VAC position in 2018. Starting in 2022, the position was renamed to: NU from any department other than DND, CSC or ISC (excluding NU-EMA). By-law 6.4.1 may be seen at

Therefore, the recent election callout for a NU-VAC position did not align with current SH Group By-law 6.4.1. As a result, the position will be reposted in the coming weeks along with the election for the two Member-at-Large positions. We encourage you all to vote in this upcoming election.

The SH Group Executive congratulates the successful candidates and thanks everyone who participated in the election.

Your 2022 SH Group Elections Committee:


James McGrath

Christine McDowell

Terry Hupman, Chair