SH Group Bargaining Communique #10 - February 2019

Members of the Bargaining Team for the SH Group met with the Treasury Board February 19 to 21/2019.

Agreement was reached on language for several previously tabled non-monetary proposals and both sides withdrew some proposals as negotiations progressed.

A representative from each occupation delivered a presentation to the Treasury Board negotiation team about their profession and their challenges working in the public service.

For the past several months the Bargaining Team has been working to develop credible, justifiable proposals for market adjustments based on research for comparators for each occupation in the SH Group. Based on the research conducted and the comparators identified the following proposals were tabled for market adjustments to all levels:

Dentistry - 20%
Medicine - 25%
Psychologists - 25%
Nutrition/Dietetics - 9%
Veterinary Medicine - 10%
Social Workers - 16%
Occupational/Physical Therapy - 6%
Nursing - 5%
Pharmacists - 20%
Nursing Medical Adjudicators - 8%
Nurse Practitioners - 16%

Our demands are based on outside Federal Public Service comparators. To reach an agreement we will also have to consider other factors such as, maintaining wage structure within the Federal Public service, state of the Canadian economy as per the Public Service Labour Relation Act as would an arbitrator. See below Appendix A:

Link to Appendix A: a copy of factors for consideration under The Public Service Labour Relation Act (2003, c. 22. 2).

In addition to the proposals above a general economic increase for all members is being negotiated separately by the PIPSC Central Table:

Placeholders that were designated at the beginning of the round of negotiations remain in place for issues such as national rates of pay and any allowances for specific occupations. Specific language will be finalized and tabled after the Bargaining Team meets next March 12 to 14, 2019.

The Bargaining Team is next scheduled to meet with Treasury Board April 24 and 25, 2019.

For any questions or concerns please contact the SH Group Negotiator (Jean-Paul Leduc - or the Communications Officer (Adam Fenwick - of the SH Bargaining Team. Contact information for all Bargaining Team members is found on the PIPSC SH Group Website (

In Solidarity,

SH Group Bargaining Team

Appendix A of SH Bargaining Communiqué

The factors for consideration under The Public Service Labour Relations Act (2003, c. 22, s. 2 ). The act reads as the following:

175. In the conduct of its proceedings and in making a report to the Chairperson, the public interest commission must take into account the following factors, in addition to any other factors that it considers relevant:

(a) the necessity of attracting competent persons to, and retaining them in, the public service in order to meet the needs of Canadians;

(b) the necessity of offering compensation and other terms and conditions of employment in the public service that are comparable to those of employees in similar occupations in the private and public sectors, including any geographic, industrial or other variations that the public interest commission considers relevant;

(c) the need to maintain appropriate relationships with respect to compensation and other terms and conditions of employment as between different classification levels within an occupation and as between occupations in the public service;

(d) the need to establish compensation and other terms and conditions of employment that are fair and reasonable in relation to the qualifications required, the work performed, the responsibility assumed and the nature of the services rendered; and

(e) the state of the Canadian economy and the Government of Canada’s fiscal circumstances.