With bargaining around the corner, we want to show our managers, department heads, Treasury Board, and all decision-makers that we mean business. What better way to scare them with our solidarity than on Halloween?

We’ve drafted a letter for your manager that outlines our members’ experience and demands for the bargaining table, and we want to ask you one small favour:

On Halloween Monday, can you print this letter and drop it on your manager’s desk?


Imagine managers’ desks in every department getting flooded with these letters – it won’t just show our strength in numbers, but if enough of us take action, you can bet our message will go straight to the top. But it only works if we all participate. So can we count on you to make a letter drop? 

If you’re not working in the office, you can copy, paste, and email this letter to your manager – then we can flood their inboxes as well as their desks.

Thanks for taking action!