NAV Canada Group - ELECTION VOTER’S KIT 2020

May 2020

This is your voter’s kit for the election of members to the Nav Canada Group Executive for a three (3) year term - beginning on Monday, June 1th, 2020.

You will be receiving by email your electronic ballot key on May 1st, 2020 and you have until 4 PM, Ottawa time, on May 28th, 2020 - as per NAV Canada Group by-law 7.7 (Nav Canada - Constitution and By-Laws) – to cast your ballot.

Voting will be done by electronic means only. No paper mail-in ballots will be provided.

Please read all materials carefully to ensure that your vote will be counted.

At the close of nominations on March 27, 2020, the NAV Canada Election Committee had received six valid nominations for three member-at-large positions on the NAV Executive. Please refer to the NAV Canada Group by-law 6.1 (Nav Canada - Constitution and By-Laws) for the required composition of the NAV Canada Group Executive.

The six candidates (in alphabetical order) are:

Delauniere, Lori

Kassab, Maya

McPhee, Dave

Nguyen, Truc

Rastaghi, Seyed

Whitson, Brad

As there are three positions to be filled, please, select the three candidates of your choice.

Voter Eligibility

All regular and retired members in good standing of PIPSC in the NAV Canada Group are eligible to vote in these elections.

The results of the vote will be published as soon as possible after the count.

Candidate’s Resumes

Brief biographical sketches for these nominees are posted on our website.

NOTE: The résumés submitted have been reproduced without correction. The translated versions were produced by PIPSC translators.

NAV Canada Elections Committee 2020

Dan Heron

Bernard Bambao