JUNE 3, 2022
TIME: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Delta Hotel (Marriott)
101 Lyon St N Ottawa ON K1R 0C2


CP Group


●      Andrée Doucet – President (Y)

●      Ray J. Paquette – Vice-President (Y)

●      Evangelia Costamis – Treasurer (Y)

●      Peter Kucherepa - Secretary (Y)

●      Angela Cowie – B.C./Yukon Regional Representative (Y)

●      Shelley Cuthbertson – Prairies/NT Regional Representative (Y) (left friday at noon)

●      Vania Tsang – National Capital Regional Representative (Y) - Virtual attendance

●      Elaine Ewers – Ontario Regional Representative (Y)- Virtual attendance

      Lyne Larocque – Quebec Regional Representative (Y)

●      Susan Evans – Atlantic Regional Representative (Y)

●      Olivia Leung – Member-at-Large (Y)

●      Natalia Kim – Member-at-Large (Y)

●      Emily Beckerman – Member-at-Large (Y) - Virtual attendance


PIPSC Staff: Denise Doherty Delorme, Negotiator, PIPSC (Y)
Special Guests: 
Andria Desjardins, Malcom Lewis-Richmond, John Purdie - Virtual







Approval of the Agenda

MOVED:  Ray Paquette

SECOND:   Peter Kucherepa
VOTE:  approved

Approval of Past Minutes

Approve Minutes of Feb 9, 2022

MOVED:  Angela Cowie
SECOND:  Susan Evans
VOTE:  approved


  • President’s Report (15 min)
  • CP AGM was delayed due to hotel cancellation. Efforts are being undertaken to re-schedule Dec. 1-3 timeframe, TBC.
  • CP Chair has engaged  with PIPSC President to discuss CP Executive preoccupations and to see how PIPSC can assist.  Also attended a joint BOD/Aadvisory committee meeting where we discussed current member concerns, increasing member engagement and improving advocacy.


  •  Treasurer’s Report (5 mins)
  • Finance Report on CP Group - 2022 Approved Budget.pdf  
  • Update on 2022 Budget (hard copy circulated)
      • Budget adjusted to reflect current status of fiscal year and PIPSC annual allocation/allotment.
      • Engagement expenses for the bargaining committee processed.
      • Pending expenses for outreach advance payment  to Angela Cowie.
      • Opportunity to clarify outreach discretionary budget for regional representatives.


  • Secretary’s Report (no report)


  • PIPSC Political Action and Engagement Team (Andrea and Malcolm)
    • Discussion on engagement support of members, discussion included:.
      • The PIPSC new member on-boarding campaign.
      • The importance of an assessment of members demographics
      • Informing and engaging members of the bargaining process, including surveys and outreach.
      • Using social media to increase engagement communications.
      • The importance of creating a strategic approach for member engagement.
      • The challenges of engaging new members, including RAND and youth, within the federal government.
    • Note that the PIPSC  engagement  presentation was only available in English and as such, the presentation was tabled for translation. 


  • AGM Committee
      • Hilton Ottawa and Delta Ottawa are not available for the proposed dates in June 2022.
      • Committee is investigating options for an AGM in Toronto, or Ottawa in December 2022.
      • Finance Committee will provide a proposal on cost effectiveness options.


  • ByLaw Committee
      • Reviewing existing and pending submissions for amendments to the bylaws in preparation for the AGM.
  • Communications/Social Events
      •  Pending virtual events include virtual art event and virtual spa day.
  • Regional Representative Report / Sub Group Coordinator
      • Quebec Regional Representative.  A regional meeting was held in Montréal (sub-group AGM). Additional engagements are planned including a “5-7” in Sherbrooke and meetings in Quebec City.
      • Prairies/NT Regional Representative.  Informal outreach is currently in progress. Virtual engagements are planned.
      • B.C./Yukon Regional Representative. New members in South Vancouver Island and internal transitions of the sub-group. Additional engagement expected in North Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and Yukon, including regional branches.
      •  Atlantic Regional Representative.  Attended regional council meeting, including a workshop. Opportunities for further outreach. Reported on regional executive group changes.
      • Ontario Regional Representative.  Reported on an increase in new members, and key membership concerns. Noted Toronto and Northern Ontario  sub-groups intention to hold AGMs, respectively.
      • National Capital Regional Representative.  Noted members concerns, virtual working environment and opportunities for additional virtual events.  Ottawa sub group held a virtual seminar on transition to in-person work.
      • Sub-Group Coordinator Report.  There are concerns regarding the financial and governance (i.e. AGM) compliance requirements of certain sub-groups.  Further, there are listed sub-groups that require status updates on the PIPSC website.




  • Bargaining Committee
      • The CP Group Bargaining Advisory Committee Meeting will be held on June 4 followed by a Bargaining Team meeting on June 5-6, 2022.
      • A central bargaining team will pursue a collective bargaining approach on  “common issues”. It would provide a direct bargaining approach on issues directly to CP members.
  • Advisory Committee
      • A meeting will be held on June 4, 2022 Meeting Agenda
      • The meeting will provide an exercise to undertake proposal submissions,  issue resolution and collective agreement drafting, to submit policy recommendations to the bargaining committee.

Note to add “Concur” financial claim costs procedure  to the meeting agenda.




      • The Executive discussed the applicants for delegate status and based on input from regional representatives, made the selection of 29 delegates (including the members of the Executive).




  • MOTION: The CP Group undertakes a purchase of professional dress shirts (3), polo shirt (1) and briefcase (1) per each bargaining team member and central bargaining representative under the mobilization budget.


MOVED:  Lyne

                VOTE:  approved unanimously


  • MOTION: The execution of a health and wellness virtual event entitled “Taking Care of Yourself” focused on Alternative Medicine and Holistic fields with a disclaimer by PIPSC for “information only” purposes.

                MOVED:   Natalia

SECOND:  Olivia
                VOTE:  1 dissent - motion approved.


  • MOTION:  The execution of a bilingual  health and wellness virtual event on meditation featuring a guest speaker. The event is proposed for the fall of 2022.


MOVED:   Vania

SECOND:  Olivia
                VOTE:  :  approved unanimously

  • MOTION: The Member Engagement budget  provides a pre-approved discretionary budget of XX per Executive member and of XX for the President.  The Regional Support budget permits a discretionary budget of XX per regional representative and XX for the sub-group representative. The discretionary budgets require receipts and reports for reimbursement. The discretionary budgets exclude travel expenses.


MOVED:  Peter

SECOND:  Andree
                VOTE:    approved unanimously


                Note: create an expense template


  • SPECIAL PRESENTATION - John Purdie, Chair of the PIPSC Finance Committee


  • The presentation provided clarity on the management of IT hardware purchased on behalf of PIPSC and for use and application by a member.
  • The presentation provided information regarding the internal pension plan, legacy fund, building trust and training programs (e.g. Navagard).
  • Questions to the presentation included the need for additional capacity building on finance administration,  adjusting travel rates, and financial claims processes.




                    Upcoming Meetings

      • CP Executive Meeting -  Aug. 26, 2022
      • CP Executive Meeting - Oct. 3, 2022
      • CP Executive Meeting - November 17, 2022
      • PIPSC AGM - November 18-19, 2022
      • CP Executive Meeting Dec. 1, 2022
      • CP Sub-Group Presidents Meeting Dec. 2, 2022
      • CP AGM December 3, 2022


Announcements: none



MOVED:  Andree             
                VOTE: approved