We are pleased to share our opening non-monetary bargaining demands and our employer’s demands.


Our proposals focus on the key priorities of our AFS members. There are fewer than in previous rounds of bargaining, so that we can focus on getting you a fair deal as quickly as possible.


Now is the time to introduce provisions to protect our members’ right to telework and flexible work hours. Unfortunately, the employer served a number of demands to reduce pay for employees working from home.


This is a slap in the face to our members who stepped up during the pandemic to deliver emergency benefits to Canadians under unprecedented working conditions.


We are prepared to continue negotiations, and we hope that the CRA will come to the table with a mandate to make progress when we meet again from November 29 to December 1.


Your ongoing support is essential for us to be able to negotiate a fair collective agreement for all AFS members.


If you have any questions, please contact a local steward or a member of your AFS bargaining team.


In solidarity,

Doug Mason, AFS President


AFS Bargaining Team:

Doug Mason, Chair

Chris Roach, Vice-Chair

Allaudin Alibhai

Simon Chiu

Jean Couillard

Shawn Gillis

Pam Kubicz

Mary Lycett

Dan Quinn

Al Ravjiani

Robert Trudeau

Vance Coulas, Negotiator