Work to develop and implement a proactive Pay Equity Plan at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been ongoing, and committee members have been spending multiple days per week with UTE, PSAC, Unrepresented, and employer representatives to complete a Pay Equity Plan. Unfortunately, the Employer will not meet the legislated deadline of September 2024, due in part to the size of the organization and challenges imposed by the employer with respect to collaboration in the early stages of the committee.

The recent changes implemented by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) regarding extension requests now require the employer to notify all employees of their planned extension submission. This means that members should anticipate receiving notice from the employer in the coming weeks regarding the extension request.

While the delay is regrettable, it's esential to ensure that the Pay Equity Plan is comprehensive and effectively addresses the needs of all employees. Open communication about the extension request will help maintain transparency and keep employees informed about the process.

Members with questions or feedback are invited to contact the CRA.

Thank you,

AFS Pay Equity Team