National Elections Background

  1. As per PIPSC By-Law 22.1, Date of Election/Commencement of Office: “Commencing in 2015, there shall be an election of Officers and Directors of the Institute every three (3) years”. The next scheduled National Elections will be held in 2024. An exception to the ‘every three years’ schedule could occur. For example: if a position on the Board of Directors becomes vacant, then a ‘special’ election may be required depending on the length of time between when the vacancy occurs and the next scheduled election. The Elections Committee would refer to the PIPSC By-Laws to determine if a special election is required.
  2. PIPSC began using the ‘British Columbia – Single Transferable Vote’ process (BC-STV) for the 2015 National elections to determine the outcome of elections to the Board of Directors. The BC-STV vote counting process is especially useful when there are multiple positions to be elected; there are two Full-Time VP’s, two Part-Time VP’s and four Directors for the National Capital Region. The ranked-ballot model has been in place for elections to the office of President and the Vice-Presidents since 2005. The BC-STV builds on the ranked-ballot model and offers a proportional representation of voter’s intentions. Please note: refer to ‘Important Links’ and follow the link ‘BC-STV How it Works’ to learn about the process.
  3. Your National Elections Committee is always looking for innovative ideas to increase member participation in National elections. We are interested in identifying the barriers to participation to increase voter turnout. If you have thoughts, ideas, suggestions as to what the barriers are and/or how we might be able to increase voter participation then we want to hear from you. Please email the National Elections Committee: (note the ‘underscore’ between ‘elect’ and ‘cmt’).