Report of the Human Rights & Diversity Committee


Presented to the 101st Annual General Meeting

The Human rights and Diversity Committee welcomed a new chair and some new members.  I would like to welcome Dotty Kelland, Sonia Richard, Din Kamaldin, Samah Henein and Tracy Thornton and Charlotte Young.

It has been an exciting year for the HRDC as we continue to monitor issues in the field of human rights, coordinate and share information on the aspects, raise awareness, and provide a safe forum for members to discuss human rights matters. 

In August 2020, the HRDC announced the formation of the PIPSC Black Caucus (PBC) under the leadership of Din Kamaldin, HRDC member. PBC initiated a call letter seeking volunteers to join the leadership team, and received over one hundred applications. PBC will lead and implement strategies for combating anti-Black racism at PIPSC and with our employers by advising the Human Rights and Diversity Committee (HRDC) on issues and policies that directly relate to anti-Black racism.  In September 2020 the HRDC presented to the Board seeking approval for the formation of Disability, Women, Workers of Colour and Indigenous Caucuses.

With Board approval the following members will chair theses committees:

  • Indigenous Caucus – Charlotte Young
  • Disability and Workers of Colour – Samah Henein
  • Women’s Caucus – Tracy Thornton & Dotty Kelland

Many members of the HRDC frequently attend conferences, CLC training sessions to expand their knowledge. I am very fortunate that I am working with some of the most dedicated individuals who are committed to these caucuses.

The HRDC had met frequently and continue its duties throughout the pandemic and hope to have some exciting news for PIPSC members in the new year!