8:30 a.m., start of the meeting
    In attendance: Martine Lacroix, Robert Tellier, Hugo Landry, Benoit Pelletier, Gerlando Renna, Nancy Lavoie, Stéphanie Fréchette, Richard Doyle, Yvon Brodeur (arrival in p.m.)
    Absent: Réjean Michaud
    Moved by: Nancy Lavoie Seconded by: Hugo Landry
    The minutes were shared with the team the week before the meeting, some changes are made.
    Moved by: Benoit Pelletier Seconded by: Richard Doyle
    Minutes from May 3, 2018: no follow-up
    Minutes from July 3, 2018
    Dispute Resolution Committee, follow-up next meeting
    Facilitators for presentation: follow-up next meeting, we need to know what Ottawa’s expectations are.
    CDSRQ Operations Task Force: Yvon must discuss the survey results with Gordon Bulmer, follow-up next meeting.
    Strategic Planning Committee and Montreal Regional Office: meeting pending.
    Meeting with Branch Chairs: a meeting is planned, to follow up.
    Steward of the Year: Hugo informed us that everything is settled.
    Minutes: check with Réjean to see if the minutes of previous meetings have been sent to Ottawa for translation and posting on the PIPSC website (Yvon). Hugo will ask to have a tab added to the region link for this purpose.
    Treasury: Gerlando and Robert have not yet had their meeting to transfer the files. Meeting planned.
    1. 2017 Youth Symposium Post-Mortem Report, see document 
    2. Event reminder: Martine presented the draft of 2019 events. The group agrees to discuss the events at the next meeting. 
    3. Réjean Michaud post / information received from Isabelle Roy that Réjean is temporarily suspended from his duties on the Executive. Concerning his replacement, a decision will be made at a future meeting.
    4. National Joint Council Seminar / information 
    5. RCMP Civilian Members—Mobilization project / information
    6. RCMP Civilian Member’s Work Site Tour / information 
    7. Professionals Canada / A request was made to Eddy Gillis for a presentation on this project. 
    8. Regional Directors’ Meeting / Minutes and follow-up of June 6, 2018
    9. Next Regional Directors Meeting—Agenda for September 13, 2018
    Gerlando delivered his report. The signatory process is complete.
    1. Education and learning: Martine informed us that there was a meeting on August 17 to discuss everyone’s duties. Martine and Robert share the Committee responsibilities, Robert with FTQ and Martine with PIPSC. They discussed the 2019 calendar and divided up the tasks.
      Topic of school: obligations and adaptation measures, progressive disciplinary measures (ART), political action and lobbying (steward) February 6-7-8-9, 2019.
      PIPSC: Martine attended an initial meeting in Ottawa. Martine mentioned that there is a new bilingual person in charge of training, a meeting in planned with Martine in October. Two pilot training sessions will be offered and Martine will be part of the focus group. Our regional training sessions will now be registered in the PIPSC Training Management Module and recognized.
      FTQ: expanded committee and interesting discussion on training. Important dates:
      How to energize our unions: January 17, 18, 2019, Montreal Louis Laberge Room C
      Training development seminar March 2019
      Union education seminar April 10, 2019 Robert proposed inviting executive committee members and regional instructors.
      Women’s School, May 26 to 31, 2019.
      Gerlando presented a request received by his members on how to prepare a grievance file. He asked if it is possible to make an hour-long presentation to around 14 people. Of those people, some would be selected to present a case. A brainstorming session takes place on the subject. Gerlando will present us with a discussion paper on his idea.
    2. Human Rights: No report available
    3. Finances: Benoit informed us that he had a meeting last Monday. He said that a lot of work had been done to prepare a balanced budget for presentation to the Board, which added expenses the committee hadn’t anticipated. There would therefore be a deficit of about $400,000. Benoit said he informed the Board that members would be disappointed and have questions. There will not be a financial forum at the AGM, since the same questions will be brought up on the AGM floor. There will be a Webex meeting (French and English) on October 13 to answer questions and discuss the budget.
      The financial statements will be voted on this weekend at the Board meeting. Finances are healthy overall.
    4. IT: Hugo informed us that the Gmail suite migration has been completed. We received the tips and tricks to use the tools, they will be available soon. There will be another ITSP meeting on Monday.
      Make sure that accents are included in bulk emails (HTML).
    5. Youth: 2017 Youth Symposium Post-Mortem Report.
    6. Status of Women: Stéphanie reported that there was a meeting last week. There is a Girls and Science Day, what an alliance! At the research and development centre. The committee will attend on Wednesday, September 19. There will be booths and other presentations.
      She received a request to participate in a national march for Indigenous women.
      She asked again if it would be possible to have a Status of Women tab on the Quebec region’s page. To check with Anne.

There are still some promotional items from the Women’s Committee to distribute.
Robert suggested the option of an FTQ training opportunity, Women and OHS: myths and union challenges.
December 6 —The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women Flowers and ribbons are given out on this day. Will PIPSC participate? We recommend going through Yvon to talk to the Conseil fédéral du Québec. 2019 Goal.
(R6.2.1) Be it resolved by Stéphanie Fréchette that the following people be appointed to the Status of Women Committee:
Isabelle Mercier
Isabelle Vermette
Florcy Lavaud

Sophie Laporte
Carried unanimously.

  1. Official Languages: No report available.
  2. By-laws Committee Stéphanie reported that it is a lot of work and that the process is quite long. People are not free to review everything. Stéphanie is responsible for revising the by-laws of the Quebec Sub-groups and Branches.
    Resolutions Subcommittee: Benoit reported that there are five motions from the region that contain questions. He provided an update. We need to follow up on the Regional Council motions at the next Regional Council meeting, specifically those that were withdrawn by the Executive on behalf of the Region.
    1. Branch liaison: No developments. Richard plans to introduce himself to all the Branches.
    2. Hotel booking: The next meeting will be at the Delta Trois-Rivières on October 15, 2018.
      Be it resolved that we prepare a motion for the RC to make the policy on hotels in the region more flexible for small meetings.
      We’re entitled to six meetings a year. The meeting will be in Montreal.
      The 2019 activities have been determined, hotel reservations have yet to be made. Benoit will present everything at the next meeting.
    3. Political and Social Action, Lobbying and Mobilisation Committee: Christian will meet with Yvon to find out what his expectations are. 
    4. Promotional items: Yvon wants to set up a purchasing system with Promotion Universel (Johanita Comeau), (Yvon follow-up).
    5. Communications and IT: Hugo reported that he’s been following up on his tasks. The report is on the region’s Google Drive. Some people still don’t have a pipsc.ca account. He mentioned creating different addresses for the various committees. He asked about the team’s interest in using Doodle for surveys.
    6. Youth Committee: Committee’s welcome document.
      He proposed an addition to the committee’s mandate to cover certain situations, including one regarding vacancies. We decided to follow up on this.
      Hugo reported that there is a vacancy and we should find someone to fill it. After the discussion, the following regulation was adopted:
      B.6.2.1 Vacancy in a Regional Committee:

When there is a vacancy, other than that of the Chair, in consultation with the Committee, the Executive may fill the position by appointment until the next Council meeting.
Moved by: Hugo Landry Seconded by: Benoit Pelletier
Accepted unanimously (must be approved at the next Regional Council)

Be it resolved by the Youth Committee that Lisanne Racine be appointed to the vacant seat until the next council meeting (R6.2.1). Seconded by Robert and carried unanimously.


    A meeting will be held on October 15 to review the motions. Hugo, Stéphanie and Benoit will prepare and lead the presentation.
    Robert submitted a motion, which was approved by the Executive, to invite Denis Caissy as an observer. Seconded by Hugo.
    Carried unanimously.
    Yvon reported that there should be an empty seat and that he is waiting for confirmation.
    We will share the discussion paper with members of the Executive for discussion at the next meeting. (Richard)
    11.1 Quebec City Branch AGM: This summer’s family activity has been reimbursed to the tune of $3,000 by Better together. Nancy asked if the region could cover the additional costs (request made several months ago). Discussion on whether there are Branch funds available to cover the Branch itself. Nancy will look into it.
    11.2 Steward Council: there are still certificates to print for the Steward of the year and other mentions.
    Nancy is in charge of reception with Anne.
    Richard MC
    Martine, Robert and Benoit training booth
    Gerlando asked where the printers are. Martine, Yvon and Robert
    Nancy reported that the call for National Committees is now posted.
    Yvon: The Youth Committee was asked to send six candidates for the Youth Symposium to Sean O’Reiley within three weeks.
    Martine thanked the entire group.
  5. Next Meeting: October 15 Trois-Rivières
  6. Adjournment: 5:25 p.m.
    Moved by: Richard Doyle Seconded by: Christian Tremblay