JULY 3, 2018 AT 8:30 AM




  1. CALL TO ORDER (3rd meeting of the year)
    Yvon welcomed the participants and said he would be chairing the meeting.
    Present: Yvon Brodeur, Réjean Michaud, Benoit Pelletier, Martine Lacroix, Richard Doyle, Christian Tremblay, Hugo Landry, Gerlando Renna, Stéphanie Fréchette, Robert Tellier and Nancy Lavoie.
    Absent: None


    Moved by: Benoît Pelletier Seconded by: Robert Tellier

 After a few items were added, it was decided that Other Business would remain open.


    Moved by: Robert Tellier Seconded by: Christian Tremblay


  1.        TABLING OF FILES

 Hotels: Benoît P.


Training and Education Committee: Robert T., Martine L. and Yvon B. plus Benoît P.(in charge of hotel file)


Branch Presidents Liaison: Richard D.

Young Professionals Committee Liaison: Hugo L.

Status of Women Committee Liaison: Stéphanie F.

Political and Social Action / Lobbying  / Mobilization Committee: Christian T.


Broadbent Institute: Christian T.


 Diversity Action Group / Human Rights Committee: Yvon B. (with Mario Guertin)


 Communications and IT Committee: Hugo L.


 Harassment and Violence in the Workplace Committee (information desk):

Nancy L.


 Dispute Resolution Committee: This committee’s mandate should be more clearly defined before the committee is created. Yvon, Gerry and Réjean will work on a draft.


 Lunch and Learns on the public service pension, disability and dental care plans: 

Réjean M. (Hugo L. also expressed his interest through the invitation received from the National Office).


 Working group to review the way Quebec Region Stewards Council operates: Item deferred because a national survey is currently being conducted by Gordon Bulmer.


 Executive Strategic Planning Committee and Montreal Regional Office: 

Preparations for the meeting: Gerry R., Martine L. and Benoît P.

For the Regional Office / Executive Liaison Committee: Gerry R., Martine L. and Yvon B.


Strategy meeting with Branch Presidents: The four members of the Training Committee plus Gerry R. (Treasurer) and Richard D. (Branch Liaison).


 This year’s Stewards of the Year Committee: Vicky Painchaud, Martine L., Hugo L. and Yvon B.


 Official Languages Committee Liaison: Gerry R.


Vice-Chair: Martine L.



Meeting #4: Thursday September 13, 2018 (before the Stewards Council);

Meeting #5: Monday, October 15, 2018 (discussions on National AGM resolutions);

Meeting #6: Friday, December 7, 2018 (day after dinner with the Regional Office).


In addition, conference calls could be held between formal meetings.


  1.      ITEMS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES (MAY 3, 2018): Deferred to the next meeting.


PIPC’s National AGM in Gatineau: Hugo and Stéphanie will manage the evening set aside to discuss recommendations on resolutions presented at the AGM. Gerry and Yvon will take care of the food to be brought to the Quebec suite.


b) Committee reports: Ideally, we would like the committee reps to send us their activity reports one week before our meetings.


c) Record keeping and team drive: Hugo will contact the IT team to create email addresses for everyone and connect them to our drive.


d) Minutes: Benoit requested that the minutes of previous meetings be sent to Anne Renaud so that she can send them to Ottawa for translation and posting on the site.


e) Email address: Benoît noted that there are two different email addresses for the Region; one should be removed. Hugo will contact Anne Renaud and resolve the problem.


f) Stewards Council: The Stewards Council will be held at the Gouverneur-Place Dupuis in Montréal on September 14 and 15. Richard will be the facilitator and people will be free to do what they want for Friday night dinner. As of July 3, we still had not found a speaker for the Saturday afternoon. (Editor’s note: We later found out that a speaker had accepted our invitation).


g) 2018 Regional Council: An update was given on a comment made by a Regional Council member at the end of the Regional Council held in Chéribourg in May.


h) National elections: There are already several candidates who have expressed interest in the positions to be filled on the Board of Directors. At our next meeting (September 13), we will look at the candidates we could support.


Choice of hotels: Martine mentioned that we could review our hotel selection criteria, among other things, based on the total distance participants will have to travel. Work will be done to increase our pool of unionized hotels.


j) Mandate and composition of the Young Professionals Committee: We are reviewing the document that was prepared for the Young Professionals Committee. Hugo moved that option #1 be used for appointing members to this committee. Réjean seconded the motion. Carried unanimously.

Hugo will send us the nomination form and new member welcome form by email.


k) Code 642: Richard spoke about a time code that allows members who take a leave of absence without pay for union activities to be reimbursed directly by PIPSC if they are provided with a TAN (not currently available from the Canada Revenue Agency).


l) FTQ education committee: On May 23, Robert met with this committee. They discussed “Lean” training, the École des femmes” (three subjects will be addressed) and three seminars for 2019 on three different topics. The youth camp will be held at the Duchesnay reserve on September 20 and 21 and a course on coaching will be held from November 18 to 23.


m) Treasurer’s report: Robert will email us the Region's financial report covering the period from January 1 to July 2, 2018. In addition, Robert is requesting a day of union leave (with Gerry) so that he can hand over the authority for financial matters to him.


n) Finance: Benoît attended a meeting of the Finance Committee on May 11. They reviewed calls from members who challenged their expense accounts.

They also discussed the e-claim system. The next meetings will be held on July 16 (budgets) and September 10 (auditor's report). In addition, Benoît should be serving on the By-laws sub-committee that will be looking at financial resolutions (Editor’s note: later confirmed).




Benoît reminded everyone that the 2019 Stewards Council will be held September 11 to 14, 2018 rather than September 18 to 21, 2018.




  The next meeting will be held in Montréal (Governeur-Place Dupuis) on Thursday, September 13, 2018, the day before the Stewards Council.


Richard moved that the meeting be adjourned. Seconded by Nancy.