Request for Sergeants at Arms 

Good Day,

In order to help with the effective running of the 2022 PIPSC AGM the Institute has decided to have Sergeant's at Arms at the meeting. Sergeants at Arms are very common in parliamentary organizations and the labor movement at conventions and meetings. The Sergeants at Arms, under the direction of the presiding officer, helps to maintain order, decorum and respect at the meeting. The Sergeant at Arms acts as doorkeeper, aids in recognizing points of order, and is responsible for the comfort and convenience of the assembly.

We are looking to have 1-2 Sergeants at Arms from the Ontario Region at the meeting to ensure diversity and coverage of the room. If you are interested in being a Sergeant at Arms at the AGM on November 18th and 19th, 2022, please reply to Heather Kohli @ no later than July 22nd.

Applicants will not be a “delegate” or “observer” at the AGM and are to refrain from participation at the AGM outside of their role as Sergeant at Arms.  Applicants will be required to attend the AGM in its entirety.  Costs associated with attendance will be covered by PIPSC per the travel policy.  Please send an e-mail to Heather Kohli @ no later than July 22nd indicating your interest and why you would like to be a Sergeant at Arms. The Ontario Regional Executive will make a selection from the people that apply.

In solidarity,


John Purdie

Director, Ontario Region Executive