Record of Proceedings Meetings

Ontario Regional Executive

August 16, 2021

Meeting Date

August 16, 2021


9:00 am to 12:21 pm



Peter Gilkinson, Regional Director and ORE Chair, Labour day parade co-ordinator, and Provincial Employers Group Liaison Lead

Din Kamaldin, ORE Vice-Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator

John G. Purdie – Ontario Regional Council Chair, Resolution Sub-committee member and Provincial Employers Group Liaison assistant, and Training Committee Recording Secretary 

Tom Yantsis – Ontario Region Treasurer

Yvonne Snaddon – Branch Liaison Assistant and Young Professional Liaison Assistant

Christopher P. L'Estrange – Recording Secretary, Training Committee member and Events Co-ordinator

Judy Chow – Social Media Manager and Branch Liaison Lead

Tom Z – ORC Vice-chair, and Resolution Sub-committee member, and Training Committee Chair

Tim Azab – Labour day parade co-ordinator & Legacy Foundation Champion & Social Media Manager

Kuini Chuen - LGBTQ2S+ co-ordinator, Social Media Manager, Labour day parade co-ordinator and Young Professional Liaison Lead

Members (Absent)









Christopher L’Estrange

Discussion Summary


Call to order by the Chair


Motion to begin the meeting promptly at 9:00 am

Moved by: John Purdie

Seconded by: Peter Gilkinson

Motion Carried


Approval of Agenda 


Discussion regarding the agenda.  

Two items were added:

  1. Legacy Foundation – Tom 
  2. Young Professionals Committee – Yvonne 

Motion to approve the meeting agenda.

Moved by: Tom Z

Seconded by: John P

Motion Carried


Approval the July 26, 2021 Minutes


Motion to approve the Minutes of the ORE meeting July 26, 2021.

Moved by: Peter Gilkinson

Seconded by: John Purdie

Motion Carried


Ontario Steward Council Planning and discussion – Tom Z


Tom Z explained staff will not be present at White Oaks for the Steward Council. 

Tom Z needs the executive to step up and be present at the Steward Council.

This Steward Council will be a mix of in-person and virtual. Tom has a meeting with Heather and Informatics to arrange the logistics of this hybrid meeting. It’s complicated and there is a cost to the virtual aspect. 

We have a cap on the number of in-person attendees.

This could all change depending on the status of the Pandemic. 

Yvonne will do a yoga nidra for those who are interested. Tom Z will let Heather know to arrange a room.

Action Item: Tom Z will send out a draft agenda for the Steward Council to the ORE by email.


ORE meeting prior to Steward Council


This will also be a hybrid. 

Motion: Have an all day Ontario Executive Meeting, Thursday from 9 – 5 to cover the event.

Moved by: Tom Z

Seconded by: Tim Azab

Motion Carried

Everyone will be present at the ORE except Kuini and Tom Z who will attend virtually.

Action Item: Peter will arrange the Zoom invites. 

Motion: Any costs not covered by the travel budget will be covered by the ORE budget for costs incurred for Wednesday night.

Moved by: John Purdie

Seconded by: Peter Gilkinson

Motion Carried

Glenn Maxwell - 1964 - 2021

Glenn was a past Ontario Regional Executive member, and past Ontario Training Co-ordinator. We would like to recognize his past service to the Ontario Region. 

An award may be given to Glenn Maxwell posthumously as a past Ontario Regional Executive member.

Motion: The ORE will create an annual award in Glenn’s honour to be given to the Executive of the year.

Moved by: Judy 

Seconded by: Peter Gilkinson

Motion Carried

Action Item: A working group will be set up to plan an annual Ontario Region award in Glenn’s name. Judy, Tom Z, Din and Yvonne will be in the working group.

Dr. Mehran Alaee – 1958 – 2021

Mehran was the incumbent President of the Hamilton-Burlington Branch for many years. We would like to recognize in the minutes his past service to the Hamilton-Burlington Branch. 

Hunder Cup:

Branch of the year. 


Ontario Council – John Purdie


The is still being planned.

Steward of the year will not happen this year due to the difficulties involved for this event. 

Action Item: Tom Yantsis to look at purchasing flags and a horizontal bar for a PIPSC banner. 


AGM 2021


The Region has 40 seats this year.

Motion: One seat be allocated to the Young Professionals.

First: Yvonne

Seconded: Judy


Action Item: Yvonne will contact Julie and find out how many Observers we can have. 

Resolutions: We will discuss at the Hybrid meeting in September.

Steve Hindle sent a message regarding by-laws. This is also deferred to the next meeting.


2021 Federal Election September 20


PIPSC has no approved budget or action plan for this election. If we choose a strategy, it will be an Ontario Region strategy.


Mandatory Vaccination for Federal Employees


This was a surprise announcement and the bargaining agents will be consulted. This is a Health and Safety issue.


Legacy Foundation


Motion: Ontario Region makes a donation to the Legacy Foundation.

First: Tom Yantsis

Seconded: Chris L’Estrange

This after discussion, was deferred to the next meeting


Young Professionals Committee


Yvonne would like to renew the term of the current members because the pandemic has prevented the members from full participation. The term would end March 2022, and Yvonne proposes extending it to March of 2023. 

Motion: Ontario Region allow the Young Professional Committee members have their term extended to March 2023.

First: Yvonne

Seconded: Judy



Portfolio Reports


Treasurer’s report. 

Tom provided a report for our current year to date.

These were tabled to the next meeting as we ran out of time. 


Sub-Committee Reports


These were tabled to the next meeting as we ran out of time. 


Director’s Report


Director’s report was tabled to the next meeting. 


Round Table


Next meeting will be at White Oaks, on the Thursday, the day prior to the Steward Council.

Judy suggested we purchase retractable flagpoles for the flags we purchased for Branches several years ago. 

Everyone exchanged well wishes. 


Meeting adjourned at 12:21 pm


Motion to adjourn at 12:21 pm

First: Din Kamaldin 

Seconded: Chris L’Estrange