Record of Proceeding Meeting Ontario Regional Executive - October 21, 2021

Meeting Date

October 21, 2021


9:00 am to 6:30 pm



Peter Gilkinson, Regional Director and ORE Chair, Labour day parade co-ordinator, and Provincial Employers Group Liaison Lead

Din Kamaldin, ORE Vice-Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator

Tom Yantsis – Ontario Region Treasurer

Yvonne Snaddon – Branch Liaison Assistant and Young Professional Liaison Assistant

Christopher P. L'Estrange – Recording Secretary, Training Committee member and Events Co-ordinator

Tim Azab – Labour day parade co-ordinator & Legacy Foundation Champion & Social Media Manager

John G. Purdie – Ontario Regional Council Chair, Resolution Sub-committee member and Provincial Employers Group Liaison assistant, and Training Committee Recording Secretary 

Members (Virtual)

Judy Chow – Social Media Manager and Branch Liaison Lead

Tom Zaharopoulos – ORC Vice-chair, and Resolution Sub-committee member, and Training Committee Chair

Kuini Chuen - LGBTQ2S+ co-ordinator, Social Media Manager, Labour day parade co-ordinator and Young Professional Liaison Lead

Members (Absent)







Christopher L’Estrange

Item #

Discussion Summary


Call to order by the Chair


Motion to begin the meeting promptly at 9:00 am

Moved by: Chris L’Estrange

Seconded by: Peter Gilkinson

Motion Carried

We experienced some delay to the start of the meeting, with sound difficulties. Three attendees were virtual and seven were in person so this is a hybrid meeting.

The sound difficulties prevented the start of the meeting as the virtual attendees could not hear the physical attendees. The meeting started late by over an hour as a result. The meeting started at 10:30 am with full connection. We have a lot to get through and will continue until the business is complete.


Approval of Agenda 


Discussion regarding the agenda.  

Peter Gilkinson sent the agenda out for this meeting which was scheduled to discuss the Steward Council.

Motion to approve the meeting agenda.

Moved by: Peter Gilkinson

Seconded by: Din Kamaldin

Motion Carried


Approval the September 16, 2021 Minutes


Peter Gilkinson sent the agenda out for this meeting which was scheduled to discuss the Steward Council.

Motion to approve the meeting minutes of September 16, 2021.

Moved by: John Purdie

Seconded by: Tim Azab

Motion Carried


Action Items


Action Item: Judy to update the ORE regarding the purchase of a camera and a button maker.  In process.

Action Item: Judy to communicate to the observers regarding salary replacement rules for attending the PIPSC AGM. Must attend both Friday and Saturday to qualify for Friday salary replacement.

Action Item: Peter to communicate to Frank Wong, and to let Julie Gagnon know the resolutions are withdrawn.

Action Item: Regarding Proposed amendment of By-law 22.3 – sponsored by the Ontario Region. John to look over the new language in the amendment and report back in October to the ORE. 

Action Item: Peter Gilkinson to send a letter to Eddy Gillis to enquire the use of the Legacy Funds. What are the plans.   


Ontario Regional Council 


John Purdie discussed the plans and the agenda for the ORC.

Elections, we are allowing campaigning for any positions on the ORE executive. This was agreed to.

Resolutions were discussed. It is the will of the Council whether these are supported by the Council.

Resolution  # 1 

Motion: That the ORE not to support the resolution as written. 

First: Yvonne Snaddon

Second: John Purdie

Resolution  # 2 

Motion: That the ORE not to support the resolution as written. 

First: John Purdie

Second: Tom Zaharopoulos


Portfolio Reports


Treasurers Report – Tom Yantsis gave an update regarding the 2021 Financials. We will qualify for our full allotment in 2022. 

Motion: To accept the Treasurers Report.

First: John Purdie

Second: Christopher L’Estrange


Legacy Foundation – Tim Azab

Tim presented that the committee will prepare and send a survey to employees, and had a discussion regarding communicating with CGA and CMA regarding building a collaborative strategy.

Elections Committee – Chris L’Estrange

Chris discussed the 3-year term of the Elections Committee which was decided by the BOD to give continuity and consistency for our National Elections in 2021. 

While our current elections are in place some aspects are confidential and cannot be discussed outside of the National Elections Committee itself.

However generally speaking the debates and town halls were undertaken this election round to give the candidates reach and to share with their voters what they see as their vision for PIPSC and to explain why they are running. Town Halls and virtual communication has not been done on this scale previously but was necessary given the pandemic we are experiencing. The pandemic has made virtual outreach to voters necessary as all the workplaces are closed and members cannot be contacted in person by the candidates. 

We have experienced some challenges. The process is very complex. The National Elections Committee will conduct a post-mortem after the National election to decide what could be done better. However, it is important to note that a future elections committee is free to decide whether they will conduct a similar Town Hall format or not for any future elections. 

Human Rights Committee – Din Kamaldin

Din shared the ideas the committee is working on. CLC links should be in place. Any concerns at Human Rights should be taken to CLC and discussed there. 

OSC – Tom Zaharopoulos

Overall, the responses we received were really good. Some complaints on technical issues – the virtual training was criticized and some in person people felt they wanted more interaction with the virtual attendees.

ITPS Committee – Yvonne Snaddon

No meeting since the pandemic started. 

When PIPSC IT was working on various tasks like the new email system, and Concur etc., PIPSC IT was making more use of the ITPS committee. But there may not be any value in continuing the committee.

Young Professionals Committee – Yvonne Snaddon

No update. 

Social Media – Judy Chow

Posts made to the Facebook group were not respectful. As such Judy sent a spreadsheet to ask the ORE for direction on some actions to be taken to correct the behaviour, up to and including removal of some members of the Facebook page. 

The Executive agreed to let members across the Country be included on the Facebook page as long as we can identify who they are. Some people prefer to use handles or alias rather than their own name.

Motion: To allow people to be members of our Facebook page as long as they are current Ontario PIPSC members.

First: Judy Chow

Second: Yvonne Snaddon


Because the above motion failed we will allow members from across Canada to be members of our Facebook page.

Motion: To allow people to be members of our Facebook page as long as we can validate and document who they are.

First: Peter Gilkinson

Second: Yvonne Snaddon


Motion: To allow PIPSC EROs and Regional staff to be members of the Ontario Region Facebook page.

First: Peter Gilkinson

Second: Judy Chow


Motion: To not allow other PIPSC Staff to be members of the Ontario Region Facebook page.

First: Peter Gilkinson

Second: Tim Azab





Yvonne brought up the resolutions which are being brought to the PIPSC AGM.


Christmas Staff Appreciation 2021 


Action Item: For Peter to contact Marcia and ask the staff for a response regarding availability for the 2021 staff appreciation dinner.


Swag for virtual attendees


General discussion regarding swag for virtual attendees.  Near cash items are not allowed per PIPSC rules. Swag is for visibility. We cannot afford to ship swag. 

We discussed sending a gift card. Some had an issue with sending a gift card because swag is for visibility and also the gift card is near cash item. Also spending members dues responsibly. Some ORE members felt anything over $10 was too high. 

Yvonne placed a motion as follows and asked that the vote be recorded.  

Motion: The Ontario Region will provide a $20 coffee gift card to virtual attendees of 2021 Ontario Region Council and Ontario Steward Council events.

First: Yvonne Snaddon

Second: Judy Chow

The Executive voted as follows:

Yvonne       =  Y   

Peter           = Y

Tim             = Y

Tom Z         = Y

Tom Y        = N

Chris           = Y

Kuini          = Y

Judy            = Y

Din             = Y

John            = Y


Action Item: Tom Zaharopoulos will buy and have PIPSC send out these gift cards to the virtual attendees of OSC and John Purdie will handle the ORC.


Expense Claims will be denied by PIPSC without a Vaccine validation


There are members who are already having problems with uploading the vaccine certificates to Concur on the basis of a BOD motion which motion actually didn’t go this far. The BOD simply passed a resolution that to attend an event the member would need to be double vaccinated. 

Nothing was said at the BOD level about taking the vaccine certificate as an upload to Concur or denying travel claims.


Set next meeting date


November 19, 2021 – for staff appreciation dinner.

To set the next meeting for November 20, 2021, from 9am – 5pm all day. 


Confidential Branch issue 


Motion to go into closed session (in-camera).

First: Tim Azab

Second: Peter Gilkinson


Motion to exit closed session (in-camera).

First: John Purdie

Second: Peter Gilkinson


The ORE dealt with a confidential issue regarding a branch. The matter has been actioned.


Director’s Report


Peter will provide a report at the ORC.


Round Table


Everyone exchanged well wishes. 

Kuini advised us that PIPSC Nations our Instagram Handle. Should we keep it or give it away. The majority wanted to keep it.

Yvonne said goodbye and thank you for the years she was working with us on the ORE.

Next meeting is an all-day meeting, scheduled for November 20, 2021.


Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm


Motion to adjourn at 6:30 pm

First: Judy Chow 

Seconded: Tom Z