Ontario Regional Executive

February 9, 2019

Meeting Date: February 9, 2019

Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Members (Present)

Peter Gilkinson, Regional Director and ORE Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator

John G. Purdie – Ontario Regional Council Chair & Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor and the Chair Resolution sub-committee

Linda Joly – Branch Liaison

Christopher P. L'Estrange – Recording Secretary, Training Committee Recording Secretary and Event Co-ordinator

Peter S. Jozsa – Steward Council Chair, and Training Committee Chair & Social Media Manager

Yvonne Snaddon – Training committee member, Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor & Social Media Manager, Young Professionals liaison

Tim Azab – Legacy Foundation Champion and Ontario Regional Council Vice-Chair and Labour Day Parade co-ordinator

Members (Absent): Din Kamaldin - ORE Vice-Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator, Judy Chow - Training Committee Member & Lead Social Media Manager

Alternates None

Invitees/Observers None

Presenters None

Secretariat Christopher L’Estrange

Item #

Discussion Summary

Action Required

Completed Action

1. Call to order by the Chair

Motion to begin the meeting promptly at 8:30 am

Moved by: Tom Yanysis

Seconded by: Peter Gilkinson

Motion Carried

2. Approval of Agenda

Discussion regarding the agenda. 

Additions to the Agenda.

Motion to approve the meeting agenda.

Moved by: Peter Gilkinson

Seconded by: Linda Joly

Motion Carried

3. Approval the December 2018 Minutes

Motion to approve the meeting minutes.

Moved by: Linda Joly

Seconded by: Yvonne Snaddon

Motion Carried

4. Items arising from the previous minutes

Chris went through the December 6 & 7, 2018 minutes to highlight action items as follows:

Action Items 

• Judy to price out the button maker and bring it back to the ORE for further consideration.

Action Required by: Judy

• John will prepare a disclaimer regarding the nature of the topic of the speaker at the ORC.

Completed Action: John

• Pete Jozsa will coordinate the activity and send out the branch liaisons to be communicated to the Branch presidents to get them involved in this idea.

Completed Action: Pete

• Pete to look into a guest speaker – some possibilities were preliminarily discussed.

Completed Action: Pete

• Peter Gilkinson will request the 2019 Federal election be added to the BOD January agenda. Specifically, to discuss the official position of PIPSC. This was deferred to the March BOD meeting.

Action Require: Peter G

• Pete Jozsa – OSC 2020 location. White Oaks is booked.

Completed Action: Pete J


• Peter will bring this subject to the January Board of Directors meeting (to ask for the criteria for allocating the Murphy Rooms) and he will be sending us his wording ahead of time for our input. 

Completed Action: Peter G

• ORE Camera needs a repair, Judy will get an estimate and bring to next meeting.  

Repair was quoted at $350 and replacement at $650.

Motion: Judy to repair or replace the camera to a maximum value of $650. 

Moved: Peter G

Seconded: John P


ORC Update from the Chair – John Purdie

Final preparations/update from Chair; 

• Preliminary Agenda 

• Food and Bev – per suggestions; table snacks etc

• Guest speakers and guests of the ORC

• Decisions re entertainment at Hospitality 

• Roles of the executive at the 2019 ORC

• Resolutions Discussion 

• Swag – books 

Motion: To request Debi Daviau to attend the ORC and if she is unavailable to recommend Norma Domey to attend if available in her place.

Moved: Peter Gilkinson

Seconded: Tom Yantsis


John will schedule a parliamentary procedure presentation/interaction.

Parliamentarian – Shawn Gillis 

Motion: Swag for ORC approved to $25 per delegate.

Moved: John Purdie

Seconded: Tom Yantsis


5. New Items

Peter G – RCMP PIPSC Members update  

Peter visited the Newmarket RCMP detachment. 

We discussed sending a welcome package.

46 civilian members in Ontario.

• Peter G – Lobby Day

General discussion regarding Ontario representatives. Judy and Yvonne attended.  Our representatives were well received by the MPs.

• Flowers and recognition - All 

• Pete J – meeting in February attached to Basic Steward not booked.

This meeting will be pre-booked going forward.

• Peter G – Murphy Rooms 2019 AGM – see email dated Jan 9, 2019.

Discussed 2018 – we will request a room for 2019 – Ongoing.

• Tom – meeting costs.

Tom clarified that the ORE budget will cover any costs not covered by PIPSC for any future meetings of ORE members. 

• Peter G – Family Friendly – email of Jan 17, 2019

Deferred to the planning and strategy meeting in June.

Action Required: All


• Pete J – update on bulletin board idea. Done

• OSC – 2020 – White Oaks Booked.

• Youth attendance at the PIPSC AGM

Motion: To provide a seat to a youth delegate to the 2019 PIPSC AGM.

Moved: Yvonne

Seconded: Linda


Action Item: The secretary to contact PIPSC National to gather information about the number of Ontario delegates to the 2019 PISC AGM. 

Action Required by: Chris

• Youth Seat on the ORE

Action Item: Yvonne to word a resolution to bring to the ORC to have a seat on the ORE designated for a youth as defined by PIPSC. This will be shared with the ORE secretarially prior to our April meeting.

Action Required by: Yvonne

• Hunder Cup

Yvonne explained the ideas brought forward to consider in selecting the Branch of the year:


Community involvement

Rand recruitment

Lunch and Learns – outreach to members

Socially active

Action Item: Secretary to advise Heather that Peter Gilkinson will contact Gerry Hunder’s family to invite them to the 2019 ORC for the presentation of the Hunder to the winning Branch. 

Action Required by: Chris

Action Item: The Branch Liaison will contact the Branch Presidents to provide them with the criteria and request submissions from the Branches by March 7, 2019. The Branch Liaison to make a recommendation to the ORE for the 2019 winning Branch.

Action Required by: Branch Liaison

• Broadbent Institute – Peter G

The annual convention is in March. Peter asked how we would determine our delegates if we have short notice. Three ORE extended interest. Tim Azab, Judy Chow by text and Linda Joly. 


6. Committee Reports

Treasurer Report:

Tom is absent and sent his report by email ahead of this meeting. Our budget has funds available to cover the expenses for the rest of this calendar year.  

Motion to approve the treasurer’s emailed report

Moved by: Din Kamaldin

Seconded by: Chris L’Estrange

Motion Carried

Branch Liaison Report:

Branch President’s conference call will be soon. 

Pete Jozsa is assuming the role of the Newsletter Editor.

Branch President’s meeting is scheduled for the day before the ORC. 

Legacy Cup report: Tim Azab

Ontario Region initiatives are being considered for the 2019 Legacy Cup. Tim will contact Branches for ideas.

All donations of $10 or more are given a tax receipt. 

Regional Training Committee:

The priority is the executive training sessions for May 3 & 4, 2019.  The Branches will have the opportunity to select one executive member. We are in the process of determining the number of attendees based on cost.

We plan that in March we should have the list of attendees. 

Ontario Steward Council – 2019:

Pete was looking to book a speaker. A couple of weeks ago Pete found a speaker. The subject will be Tax and offshore issues. This is a current topic in current events.

Action Item: Pete to contact Doug Mason to have his consent on this presentation. 

Action Required: Pete J

Chris will arrange a rally to take place outside around the local area of the Hyatt in downtown Toronto during the 2019 ORC.

Action Required: Chris

ITSP Report:

There was no report. 

Communications Committee Report – Judy Chow

We have 300+ members on Facebook.  


The National Committee is currently undertaking a general clean up of the by-laws. This is a long process and involves making sure the by-laws are consistent and have no conflicts. 

Finance Committee

Tom presented his budget for 2019 and the actuals for 2018.

Motion to accept the ORE 2019 Budget and 2018 actual financials for submission to PIPSC.

Moved: Chris L’Estrange

Seconded: Tim Azab


7. Director’s Report

Peter Gilkinson presented his report.

There were no questions.

8. Round Table

Linda, we could use lunch and learn funds toward the RCMP members.

9. Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm

Peter Gilkinson thanked the executive for a productive meeting.