Ontario Region Strategic Planning Meeting - June 2, 2023

Rocky Crest Resort

Present:         J. Purdie, C. L’Estrange, T. Yantsis, D. Kamaldin, B. Brawley, M. Chan, Anthony Stone, T. MacDonald (virtual), S. Labbé

Regrets:         T. Zaharopoulos, R. Kaura

Meeting called to order at 9:10 am

  1. Opening Remarks

Director acknowledged land usage. 

  1. Approval of the agenda

Motion to approve Agenda

Moved: Bridget Brawley

            2nd: Din Kamaldin                                                                                                    Consensus

  1. New Introductions

Go over basis of meetings – new member introduction (Sabrina Labbé) & discussions

  1. Review of Planning document
  1. Discussion of the ORE strategic goals. Reviewed and discussed the template. Set frequency of these reviews and discussions to be at least quarterly.
  2. ORC 2025: Set timelines to look at location, review past discussions w/ Heather. Discussed 2026 ORC location ideas. Discuss parliamentarian, invited Sean O’Reilly and ask a Branch President as potential backup.

Motion to explore Parliamentarian candidates.

                                    Moved: Bridget Brawley

2nd: Tom Yantsis                                                                                          Consensus

            John has confirmed that Sean has agreed to attend and act as Parliamentarian.

  1. Draft ORC 2024 Agenda will be prepped and reviewed at Exec #4 in July.

Action: Anthony Stone

  1. ORE Elections: picking the Committee, wait till later in the year, maybe Exec #6 and then inform Heather. Proposed:

                                    Chair: Bridget Brawley

Members: Mandy Chan, Chris L’Estrange, Sabrina Labbé, Tina MacDonald

                                                                                                                                    Action: Sabrina Labbé

  1. OSC 2023 update. Agenda will be drafted for Heather and final will be shared at Exec #4 in July. Feedback will be provided at Exec #6 in Nov. Discussions on 2024 OSC. Discussions on locations for 2025 OSC.

                        Motion to get quotes for 2025 OSC:

Moved: Anthony Stone

                                    2nd: Sabrina Labbé

                                                                                                                                    Action: Bridget Brawley

  1. Discussions about PIPSC AGM 2023. Agreed to not hold hospitality. Delegate seat allocation discussion
  2. Training needs discussion. Will be discussed further at Exec #4 in July. Need to be presented to National Training Committee.

                                                                                                            Action: Bridget Brawley           

  1. Appointment of Portfolios
    1. Treasurer – Tom Yantsis
    2. Secretary – Sabrina Labbé
    3. Vice Chair – Din Kamaldin
    4. Committees
      1. Training – Bridget Brawley
        1. V. Chair Steward Council – Mandy Chan
        2. 4-member committee – Mandy Chan, Sabrina Labbé & Chris L’Estrange

Motion to expand from a 3-member to a 4-member

Moved: Bridget

2nd: Anthony                                                                               Consensus

      1. ORC – Anthony Stone
        1. V. Chair ORC – Tom Z.
      2. Bylaw & Policy – Mandy Chan
        1. Sabrina Labbé as secretary duties
      3. Visibility Mobilization Events – Mandy Chan
        1. V. Chair – Sabrina Labbé
    1. Liaison / Representative
      1. Google Drive – Bridget Brawley
      2. Young Professionals – Rachid Kaura
      3. Hospitality Co-Ordinator – Motion to remove

Moved: Bridget

2nd: Din                                                                                                          Consensus

      1. Social Media Member Liaison (Communication function) – Anthony Stone

Motion to merge Social & Newsletter

Moved: Anthony

2nd: Bridget                                                                                                    Consensus

      1. Ontario Provincial Group – Tina MacDonald
      2. Legacy Foundation – Chris L’Estrange
      3. Branch Liaison – Tina MacDonald
  1. Signing Authorities

Still have 4 (Tom Z., Din K., Tom Y., John P.)

Remove Paul T. (procedurally)

  1. Round Table


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm