Ontario Region Executive Meeting - December 17, 2022


Present:         J. Purdie, C. L’Estrange, T. Yantsis, A. Stone, P. Tsuji, D. Kamaldin, R. Kaura, B. Brawley, T. MacDonald, M. Chan

Regrets:         T. Zaharapoulos

The meeting was called to order at 9:06 a.m.

  1. Opening remarks

Director acknowledged land usage.  The Regional Office Manager’s Report will not be presented at this meeting.  The Director moved Item 11(b) New Business: Board of Directors Committee applicants to the morning.

  1. Approval of the Agenda

Item 7(a)(ii) Elections Committee and 7(b)(v) Young Professionals was added to the Agenda

MOTION to approve the Agenda

Moved:           Chris L’Estrange

2nd:                 Din Kamaldin                                                                        Carried

  1. Approval of the Minutes

MOTION to approve the previous minutes of September 8, 2022.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Consensus

MOTION to approve the previous minutes of September 9, 2022.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Consensus

  1. Tracking Report

The Tracking Report was used to update the action items from previous meetings.

Steward of the Year criteria is under new business.  Discuss under Steward of the Year.

MOTION to add as Agenda item as part of bylaw committee report, the Evergreen ORE Policy Suite.

Moved:           Tom Yantsis

2nd:                 Tina McDonald                                                                     Carried

MOTION to add as Agenda item as part of bylaw committee report, Terms of Reference for ORE committees & Liaisons.

Moved:           Bridget Brawley

2nd:                 Tom Yantsis                                                                         Carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report - Yantsis

Treasurer gave an update on our financial position in his Treasurer’s report.  We are on track to qualify for our full allotment.

  1. Regional Office Manager’s report - Kredenster

There was no report presented at the meeting.

  1. Review of Committees

a) BOD Committees

i) BLPC – Y/E report filed secretarially

ii) Elections – Y/E report filed secretarially

iii) Finance

Finance had several meetings during the year.  One big change is that there is an interim Director of Finance, and they are looking for more staff and seeking CPA’s. 

The auditors have been extended for another year but there will be a Request for Proposals for future years.

The main problem with Concur is that they do not have enough staff to review the claims.  An advance can be requested. To claim local meetings, no tan is needed, can use Not Applicable.

iv) Human Rights – Y/E report filed secretarially

v) Information Technology – Y/E report filed secretarially

vi) Professional Recognition – Y/E report filed secretarially

vii) Science Advisory – Y/E report filed secretarially

b) ORE Committees

i) Training Committee

The Training Committee met yesterday, and a report has been prepared.  There has been a problem with Training Committee meetings being scheduled that conflict with ORE meetings.  The main focus of the meeting was peer facilitator training which has been successful in Quebec and the Atlantic region so there is interest in taking the program national, but the BOD still has potential issues.  The Director commented on the above two issues and provided items of information.

One King West is getting expensive and the ERO’s are generally not allowed to stay so we may need to follow up on the contracts. The next February and October Basic Steward Training has already been booked at One King West. The next Labour School will be May 24-27, 2023, with the topics to be determined.

Chair of Young Professionals committee to submit potential courses wanted by young professionals to the Training Committee.

Action: Kaura

ii) Bylaw and Policy

See previous discussion.

iii) Visibility Mobilization Events Committee

Din will no longer be the Chair and there is no formal written report.

iv) Branch Liaison

There are 22 Branch Presidents and 6 Group Presidents (Ont). 

The Chair has sent out surveys and the branches are to send.

Director to notify the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) that Tina MacDonald is the Liaison for the ORE.                                                                                      Action: Purdie

v) Ontario Provincial Groups Liaison

Report submitted.  Chair has had success working with the OFL fighting Bill 124 but the government has until December 29, 2022, to file an appeal.  Heather is looking for space on the website for the Ontario Provincial Groups.

vi) Young Professionals Liaison

Call letter to be emailed and posted on the website with a closing date of January 6, 2023.  Looking to have 6 members less than 35 years of age to convene and have 1st meeting to create a budget, set up a website and publish minutes.  May try to organize a social event through Better Together or funded through the ORE or BOD.  In the past, the Young Professionals have had costs paid to attend the PIPSC AGM and have their own meeting before the AGM.  A briefing note may be prepared for a proposal to the Board.

MOTION to increase the Young Professional membership from 6 members to 8 members

Moved:           Rachit Kaura

2nd:                 Bridget Brawley                                                                                Carried

11 B) New Business: BOD committee applicants

The Board of Directors have selected the Chairs of the Committees. Chairs to elicit recommendations from the regions for their representatives.  The ORE has decided to give preference to the Ontario Region Executive and to those who are already Stewards.

Director to contact the Ontario recommended candidates to inform them that there is an expectation that they submit a written report.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Action: Purdie

Training Committee

Chair: Pete Jozsa                            Ontario:          Bridget Brawley


Chair: Brian Hassall                        Ontario:          Chris L’Estrange

Elections Appeal

Chair; Stephane Moushian             Ontario:          Tim Azab

Professional Recognition & Qualifications Committee (PRQC)

Chair: Rama Agarwall                     Ontario:          Paul Tsuji

Science Advisory

Chair:                                                 Ontario:          Tina MacDonald

Human Rights & Diversity Committee (HRDC)

Chair: Jennie Esnard                      Ontario:          Din Kamaldin


Chair: John Purdie                          Ontario:          Tom Yantsis

By-Laws & Policies Committee (BLPC)

Chair; Stephanie Frechette            Ontario:          Mandy Chan

Information Technology Services & Projects Committee (ITSP)

Chair: Mark Meunch                       Ontario:          Omar Solman

  1. Regional Council

A draft Agenda for the Fern Resort was presented, and we may need to check with Fern about break-out rooms and Heather about Coffee Breaks.  There are 102 rooms at Fern and we have 99 delegates, Heather, Vanessa, President Jen Carr and guest speakers so we may be short rooms. There was discussion that the Executive would go to Rama if there was a problem with a shortage of rooms.

Discussion on the election process and whether we will be using the DOTS system to vote. If there are over 10 nominees then that could cause a problem.  Discussion whether Slido could be an option to DOTS or worst case scenario, paper ballots.

ORC Chair to confirm the number of break-out rooms with Heather

                                                                                                                        Action: L’Estrange

Discussion whether to have the ORC as a hybrid event.  Hybrid is not the norm for PIPSC and the cost will be approximately $XXX - $XXX. 

MOTION that the ORC be a hybrid event.

Moved:           Chris L’Estrange

2nd:                 Din Kamaldin                                                                                    Defeated

MOTION that the ORC be an in-person meeting.

Moved:           Tom Yantsis

2nd:                 Bridget Brawley                                                                                Carried

MOTION that Patti Coates (OFL) to address the delegates of the 2023 ORC.

Moved:        Chris L’Estrange

2nd:              Bridget Brawley                                                                              Carried

ORC Chair to confirm what costs Patti Coates will request and offer meals and accommodations at the direction of the ORE.

Action: L’Estrange

MOTION that Lilly Chang (BC CLC) to address the delegates of the 2023 ORC.

Moved:        Chris L’Estrange

2nd:              Bridget Brawley                                                                                Carried

ORC Chair to confirm what costs Lilly Chang will request and offer meals and accommodations at the direction of the ORE.

Action:  L’Estrange

9.         Steward Council

The Chair of the Steward Council discussed past feedback comments.  She said that the training comments were positive but there were some problems with certain links during the registration process.  The hospitality received positive feedback while the reception received less positive feedback. There were several compliments for Heather and Vanessa. 

ORC Chair to liaison with Heather to get the communication out soliciting nominations for branch of the year and Executive of the year.                                                                                                                                                                                              Action: L’Estrange

We will need to find the criterion for evaluation of the awards.

MOTION that we invite Marcia to address the delegation at the 2023 ORC

Moved:           Bridget Brawley

2nd:                 Tina MacDonald                                                                              Defeated

Secretary to notify ORC Chair that the ORE defeated the motion to have Marcia address the delegates of the 2023 ORC.

Action: Tsuji

10.      Director’s Report

Written report was posted on the website.  The Director discussed the Return to Work issue.  The Director said CRA talked about consultation and then just briefed the unions with no questions allowed.  This issue has united the unions in a common cause.

MOTION to go in camera.  We came out of camera at 4:06

11.       New Business

Items Withdrawn

Item H) Communication of Information was withdrawn.

Items put in Abeyance until the next meeting

Item F) Ontario Resolutions put in abeyance.

Item I) Nominations Committee put in abeyance.

Item J) Steward of the Year put in abeyance.

A) ERO’s

Discussed issues with communication problems of asking questions and receiving answers with the ERO’s and there is room for improvement in this area. If we have a problem communicating with a specific ERO, we are supposed to contact Marcia.  We may be potentially losing another ERO so Marcia has submitted a request for more ERO’s.  Discussion whether we have the ability to access ERO’s from other regions to help with the situation.

Director to ask Marcia whether we can get ERO help from other regions.                                                                                                                                                    Action: Purdie

D) Back-ups and Replacements for PIPSC AGM delegates

Discussion about the lost delegate seat from Toronto East since PIPSC did not allow Toronto East to use their back-up person.  What is the use of having a back-up person if PIPSC will not allow the back-up to assume the delegate seat before the AGM begins.

E) Observers

We discussed the situation where there were no registered observers with PIPSC from Ontario.  We discussed the motion that concerned the re-imbursement of observers and also email correspondence related to this issue.  The ORE position was that the responsibility for observers was the branch not ORE.

Director to inform the Hamilton branch about the ORE decision concerning observer re-imbursement for the PIPSC AGM.

Action: Purdie

C\G: AGM Post Mortem \ break refreshments

Discussion of the use of the ORE bibs and the potential establishment of a Young Professionals table.  There was a complaint that the AGM delegates should have received more advance notice of the training for future AGM’s.  Discussion about how the break refreshments were distributed.

12.       Round Table: None

13.       Next Meeting: TBD

(Addendum; email on January 23, 2023)

February 18, 2023, Westin Harbour Castle

(Addendum: MOTION by email on January 11, 2023)

MOTION to allow any ORE member who is not covered by the PIPSC travel policy to safely travel and arrive on time for the meeting scheduled on February 18th, the Ontario region will provide a hotel room for the evening of February 17th.

Moved:           Anthony Stone

2nd:                 Paul Tsuji                                                                              Carried