2019 Steward of the Year
Recognition Award

The Ontario Region Council recognizes the role of the Steward in the organization as an important liaison between members, their Union and the employer.

Purpose: To recognize the contributions of Ontario Region PIPSC Stewards active in their workplace, who have gone “above and beyond” their duties to assist members and have made an extraordinary contribution to the Institute.

Eligibility: All Stewards located within the Ontario Region. A Steward must have been actively performing the duties of steward during the current year, or longer, and must be willing to accept the award.

Nominations: Nominations must come from Regular members. Nominator’s names and contact information (phone number and email) must be included with the nomination form.

Criteria: A completed nomination should include the Stewards full name, contact information and no more than a 500 word description of the steward’s qualities and successes.

Submission Deadline: Nominations must be sent to the Ontario Region Office, attention Heather Kohli by no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday August 26, 2019 .

Email: hkohli@pipsc.ca

Regular mail: 110 Yonge Street, Suite #701, Toronto, Ontario M5C 1T4

Fax: (416) 487-7268 or (800) 281-7280