NCR Tree Planting Event – Spaces are Now Full

We would like to thank you for the overwhelming response from our members. Spaces are now full for this event. However, we are looking forward to your participation in several events we are planning over the summer and fall.

Parc Brébeuf, 475 Alexandre-Taché Blvd, Gatineau

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Project Scope: 

After planting 125 saplings in Ottawa in May 2022, we are planning to plant additional 125 saplings in collaboration with Tree Canada, the National Capital Commission and Forêt Capitale Forest.

Date and location: 

Saturday, May 27, 2023 in the vicinity of Parc Brébeuf, 475 Alexandre-Taché Blvd, Gatineau, Quebec J9A 1M8 from 10:30 to 13:00 hrs.

Seeking volunteers to sign up:

Tree Canada has told us that they would like to have 25 PIPSC members participate in the plantation event at each location. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers who are interested in signing up. If you would like to support efforts to increase urban tree coverage and reduce Canada’s Greenhouse Gas emissions, please sign up now.


Please send your name, email and cell phone to as soon as possible but no later than May 19.  

Family members:

You can bring your family along as long as you can take responsibility for taking care of your family, including any children.


Picnic style light lunch and soft drinks will be available for registered PIPSC members, and any family members that are also registered.

Description of the activity on Saturday, May 27, 2023:

The activity will take about 2.5 hours.

1)   Arrive by 10:00 hrs at Parc Brébeuf, 475 Alexandre-Taché Blvd, Gatineau, Quebec J9A 1M8.

2)   Park your car or bicycle in the parking lot (Google map will be provided to those who will sign up). PIPSC and Tree Canada signs will be visible on site to lead you to the assembly point.

3)   Walk approximately 200 meter to the planting site. The ground may be uneven and a short, moderate incline.

4)   Pick gloves and equipment that you intend to use. Water/soft drinks will also be available.

5)   At the planting hour (10:30 hrs), we will begin with introductions about PIPSC and Tree Canada. 

6)   There will be a short demonstration of how to plant the trees. Please watch this video:

7)   Tree Canada staff will identify the saplings, and help with making sure that the saplings are planted correctly, and in the right place.

8)   There are about 5 saplings per person. People may plant individually or in groups (sharing tasks).

9)   Roles will be assigned for those who wish to only do certain tasks, rather than all the tasks associated with planting a sapling. Tasks are described below.

10)                Tree planting will include being able to do at least one of the following tasks: 

a.    Use a large handled shovel to break into the ground, and excavate a hole about the size of a washing bucket

b.   Move saplings, up to 25 lbs each.

c.    Remove the tree from the pots without damaging roots

d.   Get on your hands and knees to remove soil and plant the tree

e.    Carry and place ‘mulch mats’ around trees

f.     Place plastic ‘tree guards’ around the trees

g.    Replace soil (get your hands or gloves dirty!)

h.   Help collect small tags and empty pots

i.     Provide moral support to colleagues or give a hand if needed.


11)                Planting takes about 1.5 hours (average)

12)                Lunch (light picnic lunch, and soft drinks will be served by PIPSC)

13)                Return to Parking lot, about 200 meters, and disperse.

What Should I Wear? 

·         Clothes that you find easy to move in  

·         Long pants (no bare legs)  

·         Sturdy shoes (no open-toed shoes or sandals)  

·         Raincoat and/or hat, depending on the weather  

·         Sunscreen 

Remember the planting event will take place, rain or shine. If there is a change in plan due to unavoidable circumstances, registered participants will be notified as soon as possible. That is why we are asking for your cell number with registration.

What Should I Bring? 

·         A charged-up phone or camera for photos, and your smiles. 


·         Contact