Greetings NCR sisters and brothers! Our PIPSC Legacy Foundation NCR Team welcomes you to the Ottawa Race Weekend! May 24-27, 2018 where our own PIPSC Legacy Foundation is an Official Charity. There is something for everyone, free admission to the Street Party and the Health and Fitness Expo, watch the races, party at the Celebration Stage and our own NCR Legacy Cup Racing Team will be there all the way. So come out to support your Legacy Cup team and enjoy all that Ottawa has to offer.

Click here for the schedule of events:

Please drop by our booth at the Sparks Street Party over the lunch hour lunch on Thursday, stop in at the massive Expo at the Shaw Center, Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday. Watch the 25,000 runners at the start and finish lines and party with us at the Celebration Stage and beer garden. No admission fees to anything!

Interactive Maps - We have two interactive maps outlining routes and closures for Saturday and Sunday contained within the links below. They illustrate the route maps for Saturday and Sunday and show road closures as using the slide at the bottom of the maps you are able to see the route and road closures by "time of day"....this may be an easier way for everyone to "see" when and where the closures are in play....hope you find it helpful...feel free to share.

Saturday TORW Road Closures Interactive French/English <>;;;;;

Sunday TORW Road Closures Interactive French/English<>;;;;;

Celebration Stage - This year the Celebration Stage in Festival Plaza provides 2 days of free, live entertainment, May 26-27 featuring the Kichesippi Beer Refreshment area with food options from Gabriel Pizza. Music will start Saturday around 4pm and Sunday they'll have a great, retro cover band on stage starting at 10:30am. Come meet our NCR Legacy team there and after the 2k and 5k races Saturday.

2018 Virtual Event Bag - Below is a link to the 2018 Virtual Event Bag all our runners and volunteers will's full of special offers and discounts from our many partners and exhibitors...As an Official Charity we are welcome to share this Virtual Event Bag with our PIPSC members and friends so feel free to share it will stay open until June 15th.

2018 TORW Virtual Event Bag<>;;;;;

And finally, don't forget there's still time to sponsor your NCR Team:

Del Dickson, Norma Domey, Jennie Esnard, Victor Goebel, Harold Marcotte and Greg Scriver and if you're up to the challenge, register and join us in the run (fun).

Click here to donate:

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more. We really appreciate your support as does our deserving scholarship recipients.

So, let's win that Legacy Cup and have a blast doing it together!

Harold Marcotte

NCR Legacy Champion