NCR Executive Member of the Year Award 2020

Call for nominations

The Regional Chair and the Regional Executive are requesting nominations for the NCR 2020 Executive of the Year Award. All nominations are due by April 3, 2020. The nominations should be sent to Faxed nominations may be sent to the PIPSC NCR office (1-800-465-7477) attention Anne McBride, or the nomination forms can be scanned to

P1.3 NCR Executive of the Year award

P1.3.1 Purpose

The purpose of the award is to recognize and promote the outstanding contributions of a PIPSC member active on an executive or in committee work of a PIPSC constituent body in the NCR.

P1.3.2 Eligibility

P1.3.2.1 Candidates must be a PIPSC member in good standing, with a minimum of 5 years of service on a PIPSC constituent body executive. Service need not be continuous, nor in only one executive or committee.

P1.3.2.2 The members of the Awards Committee must resign from the committee if they are nominated for an award and they wish the nomination to be considered.

P1.3.2.3 Sitting Members of the current NCR Executive are not eligible.

P1.3.3 Presentation Ceremonies

The announcement and Presentation of the winner of the award shall normally be made at the NCR Regional Council.

P1.3.4 Criteria

The NCR Executive of the Year is given to a member of the Institute in the National Capital Region who:

(a) has served diligently for at least five years on a PIPSC constituent body executive, national or regional committee, or the Regional Executive;

(b) has made a substantial contribution to the members of the institute; and

(c) has made improvements in the recognition and status of the Institute in the workplace and/or the region.

The Awards Committee will use a points-rating system that sets the weighting of these criteria for each award

a) Work-site achievements – mediation, information, organization, exemplary service and visibility, - 20 of 100 points

b) Service to the Institute - education and creating awareness of the role of PIPSC Stewards in the Work Place; active participation in branches, executives, general Institute activities etc. – 50 of 100 points

c) Service to fellow members - participation in OSH, LMRC etc. - 30 of 100 points

P1.3.5 Nominations

A PIPSC member in good standing can nominate any other PIPSC member.

Nominations shall include a detailed description of the nominee's contributions and achievements as a member of an executive or committee.

Nominations shall be submitted to the Chair of the NCR Awards Committee.

Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year. A public call for nominations will be made by the NCR Chair at least 60 days in advance of the NCR Regional Council.

P1.3.6 Selection Process

The Awards Committee will review all nominations carefully; a recommendation will be made to the NCR Executive. The recommendations and subsequent decision of NCR Executive will remain confidential until the chosen nominee is notified by the NCR Chair or the Chair of the Awards Committee.