TO: Stewards in the British Columbia/Yukon Region
FROM: Robert K. MacDonald
Regional Director
DATE: June 10, 2019
SUBJECT: Steward Council -- October 18 and 19, 2019

You are invited to attend the B.C./Yukon Steward Council on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Spa and Hotel in Victoria, B.C. The Council will be one and one half [1 ½] days, starting on Friday at 2:00 p.m., with registration between 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. The Steward Council dinner for stewards and their spouse/significant other will take place on Friday evening. The Council will continue all day Saturday starting at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude at 5:00 p.m. No scheduled events will take place on Saturday evening. All stewards are required to attend the full one and one half days.

The intent of this meeting is to provide training and information, as well as an opportunity to expand your network. Workshops are being planned to assist you in further developing your skills as a steward and promote discussion concerning current issues. Detailed information about the agenda will be circulated in a subsequent memo closer to the Council date.

We ask that you complete the on-line registration form, which is located on the PIPSC website at The on-line registration form is required no later than Friday, September 13, 2019. Registration will not be accepted by telephone.

We would also appreciate being notified if you are unable to attend.



The hotel coordinates are:

Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Spa and Hotel
100 Harbour Road
Victoria, BC V9A 0G1
Tel:  (250) 360-2999

Accommodation will be provided in accordance with the PIPSC Travel Policy.

Guest rooms will be reserved on your behalf after you have registered on-line.  The cost of a single room will be billed directly to the Institute.  If you wish to bring children [only immediate family members], please inform us by noting this on your registration form.

Based on the availability of flights according to the Air Canada website, accommodation will be provided on Thursday night for Yukon stewards.

All stewards are entitled to a room on Friday night.

Accommodation will be provided on Saturday night for stewards who cannot arrive home by 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night travelling by the most direct route including a one hour meal stop.

Accommodation will also be provided on Saturday night in accordance with the Policy on Balancing Union Activity and Family Life, which states that a member who requires accommodation the Friday of a Steward Council and who is accompanied by his/her spouse or significant other and/or immediate family will be entitled to accommodation for the Saturday night for himself/herself and his/her spouse or significant other and/or family member, and who lives more than 16 km from the meeting location.

Hotel guests are required to present a valid credit card upon check-in at the hotel to process the room reservation. This is to cover incidentals and/or any miscellaneous room charges which are the responsibility of each guest.

The cost of the hotel will be paid by the Institute through a master account. Rooms have been guaranteed to the Institute for late arrival. Please be aware that PIPSC will be charged in full for any rooms cancelled within four weeks of arrival [by September 20], regardless of whether or not they are used. We ask that you be mindful of this fact when completing your registration form.

If you need to cancel or make any changes, please contact Patricia Fung immediately at or 604 688.8238 or 1.800.663.0485 extension 7820. Should you have to cancel your attendance on the Friday or Saturday of the Council, please call the hotel directly to cancel your room prior to 4:00 p.m.  Please also send an e-mail to Patricia Fung at not leave a message at the regional office on the Council dates, as it will be unlikely that they will be able to check their messages. Failure to follow these procedures may result in being charged directly for your accommodation.


The Steward Council dinner on Friday and a hot breakfast and lunch on Saturday will be provided for all stewards.

Attendance at the Steward Council dinner will be restricted to registered stewards, plus their partner/spouse and the steward's children. As per PIPSC policy, this benefit is non-transferable. If you wish to opt out of the dinner on Friday night, you must notify us on the registration form by the deadline of September 13, 2019, or this meal allowance will not be reimbursed.


Members can claim the lesser of the actual kilometres (currently x 53¢) driven or the rate of $700.00, which is based on Air Canada Flight Passes and ground transportation.  This is based on the PIPSC Travel Policy Schedule A, effective April 1, 2019.

Compensatory salary and meal expenses will be reimbursed based on travel by plane.

Any car rental requests require pre-approval.

For those travelling by vehicle to the meeting, PIPSC will allow for ferry reservations. 

Once we have confirmed your registration by e-mail and you require air travel arrangements, please call BCD Travel in Ottawa at 1.866.768.7624 or by e-mail at to reserve your flights.  Please be aware of the three (3) hour time difference when you call.

If you have any questions about the PIPSC Travel Policy, please inquire prior to travelling.Additional costs due to driving (rather than flying), such as meals, time missed from work and accommodation incurred during transit, will be at the responsibility of the traveller. Refer to the PIPSC Travel Policy available on our website at for further information.


Complimentary parking is provided at the hotel for one vehicle per steward.


Institute policy allows for compensating participants who use vacation leave, compensatory leave or union leave without pay for attendance at a Steward Council.Compensation is also allowed when such leave is required to travel to the Council. The participant must complete an Institute Compensatory Salary Claim form [available on the website] and attach a copy of a completed employer’s leave form which indicates that the leave has been approved.

Salary compensation will be limited to a half [1/2] day on Friday, plus reasonable travel time, except in the case of shift workers who will be reimbursed for appropriate shifts missed due to their attendance at the Council. The exception is for Yukon Branch stewards, who may need to travel on Thursday afternoon and some Regional Executive members, who may need to travel on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

Reasonable travel time is defined as the amount of time that it takes to get from your home or office to the meeting location by the most direct route with no stops, with the intent on arrival at the Council for 2:00 p.m. Please do not expect or calculate time to check-in at the hotel, as check-in at the hotel is 4:00 p.m. While every effort will be made for guests to have access to their rooms when they arrive, this may not be possible and your room may not be available until 4:00 p.m.


Dependent, child or other care expenses will be paid by the Institute where receipts are provided, in accordance with the PIPSC Family Care Policy.

All other expenses will be reimbursed according to the PIPSC Travel Policy.

Any special requests for travel outside of these guidelines must receive prior approval.

We look forward to meeting with you on October 18 and 19, 2019

Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM
Director, BC/Yukon Region