BC/Yukon Region – Regional Executive Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, December 1, 2022, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Delta Vancouver Suites Hotel, 550 West Hasting St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 1L6
Meeting ID: H8NXQ773ZW4

Regional Executive Meeting – December 1, 2022
1.    Approval of Agenda – (All)
Added the following to the Agenda under point 10:
(d)    Review of Regional applicants to Committees of the Board
(e)    Review of Steward Renewals
(f)    New Steward Application from CRA Victoria
(g)    New Code of Respect for BC/Yukon Leadership Training
(h)    Update Regional By-Law to remove Director from RX rep count (Pete)
(i)    Steward Council entertainment
(j)    Zoom Accounts among RX
(k)    Visibility Items
●    Chair Covers
To approve Agenda as revised m/s/c
(l)    Approval of Minutes – (All)
a.    October 20-21, 2022. m/s/c
(m)    Business Arising from Minutes – (All)
a.    Outreach events
i.    Surrey – dinner in conjunction with RX meeting Feb 23-24/23
Alex McLachlin is looking for a location.
ii.    N. Central Vancouver Island – sometime in 2023
b.    2024 Meeting venues (P. Mantler)
i.    Kelowna/Penticton - Regional Council
ii.    Vancouver/Victoria - Steward Council
(n)    Regional Director Report - (D. Corda)
BOD met November 15, 2022. Merged Better Together and Lunch and Learns into a mobilization fund. As of November 2022, all Better Together requests are pending. PIPSC filed C60 Hazard report to Indigenous Services Canada for northern nurses whose workplace roof collapsed. Discussion with Liberals on anti-scab legislation. Service Plus is writing a generic job description for other departments that could draw on this. Constituent bodies would be able to donate up to $2,000 to food banks for one more year. BC/Yukon Region won the Legacy Cup. Donations to the Legacy Cup are available by payroll deductions. To approve Director’s verbal report. m/s/c
(o)    Office/Staff Report – (K. Hawkins)
Hiring ERO for one year term to replace Simon Cotts who is on leave. Conducting reference checks on candidates and the term ERO is scheduled to start in January 2023. Working on changes to portfolios based on hotspots to account for some employers generating more work. The changes would be effective January 2023. Portfolio supports travel to service members. Case management system platform that was rolled out on October 24, 2022 provides accurate data useful for bargaining. To approve Office/Staff’s verbal report. m/s/c
(p)    Financial Report – Treasurer - (P. MacDougall)
a.    Financial update for December 31, 2022 budget. Monies spent pertained to Steward and Regional Councils. There was $1,000 for foodbank donations. To approve Treasurer’s verbal report. m/s/c
b.    To approve to donate $1,000 to the Foodbank in December 2022. m/s/c
c.    To approve to donate [$1,000] $2,000 amended by consensus to the Legacy Foundation in December 2022. m/s/c
(q)    Regional Training Committee Report – (P. MacDougall) 
a.    Upcoming training in BC/Yukon Region
Training Committee met on November 30, 2022. Training Committee would become more involved in organizing the Steward Councils. Davy Chiu would be the designated YPN representative and Angela Cowie as Branch Liaison to participate as part of the Training Committee. Posted planning documents including Action Plan on the Shared Drive. Phil Mantler and Soodittee Auchoybur will be alternates for the Training Committee. Preliminary work for Steward Council has been started including inviting the largest PSAC component/president. Looking at starting at 1:00 pm rather than 2:00 pm considering any additional costs associated with an earlier start time. 
b.    Will hold Training Committee meetings in advance of the December, February and April RX meetings to allow for ongoing planning of Steward Council.
c.    National training initiatives. No changes.
To approve Regional Training Committee’s verbal report. Moved, seconded and carried.
(r)    Awards Committee – (P. Mantler)
a.    Executive of the Year
One time award.
b.    Steward of the Year 
Memo to go out in early 2023, received nominations at Steward Council.  
(s)    National initiatives – (M. Cranny)
a.    Legacy Fund & challenge cup (M. Cranny). The Square device helped facilitate donations for the Legacy Foundation. To approve the Region to acquire a Square device for donations. m/s/c
(t)    New Business
a.    PIPSC AGM debrief. Managed to go through all of the resolutions and policies.
b.    Strategic planning meeting – Feb 23/23
i.    Regional/Steward council – Regional Ex more involved in planning
ii.    Branch liaison activities
Consider moving Strategic Planning meetings to October starting in 2024.
c.    Regional Council pre-planning (All)
June 8, 2023 RX Meeting. June 9, 2023 morning Branch Presidents’ meeting. June 9 (afternoon)-10, 2023 Regional Council at the Delta Suites Burnaby. Invitation to PIPSC President and keynote speakers include CLC. Consider changing seating arrangement to classroom similar to the National AGM. Chair will communicate with PIPSC change in seating arrangements for the 2023 Regional Council. 
d.    Review of Regional applicants to Committees of the Board
Discussed applications for Committees of the Board to determine which to support. 
e.    Review of Steward Renewals
We would not endorse steward renewal for steward who is currently under restrictions and is unable to represent members due to own adversarial relationship with employer. Except the one steward mentioned above, there were no issues with steward renewal applications.
f.    New Steward Application from CRA Victoria
i.    Supported
g.    New Code of Respect for BC/Yukon Leadership Training
In the Shared drive and could be read out during any PIPSC gathering after genericizing.
h.    Update Regional By-Law to remove Director from RX rep count (Pete)
Have at least one person each from Vancouver and Victoria.
Proposed Changes/additions:
Whereas the Director is elected on a different schedule and takes office based on the calendar year rather than at the Regional Council when other members of the executive are elected and take office, this can lead to the make up under 8.2.4 not being met between the two elections.
Therefore, we propose a new bylaw to address this issue,
6.2.1 For the purposes of the elections at Regional Council, the Regional Director will not be considered a member of the Executive for the purposes of the determination of meeting the representation goals by area under 8.2.4.
We approve and support the above By-Law changes to be sent to BLBC.
i.    Steward Council entertainment
Peter MacDougall to contact a magician from Las Vegas.
j.    Zoom Accounts among RX
Phil Mantler as Chair has Zoom account. Dean Corda as Interim Director has Zoom account. Will inquire if Angela Cowie has a Zoom account. Dean Corda will email PIPSC to inquire about Zoom licensing.
k.    Visibility Items
●    Chair Covers. Dean Corda will obtain quotations from suppliers. To approve purchase of 40 BC/Yukon Region chair covers for the AGM. m/s/c
(u)    Next Meeting(s)
a.    Thursday, Feb 23, 2023, 9:00am – 5:00pm – Surrey – Strategic planning session. Outreach dinner TBA.
b.    Friday, Feb 24, 2023, 9:00am – 5:00pm – Surrey – RX Meeting.
c.    Tues/Wed, Apr 18-19, 2023, 1:00 – 5:00pm & 9:00am – 12:00pm – Richmond – RX Meeting prior to Advanced Labor School.
d.    Thursday, June 8, 2023, 9:00am – 5:00pm – Delta Burnaby – RX Meeting prior to Regional Council.

Dean Corda:
For those who may be in Ottawa, CLC Day is Feb 7, 2023 in Ottawa.  If any RX member is in Ottawa and wishes to attend let Dean know.
There will be a line item in the Budget for YPN for each region.
Davy Chiu:
Will provide YPN update at RX Meetings. Call out for YPN in 2023.
(v)    Adjournment – MOTION: To adjourn. m/s/c