77th BC / Yukon Regional Council Meeting

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler 

Virtual Binder

General Information 

Please click on the links to access 

BC/Yukon Region Constitution and By-Laws

BC/Yukon Notice of Meeting

Rules of Procedure for the BC/Yukon Regional Council

PIPSC Equality Statement

Procedure and Election Process - BC/Yukon Regional Executive Election

Regional Council Cvent Event Page - FAQ's

Draft Agenda 

Friday, May 27, 2022

Commencement: 14:00

1. Welcome and Introduction of the Chair of the Regional Council – Regional Director

2. Introductions – Chair 

3. Equality Statement / Indigenous Land Acknowledgement  

4. Regional Executive Election – Chair

a) Procedure and Election Process

b) Approval of Procedures for Regional Executive Election

c) Call for Volunteers for the Elections Committee

d) Motion to Approve the Elections Committee

e) Call for Nominations (first call from the floor)

5 Jenn Carr PIPSC President

6. Sponsored Charity Whistler Food bank (14:50)

Health Break 15:15 – 15:30

7. Committees of the Board overview Sean O'Reilly 

8. Keynote Speaker Josh Bizjak Executive Director, Douglas Coldwell Foundation

Adjournment: 17:30

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Commencement: 09:00

9. Call to Order – Chair

10. Mobilisation  - Member Engagement and Volunteer Recruitment - Candace Jazvac

11. PIPSC Legacy Foundation – Ken Antao

Health Break: 10:15 – 10:30 

12. Adoption of Agenda –  Chair 

13. Adoption of Minutes from 2021 BC/Yukon Regional Council – Chair  

14.  Business Arising from 2020 BC/Yukon Regional Council – Chair   

15 Call for Nominations (second and last call from the floor) – Chair of Elections


16 Guest Speaker President Jenn Carr

17. Election Speeches – Candidates (11:45 - 12:00)

Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00   

18. Regional Executive Election – All Delegates

19. Concur Training - Didier Paultre

20. Regional Director’s Report – Kal Sahota 

21. BC/Yukon Treasurer’s Report – Peter MacDougall   

22. Regional Office Report – Kris Hawkins      

23. Standing Committee Reports 

a) By-Laws and Policies Committee – Mike Chow   

b) Elections Committee – Thomas Kirkpatrick

c) Finance Committee – John Purdie via zoom

d) Human Rights and Diversity Committee – Jordan Loverock   

e) Information Technology Services and Projects Committee – No Report

f) Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee – Nashwa Tamraz             

g) Science Advisory Committee – Georgine Pastershank      

h) Training and Education Committee – Peter MacDougall 

Health Break: 15:00 –15:15 

24. Discussion of delegates for the selection of AGM Delegates 

25. Election Results

a) Election Results – Chair of Elections Committee 

b) Call for Potential Appeal – Chair of Regional Council

c) Acceptance of Election Results

d) Destroying the Ballots – Chair of Elections Committee

26. Regional Reports

a) Training Committee Report – Peter MacDougall 

b) Awards Committee Report – Carl Cahoon

c) Legacy Foundation Champion – Ken Antao

27. Branch Reports – Branch Presidents

a) Fraser Valley 

b) North-Central Vancouver Island    

c) Northern BC     

d) Okanagan        

e) Vancouver     

f) Vancouver CRA 

g) Victoria        

h) Victoria CRA     

i) Yukon      

28. New Business

29. Legacy Foundation draw

30. Closing Remarks – Regional Director

Adjournment: 17:00