Friday, October 21, 2022, 8:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.


Participant List 

  • Christine Newhook (chair), CS St. John’s Branch, 2 Year Term - Present
  • Joel White, CS Gander Branch, 1 Year Term - Present
  • Brooke Casey, SH CSC Atlantic Branch, 2 Year Term - Absent
  • Kailey von Richter, SH Fredericton Branch, 1 Year Term - Present
  • Erika Isenor, AFS Halifax Branch, 2 Year Term - Present
  • Jessica Wood, SP Halifax Branch, 1 Year Term - Present
  • Kathy McLellan, CS Prince Edward Island Branch, 2 Year Term - Present
  • Craig MacEwan, CS Prince Edward Island Branch, 1 Year Term - Present
  • Manny Costain, Atlantic Regional Director 
  • Donna Davis, Staff Resource 


Welcome and Land Acknowledgement 

Christine did welcome and land acknowledgement.  



We did a round table of introductions as there is new members. Manny also introduced himself to the  group.  


Select Chair and Secretary of the Committee 

Christine was voted as chair and Erika was voted as security of the committee.  


Approval of Agenda 

Erika brought forward discussing the vacation policy as there are new members.  - Christine made a note to bring to regional meeting, to include policy in future meetings - Christine and Manny explain the leave options to new members, vacation leave or leave without pay.  Explain policy can be found on PIPSC website.

Kathy approved amended agenda, and Craig seconded.  


Approval of Minutes of May 27, 2022 

Erika approved, and Kathy seconded.  


Review of Action Items 

New Member List 

• Christine to obtain new members list and send out to members broken down by province.  Christine had obtained a new list. There are roughly 100 members on list.  


Cheat Sheet 

• It was decided to no longer go ahead with the cheat sheet.  


Newsletter Article for Spring 

• The spring newsletter passed. An article was not written as the committee was transitioning.  Future newsletters will be discussed during the meeting and an article for the fall newsletter. 


Thirsty Thursdays 

• It was discussed that overall Thirsty Thursdays were not successful and the committee would not  continue with them but rather focus on in-person events now that we are able to do so.


Regional Youth Form 

• Discussed more later in the meeting.  


Stand alone meeting 

• Will be discussed in detail during the members and determined when new committee would like  to meet.  



• Discussed further on in meeting.  


Steward Council event 

• Steward Council was in progress but there was no event setup due to the changing committee.  Will look at doing an event at the next meeting.  



• An agenda item to discuss later on in meeting.  



• The committee discussed using “Google Hangout” for group chats as the committee already uses  a “Google Drive” for documents.  


Action Items 

New Member List 

ACTION- Send out new members email. Kailey to do NB, Kathy for PEI, Christine for NL, and Erika for NS. 

ACTION- Christine to break up new member list and send to Kailey, Kathy and Erika. 

ACTION- Erika to send template to those who need them. 


Cheat Sheet 

ACTION- Instead of cheat sheet provide link to new members with an intro to union presentation. • ACTION- Erika to see if presentation is on PIPSC website and if it is not send the presentation to Christine.  



ACTION- Kathy to setup google hangout. 

ACTION- Christine to send email to members with link to the google shared drive.  



ACTION- Craig to write first blurb for email, to include benefits of PIPSC and general info. - Try to get out following National AGM, so try to get to committee to review the Monday  or Tuesday before Nov 18th

ACTION- Include link for PIPSC site and a blurb about new board of directors for PIPSC. 

ACTION- Christine to retrieve results from prior polls on communication and events. • ACTION- In future emails, include poll asking how people would like to be communicated with:  email, twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc.  

ACTION- in future emails, include poll asking what type of events people would like to attend:  bbq, lunch events, local events, bowling, activities, etc.  


Standalone Meeting 

ACTION- Christine to email regional executive to get approval on February 17-18, 2023 dates. 



ACTION- Christine to get pricing from Fundy for zip-up, pullover and crewneck, email to  committee.  


Hot Topics 

ACTION- Christine to send link to new members, which includes family/union life balance policy,  and travel policy. 

ACTION- Christine to setup zoom meeting with new members to walk through doing expenses in Concur.  


Goals for the next year 

The members discussed what goals they would like to set for the committee. They decided on the  following: 

1. Stay on top of new employee emails. 

2. Stay on top of our events: have events at all 3 unions events (ARC, Stewart Council, stand alone  meeting). Have different kinds of events, at least 1 family friendly event. 

3. Ensure having a newsletter article in every newsletter. 

4. To submit a swag order.


Mobilization Ideas 

-Discussed providing general info to young members on the benefits and perks of being in the union. Could send an email out twice a year (separate from new members emails). Topics to include:

• Service plus 

• Why be a member 

• Why be a steward

• Was agreed to get more concrete with our events so they could be included in mobilization emails. 

• Do poll to see what events members would be interested in: bbq, lunch event, local event, bowling, etc.  

• Do poll to see how people would like to be communicated with: email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

• Previous polls were done so review previous results and options given.  

-Was discussed that PIPSC calendar on PIPSC website has events, but no description is included with  events which may cause members to not engage/sign up.  

- For lunch and learn events, considering holding events at 4pm (for members to avoid rush hour) vs. at  lunchtime.  

- Consider events for lunch and learn. Do a virtual one with door prizes for attendance? ($10 gift card). 



a) Fall 

• Discuss doing word search at next meeting. 

• Include a blurb introducing the committee and that we are meeting regularly again.

b) Spring 

• Discuss topics at stand alone meeting. 


Stand Alone Meeting 

a) Date & location 

Half day Friday and half day Saturday. 

Dates that would work, February 17 to February 18, 2023 (till 2pm Saturday). 

Bring these dates to the executive via email for approval. 

If 17th & 18th do not work, request 10th & 11th .

b) Observer 

Decided no observer as no salary reimbursement available. 

c) Event 

Family event Saturday afternoon or Friday evening- will decide once dates are confirmed. 


Promote Observer Seat at Regional Executive Meeting 

Discussed with committee that we will need to promote this going forward. 


Swag Ideas and Logo 

• Decided to discuss swag ideas in February meeting, when more time is available • There is a small amount of swag (water bottles) still available. Give these out at events, etc. • Consider getting sweaters made for eight committee members.  


Going Forward 

a) Regional Youth Forum 

• Was discussed that BC is trying to get a youth committee started, Quebec has one, ON  does not, Prairies currently does not. 

• Looking at options of doing national meeting. 

• Looking at doing a meeting for all chairs of the committees.

• Would like to have the national symposium again.

• Maybe able to setup a regional symposium in future but would need time to plan and prepare. 


b) Training 

• Interest in training that shows the role of a chair, treasurer, etc. Try to potentially get 2  seats when offered in the future. 

• In February meeting, discuss training budget and what we would like to do. 


Portfolio Updates 

Discussed that we no longer feel a need for the portfolios. Took a vote as a committee and vote  concluded that we would no longer have them. 


Hot Topics 

• Discussed family life balance policy. 

• Was decided that Christine is going to send policy to new members and to provide a zoom  meeting on concur and how to submit expenses.  

• Discussed new members will have to setup direct deposit if they have never submitted in concur  before.  


Round Table 

• Nothing was brought forward 

Manny gave closing remarks. 

Kathy motioned to adjourn the meeting at 12pm. Craig seconded the motion.