Atlantic Regional Training Committee Meeting Minutes

Delta Halifax, Halifax, NS – December 1, 2018

CHAIRPERSON: Carolyn Hynes


Marcel Journeay

Mike Pauley

Jason Rioux

Phil Wilson

STAFF: Catherine Pinks, Recording Secretary

1. Welcome and Introductions

Carolyn called the meeting to order.

2. Approval of the Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda:

Item: 3. B. Timing of Training Committee Meetings

Motion #1 Phil moved and Marcel seconded that the agenda be approved as amended. CARRIED

3. Approval of Minutes/Action Items of March 23, 2018

Motion #2 Jason moved and Marcel seconded that the minutes of March 23, 2018, be approved as presented. CARRIED

4. Action Items

Carolyn reviewed the Action Items.

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Training Committee

from the March 23, 2018, meeting at the Delta Brunswick, Saint John, NB

# Action

Item/Completion Deadline



1 Kim

Discuss with Debi her attendance at the Steward Council at the next board meeting.


2 Catherine

Work with the ERO’s to source a presenter for Friday afternoon session at the Steward Council.


3 Catherine

Speak with Paul to request ERO’s develop session on Harassment for Saturday afternoon at Steward Council.


4 Kim and Catherine

Review the email to the Group Presidents asking them if they want to hold a breakout at Steward Council to make sure it is clear what the billing instructions are.


5 Mike

Come up with a list of training needs for the NB Groups.


6 Catherine

Include a “bring your costume” in the Steward Council online registration notice.


7 Carolyn

Get a prize to sell tickets on for the Steward Council fundraiser.


8 Catherine

Source a charity to receive a donation of funds raised at Steward Council.


9 Catherine

Obtain a quote from Fundy Textiles on Thank a Union its Friday T-Shirts.


10 Catherine

Include the workshop instructions at the top of the workshop handouts for the ARC exercise on What Happened to my Meeting?


11 Catherine

Revise What Happened to my Meeting skit and send out to committee for review.


12 Training Committee

Review deck for What Happened to my Meeting and send any changes to Phil.


13 Training Committee

Send Carolyn any suggestions they have regarding the Steward Renewal process.


14 Carolyn

Respond to the Steward requesting training in the NCR indicating they should register for Basic Training in the region.


15 Catherine

Send the Balancing Union Activity and Family Life Policy handout to the February Basic Training participants.


5. Calendar of Events

Catherine to change the dates for the November Steward Training in 2019 and 2020 as the first weekend of November will probably conflict with the National AGM. November 15-16, 2019, look at Lord Nelson and Delta Dartmouth. For the November 2020 Steward Training change to the second weekend 13-14 of November in Halifax.

ACTION: Catherine change the 2019 December Training Committee meeting to September. First half of the first day will be Training Committee and second half will be Executive. Do this for 2020 as well.

6. Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn reported she is continuing to have difficulty getting the post course evaluations after the Lunch and Learn sessions. Kim suggests that Carolyn make herself a reminder and contact the Lunch and Learn provider and remind them to send the evaluation. Phil suggests the claims for Lunch and Learns go directly to Carolyn for approval prior to forwarding to Finance for processing.

ACTION: Resolution Committee bring a resolution to the January meeting to change TEC to TEAM for Executive approval and forwarding on to the ARC.

Motion #3 Carolyn moved and Marcel seconded that the Training Committee and Training and Education Committee reports be approved as presented. CARRIED

  1. Flow Chart – Role of the Steward: Carolyn asked for feedback. Under advanced remove Volunteer for Committee of the Board. Don’t need to be a steward. Change Intermediate to Representational….second bullet … file grievances and represent members at first level.

ACTION: Carolyn to bring the feedback to the next TEC meeting. Under advanced remove Volunteer for Committee of the Board as there is no requirement to be a steward. Change Intermediate to Representational….second bullet … file grievances and represent members at first level.

7. Lunch and Learns

Carolyn reported there have not been many since the last report.

8. Atlantic Steward Update

Carolyn referred the committee to the report for review. Currently there are 10 Stewards in Waiting; 7 Stewards will expire in December who have not taken Basic and 7 Stewards struck off strength due to resignation, retirement and non-renewal.

9. Steward Training

  1. Six month post learning follow up September 23, 2017. Reviewed. The committee agreed there would be a better and more personal way to follow up with the newly trained Stewards.

ACTION: Catherine draft an email to send out six month post to follow up, sent by the Representative on the Training Committee in place of the survey.

ACTION: Catherine draft language for the six month post follow up email and Training Committee Reps duties sheet bring to January meeting for review.

  1. February 15-17, 2018, Basic Steward Training Evaluations and Representative’s Report: Reviewed.
  2. April 12-14, 2018, Regional Training School Course and Venue Evaluations: Reviewed and overall evaluations were positive.
  3. September 20-22, 2018, Basic Steward Training Evaluations and Representative’s Report: Reviewe
  4. November 23-24, 2018, Constituent Body Executive Training Evaluation, Representative’s Report: Reviewed.

ACTION: Catherine change 3 months to 6 months post followup note on Training Committee Representatives report form. Highlight this point when sending the form to the Training Committee Representative and send them a reminder as well.

10. Atlantic Regional Steward Council

Post Council Review Roundtable: Jason reported he made it an effort to speak with new Stewards at the Saturday evening social event to solicit feedback on the council. He noted that many newer stewards did not comprehend the Professionals Canada presentation or the opposition to it by some stewards. He reported stewards stated some parts were draggy and all appreciated the Group breakouts and agreed Neville was a great way to end the meeting on a positive note. Discussion ensued on V. Smallman’s presentation and the presentations by Eddie Gillis and Steve Hindle.

Marcel suggests we look at a break-off departmentally. He stated the business meeting items had no place at the Steward Council. The senior elected official slot needs to be a feel good thing – not a political thing. Options discussed were not inviting the President or designate or we could provide them with a topic or we could just have the do the New Steward Breakoff with the President.

The Evaluations were reviewed and the following suggestions were noted: Include doodle sheets; Play Dough; pipe cleaners; Implement quick exercise breaks and change rating scale for Item II to 1-4 1 being poor and 4 being Excellent.

ACTION: Catherine implement play and exercise options into the 2019 Steward Council.

ACTION: Catherine change the evaluation rating scale on the Steward Council evaluation forms.

The committee spent time brainstorming Ideas for the 2019 Steward Council: Carolyn suggests that other regions have Health and Wellness Themes with Yoga and other healthy options; Cannabis is another option for a theme; Two Sessions on Saturday split and then switch to enable the facilitators to have smaller groups was discussed. It was agreed we would close Saturday with a motivational speaker. It was agreed that the New Stewards with the Director and President or designate should be on the agenda and so it was agreed we need something for advance stewards opposite this session. Marcel suggested a Consultation “Tactics” Panel session – moderated by a facilitator.

ACTION: Executive to come up with suggestions for an advanced topic to take place opposite the new steward’s breakout session.

ACTION: Catherine to look for a closing speaker for the Steward Council and bring suggestions to the January meeting.

It was agreed we would host an Awards Banquet on the Friday evening. Re-book Harry Bentham, no MC’s and Halloween Theme with Glen Bob and The Boot for the Saturday Hospitality Event.

ACTION: Catherine book Harry Bentham for the Friday Awards Banquet at the Steward Council.

ACTION: Catherine book Glenn Bob and the Boot for the Saturday Hospitality event at the Steward Council.

11. Regional Training School

The agenda was reviewed. Duty to Accommodate was agreed on for the 1 day course opposite Consultation and the new Leadership course as the two day session opposite Advanced Grievance Handling. We agreed to go with the Friday BBQ Buffet with Mentalist/Magician in the Barn. The Executive will host a Hospitality Suite as well.

ACTION: Catherine to get a copy of the Leadership Course materials from the Education section.

12: 76th Atlantic Regional Council Training Component

Ideas for Friday Training Topic for ARC were discussed. Kim recalls something from the CLC Training that is 1.5 hours that she felt would be perfect – she will get back to Catherine.

ACTION: Kim to provide Catherine with the topic from CLC which may be suitable for the Friday afternoon education session at the ARC.

13. New Business

  1. Steward Colloquium 2019: Carolyn reported that the Colloquium won’t be for all stewards. There will be 22 from the Atlantic region and 2 will have to be new stewards. The event is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2019. The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for Stewards to talk to Stewards from other regions and make connections nationally. If successful, the plan is to hold it every second year opposite the consultation symposium.
  1. September Basic Stewards Attendance at Steward Council: The Executive confirmed that all stewards applying must abide by the deadline for application.

14. Round Table - Adjournment. Following a round table the meeting adjourned.