ipfpc.pngThe Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax, NS – October 20, 2022


CHAIRPERSON: Manny Costain


Jennifer Cantwell

Cathy Hebert

Carolyn Hynes

Kimberley Keats

Christine LeDrew

Kelly MacKinnon

Scott McConaghy

Mike Pauley

STAFF: Donna Davis, Recording Secretary

REGRETS: Yvonne O’Keefe, Gerald Hill

1.   Welcome and Directors’ Opening Remarks

Manny welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. The Land acknowledgment was read.

2.   Ice Breaker 

Manny asked if the executive would like to continue to do the icebreakers at each meeting, and the consensus was to continue, limiting each icebreaker to a short timeframe. 

Kimberley Keats proceeded with the icebreaker, Cathy Hebert will do the icebreaker for the December 2, 2022, meeting. 

3.   Agenda

 Add AGM Hoodies, Request Funds for Moncton Branch, and Open Discussion on Constituent Body Allocations under New Business. Add the Science Advisory Committee, BLPC Committee, and PRQC Committee to the Committees of the Board. 

Motion #1 Carolyn Hynes moved, and Cathy Hebert seconded that the agenda be approved as amended.  CARRIED.

4. Approval of Regional Executive Minutes

The minutes of September 10, 2022, were reviewed. 

Motion #2 Christine LeDrew moved; Kelly MacKinnon seconded that the minutes be approved as presented.  CARRIED

5. Action Items Review

Manny reviewed the Action Items.

Action Items

Atlantic Regional Executive

    September 10, 2022– The Algonquin Resort, NB







Item/Completion Deadline







Send Christine Feedback Draw Winners.






Post the Feedback Draw winners to Facebook.






Add the Feedback Draw winner of the previous event to the facilitator’s speaking notes.






To rebook the virtual Atlantic Regional Steward Check-In for every two months. 





Scope out new properties for meetings, one suggestion was the Hilton Garden Inn, St. John’s, NL. 






Put together some guiding principles for creating the ARC delegate allotment list. 





To prepare notes on AGM Delegate allotment formula for future reference. 





To add more questions concerning food allergies and preferences on future registrations for events to accommodate members. 





Resolutions Committee

Put together an amendment to the Travel and Balancing Union Activity and Family Life Policy to include the Training School. 






To find a restaurant for the Executive/Staff Luncheon at the December Executive Meeting






To change the dates of the November Training and switch the Basic Steward Training to November 2022 and move the Executive Training to February 2023.






Donna to pass along the number of Atlantic Region Members attending the AGM to Cathy. 






Send out an email to the Atlantic AGM delegates asking for their sizes and if they would prefer sweatshirts with zippers or no zippers. 






To follow up on who will be the SH Group Breakoff speaker.





To reach out to the Moosehide Campaign for information on how to make a charitable donation. 






To invite the scholarship recipients to the Steward Council.





To send Christine the Newsletter articles she requested. 





To add the raffle draw tickets that Gerald created to a General Documents Folder under the Atlantic Regional Executive Google Drive folder. 





Action: Jennifer to find a restaurant for the Executive/Staff Lunch at the December Executive Meeting. 

6. Calendar of Events

Manny reviewed the Calendar of Events.  Manny mentioned that the September 8, 9, 2023 Executive Planning Meeting extra cost would be the responsibility of the Executive.  After some discussion, it was decided to have a full-day Training Committee Meeting on March 24, 2023, for which Manny has received approval.  The September 8, and 9, 2023, meeting will be a half-day Training Committee Meeting on the morning of the 8th and a day and a half meeting for the Executive on the afternoon of the 8th, and a full day on the 9th, 2023. 

Action:  Donna to contact hotels and make changes to the meeting times for both meetings. 

7Regional Director’s Report

Manny advised that his Director’s Report is on the Google Drive for review, along with his Board of Director’s Report.  In addition to his report Manny advised that Simon Ferrand is no longer the Chief of Staff.  A Job description is being developed and finalized for this position.  Manny advised the Board is in the process of documenting their practices, as they were never documented in the past. 

Motion# 3 Manny Costain moved, and Carolyn Hynes seconded approval of the Atlantic Regional Director’s Report.  CARRIED

8.  Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn Hynes, Chair of the Training Committee, went over her report submitted on the google drive.  In addition to her report, Manny wanted to give a debrief on the Basic Steward Training, September 22-24, 2022, at the Delta, St. John’s, NL.  The training went well, stewards were active and engaged.  Simon and Elissa were great facilitators.  There was a Meet & Greet which was well received, with all in attendance. 

Motion# 4 Carolyn Hynes moved, and Christine LeDrew seconded the Training Committee Chairperson’s Report. CARRIED

9. Financial Report

Gerald joined by Zoom and gave us an overview of the Executive Finances.  There were not a lot of changes since the last report.

10. Committees of the Board Reports

a.       Finance Committee, October 3, 2022 & September 16, 2022

b.      TEAM Committee, October 3, 2022

c.       Science Advisory Committee, August 15, 2022

d.      By-Laws and Policies Committee, September 17, 2022

e.      PRQC Committee, August 31, 2022

The Committees of the Board Reports were reviewed on google drive. 

Motion# 5 Mike Pauley moved, and Kelly MacKinnon seconded that the Committees of the Board reports be moved as presented.  CARRIED

11.   Steward Council - Planning and Agenda Review

The Executive reviewed the Steward Council Agenda and assigned duties for the facilitator’s agenda. 

12.    New Business

a.       Purchase of Gifts Cards for Steward Check-In – 10 Gift cards will be bought for the Steward Check-In.

Action:  Manny to buy the Steward Check-In Gift Cards

b.  Review of PIPSC AGM Resolutions - The Executive went over the 14 resolutions posted for the AGM in November.  Christine has made notes for the delegate’s meeting. 

c.   Location of Christmas Lunch with Staff – Jennifer was looking into the Carlton for this event. 

d.      AGM Hoodies - Cathy Hebert has received a quote per unit for the hoodies.  The Atlantic Logo will go on the left front of the sweatshirts along with TUIF (Thank a Union it’s Friday) down the right sleeve.  Cathy will place the order this week and have the order sent to Manny at the hotel he will be staying at for the AGM. 

e.  Request Funds for Moncton Branch – Moncton Branch is looking into buying a screen and projector along with a pop-up shelter for branch events. Would this be something the Region would purchase to share among branches?  Manny advised the branch could purchase these items with their allotment, as this is not something the region would purchase. 

f.        Open Discussion on Constituent Body Allocations– Constituent Body allocations are not distributed unless there is an AGM held for the Constituent Body so funds lost from a previous year cannot be recovered in the following year.  One way to have events to encourage member engagement would be to go to Better Together for funds.  Another way would be to go through your group, and awareness items.

Motion# 6  Manny Costain moved and Carolyn Hynes seconded to go into a closed session.


Motion# 7 Christine LeDrew moved and Jennifer Cantwell seconded to end the closed session.


13.   Round Table

Jennifer Cantwell held an event with approximately 50 people in attendance and it was a great time.  Cathy wished Jennifer a Happy Birthday and thanked her for helping with the purchase of the AGM hoodies.  Carolyn appreciates the Board Reports Manny sends out after each meeting.  The remainder felt it was a good meeting and had nothing extra to add. 

Motion# 8 Cathy Hebert moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:40 pm.