Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes - October 19, 2023


The Marriott Harbourfront, Halifax, NS 



Manny Costain



Jennifer Cantwell

Lori Rowe

Carolyn Hynes

Gerald Hill

Kimberley Keats

Christine LeDrew

Tony Chubbs

Scott McConaghy

Yvonne O’Keefe

Mike Pauley



1.      Welcome and Directors’ Opening Remarks

Manny called the meeting to order at 9:04am. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and welcomed Mike back. He also thanked Jennifer for storing the Steward Council gift at her house. Manny offered a land acknowledgement:


“I would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in Mi’kma’ki (prounounced meg-maw-gee), the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq Wəlastəkwiyik (pronounced wool-las-two-wi-ig), and Passamaquoddy (pronounced pa-suh-maa-kwuh-dee) peoples first signed with the British Crown in 1726. The treaties did not deal with surrender of lands and resources but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq and Wəlastəkwiyik title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations.”


2.      Ice Breaker

Lori proceeded with a light fun Ice Breaker.  Tony volunteered to do the Ice Breaker for the December meeting. 


3.   Agenda

Manny called for any amendments to the agenda.

Christine would like to add 12(i) AYPC Update. Carolyn added 12(j) Hospitality and Dinners. Manny noted Christine pointed out that Resolutions for the AGM was under 12 twice. Manny changed 12(e) from Resolutions for AGM to Update on NB Groups.  


Motion # 1     Scott McConaghy moved, and Mike Pauley seconded that the agenda be approved as amended.  CARRIED                                                                                                


4.    Approval of Regional Executive Minutes

The minutes of September 11th, 2023 were reviewed.  There was a minor typo to be fixed. Section 8 paragraph 2 was missing a the before training committee.


Motion # 2     Kim Keats moved; Carolyn Hynes seconded that the minutes be approved as amended.  CARRIED                                                                                                          

5.    Action Items Review

Manny reviewed the Action Items.


Action Items

Atlantic Regional Executive

September 11, 2023 – The Lord Nelson, Halifax, NS







Item/Completion Deadline







To rebook the virtual Atlantic Regional Steward Check-In for every two months.





Scope out new properties for meetings, one suggestion was the Hilton Garden Inn, St. John’s, NL. 






To invite Phil, Cathy and staff to the Thursday night Director’s dinner for our Steward Council. 





To communicate with Cheryl regarding the Training Committee’s decisions on training after each meeting.






To look into the Annual General Meeting visibility item. 






Think about executive meet and greets





Training Committee

Make a process for L&L expense claims






Look into Costco delivery of snacks for AGM hospitality






See if The Sutton, Halifax Convention Center, and nearby hotels can accommodate for SC 2024






Look into various properties for Dec 2024 exec meeting, Jan 2025 exec meeting, Feb 2025 BST





Lori & Donna

To book a member event for september BST






Send executive training invite request to all constituent body presidents






Deliver cheque to Bridges of Hope






Add ARC Networking event to December agenda






Obtain prices for an event (Ledwell and American Pie)






Add chair yoga and meditation sessions into the SC agenda






Fix steward council agenda

Add Judith Leblanc with Eva for steward Framework. Remove second ‘ from Sean O’Reilly’s name






Purchase headphones, Bluetooth speaker, garmin watch as raffle prizes





Scott & Manny

Reach out to retired members regarding Atlantic history






Look at documents to compile Atlantic history






Email Cheryl about EROs doing anti-racism course at training school.





#1: Manny noted the next steward check in is scheduled for November 7th.

#5: Jennifer noted she was looking into two types of items but crewneck would be the nicer quality item. Carolyn suggested to look at other distributors as well. Jenn will price crewnecks with Fundy and a distributer in Moncton. Once she obtains a price she will email the executive the price and product.


Action: Jennifer to send price from both distributors to the regional exec.

Action: Christine to obtain sizing from the Atlantic delegates for ordering.


#8: Jennifer has taken over this action item. Jenn asked for ideas of what to purchase at Costco. After a discussion the executive decided to purchase at Provo as we do not have much refrigeration space.


Motion # 3     Jennifer Cantwell moved; Christine LeDrew seconded that of the AGM hospitality budget $150/night be used for snacks. CARRIED.


#17: Presentation will be just Judith LeBlanc as Eva will not be attending.  

#18: Gerald has purchased the Bluetooth speaker and the headphones. He has to purchase the garmin watch.


Discussion on the legacy foundation raffle at the AGM as it was voted on last meeting. Carolyn had purchased the item from NL for $62.50.


Action: Manny to pick up for PEI, Lori for NB and Jenn for NS.


Motion # 3     Jennifer Cantwell moved; Lori Rowe seconded that the executive purchase 60 t-shirts or crew neck sweaters for the AGM visibility item. CARRIED.


Christine noted that we have not gone over the action items from the strategic planning meeting. 


Action: Donna to add the action items from the strategic planning meeting to December meeting folder and agenda.                                                                

6.    Calendar of Events

Manny reviewed the Calendar of Events.  Manny noted that the November extra training will be the Executive Training at the Rodd Charlottetown. He also noted that Steward Council for 2024 is showing as at a location. Christine will confirm with Donna on this item.


Action:  Christine to confirm with Donna on location for Steward Council 2024.


7Regional Director’s Report

Manny advised that his Director’s Report is on the Google Drive for review. He stated he met with Cheryl yesterday. He also noted that AFS and SP groups have reached tentative agreements. He mentioned that PIPSC is currently bargaining with staff and that the national office staff are in favour of a strike with a deadline of November 9th.


Motion # 4     Jennifer Cantwell moved; Christine LeDrew seconded that we go into closed session.  CARRIED.                                  

Motion # 5     Tony Chubbs moved; Gerald Hill seconded that we come out of closed session.  CARRIED.                                                                                                                                                       

Motion # 6     Manny Costain moved; Mike Pauley seconded that the Regional Director’s Report be approved as presented.                          CARRIED.


8. Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn Hynes, Chair of the Training Committee, went over her report submitted on the google drive. She noted that the education officers have developed a new AGM delegates course. There will be a virtual component and an in-person component when you arrive. It will replace the old orientation sessions. Kim suggested that it would be nice if it was not specific to newbies.


Action: Scott to ask the AGM Task Force about the new orientation session being for any AGM delegate. Not just newbies.


She noted that TEAM is participating on revamping the mental health courses to be PIPSC Focused. She has received a lot of enquiries on new training. Was working hard on preparation for the steward council. She mentioned that there was a lot of interest in the Constituent Body Executive Training in November, and we have accepted 25 participants. The invitation went to the participants yesterday. She has approved 2 lunch and learns since our last meeting and is still working on the approval process.


Carolyn questioned the status of the motion to move Lunch and Learns to $50 per person. Manny noted that the Board of Directors passed the policy to increase from $25 to $50 with BLPC to investigate the caveats of sporting goods. It was noted that the policy was showing as updated on the website, but it is now showing back to $25 per person.


Action: Scott to question at the BLPC meeting about policies not showing updates on the website.


Motion # 7     Carolyn Hynes moved, and Lori Rowe seconded the Training Committee Chairperson’s Report. CARRIED.                                                                                                     

9. Financial Report

Gerald started there has not been a whole lot different since our last meeting in September.


a.  ARE Financial Update

Gerald noted that the notebooks for steward council was paid for, cheque for bridges of hope charity was delivered. He purchased two of the three raffle items so far.


b. Year-End review and 2024 planning

Gerald noted that for estimating purposes he increased the membership number for the allotment. He discussed what has yet to be paid for this year. It was noted that with the current account balance we may not receive the full annual allotment. 


Discussion occurred on what swag items to purchase. There is a lot of mis match swag left at the Halifax office.


Action: Christine to confirm with Regional Office an inventory of the swag items.


Christine noted that we should purchase a new type of item for ARC delegate gift. Discussion on types of items ensued. Carolyn suggested glasses with etched logo, Yvonne suggested power banks.


Action: Gerald to get a list of ARC gift ideas.

Action: Christine to price the IT group power bank gift.


Christine mentioned the pictures for gifts for Steward of the Year and Executive of the year. How many do we have? Does Cathy have them or the regional office?


Action: Christine to confirm how many award gifts are left and where they are located.


Motion # 8     Gerald Hill moved, and Jennifer Cantwell seconded the financial report.  CARRIED.


10. Committees of the Board Reports

a.  Finance Committee Report

b. BLPC Committee Report

c.  PRQC Committee Report


The regional executive reviewed the reports on the google drive. Scott noted that the BLPC is doing well and have had some major discussion on Union Family Life Balance policy.


Mike noted that the PRQC do not have much direction on what to specifically work on.


Kim Keats provided a verbal update from the Science Advisory Committee stating there has not been a meeting since April with little of the committee being able to attend in person. Recently received an email from Waheed about needing 2 more meetings. Then received an invite one week in advanced for a meeting which means most will likely be virtual besides the NCR committee members. The committee has not been able to proceed with any issues.


Manny provided a verbal report on the ITSP committee as the report was submitted just before the meeting. The PIPSC Website branding has been put on hold, the steward portal is on stage 2 and there is a 3 year pilot to happen with Navigar.


It has been noted that there has been no written report from the representative of the HRDC committee even after multiple reminders.


Motion # 9  Tony Chubbs moved, and Yvonne O’Keefe seconded that the Committees of the Board reports be moved as presented.  CARRIED.


11. Steward Council – Final Planning and Facilitators Agenda Review

Manny noted that Christine and himself will be at the AYPC meeting Friday morning. He also has the Steward Council gifts (notebooks) in his truck and will need assistance to bring them up in the morning.


The executive volunteered for the various spots for the entirety of the steward council. Christine will send an email to everyone with the agenda for everyone to have a copy.


Action: Christine to send facilitators agenda items to executive.


The Legacy Foundation scholarship winners will be presented at the Awards Dinner by Kim.


12. New Business

a) Add course agenda to course invite or participants confirmation email

Carolyn noted since this was added to this meeting agenda it was shown that the agenda is in Cvent when you go back in after you receive confirmation. You can access all documents such as union leave form, agenda, etc. Carolyn will add these steps into her notes for the Steward Council Introductions. Manny also mentioned the link for the video that was completed at the ORC and send it to participants.


Action: Carolyn to follow up with Donna to confirm which link she sends for Cvent.


b) Review of PIPSC AGM Resolutions

Regional executive went through all the AGM resolutions and had very fulsome discussions on them.


c) AA vs OA roles and responsibilities

Manny suggested that going forward the Regional Executive email both Donna and Natasha with Cheryl in CC. Carolyn also noted that we need clarification on time for turn around for training sessions. Branch and SubGroup presidents were given 4 days to put names forward. Manny noted he did discuss this with Cheryl.


d) Christmas Social Event with Staff

It was noted that we currently do not have a location. It was agreed upon because of the issue we encountered last year at lunch time that it would be Friday evening. A discussion occurred on locations. Jenn stated that she will book a location to accommodate 18 people and the dietary restrictions.


Action: Jennifer to book Christmas event supper with staff ASAP.


e) NB Group Update

Manny noted that Sheila McLean might already be aware of this. Manny received a phone call asking why a few groups in the NB Groups have the same collective agreement but are considered separate groups. Task has been brought to the EC to discuss. They may be looking at merging them together as one group. If there are any issues to bring forward to the AC. Mike Pauley also noted that there are approximately 165 engineers and they have discussed having their own group.


f) Cvent education for stewards

It was noted that this was discussed in an earlier item.


g) Regional Logo

Christine wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that we have our old logo being used on various templates. To ensure we start using the new logo. She mentioned when anyone is purchasing swag let me know and I can provide you with the proper new logo.


Action: Christine to confirm with Donna to use the new logo on documents, such as steward council agenda.


h) Review Visibility item for AGM

This was discussed previously.


i) AYPC Update

Christine noted that the first meeting of the new committee will be tomorrow morning. She stated that she held a zoom call Tuesday evening with the new committee members to provide them with details on why the committee was started, the mandate, and provided some background history on what our committee has done since it was started in 2017. She also discussed wanting to purchase some visibility items.


Motion # 10   Christine LeDrew moved, and Jennifer Cantwell seconded that $1000 be approved to purchase visibility items for the AYPC, not from Atlantic Budget. CARRIED.


j) Hospitality and Dinners

Carolyn advised that she was upgraded when she checked in and offered to open her room to the executive as Manny’s room was not a separate room. Manny noted he prefer to leave his room as the executive hospitality room. Carolyn added, she would open her room to few members noting BYOB and snacks however could not offer a larger hospitality as she was the meeting host and needed sleep. 


Carolyn also advised a few SH members have three tables of eight reserved for supper Saturday night and if anyone wanted to join, please let her know so she could provide names to the coordinators.                    


15. Round Table

Scott said thank you for putting up with him again.


Jennifer noted that her branch hosted an event that had 92 members participate.


Gerald questioned that in our budget there was a line item for door prizes. Christine stated that was when we use to hold a costume party Saturday night, we would buy prizes.


Mike stated it was a good meeting.


Yvonne apologized for being late after lunch.


Carolyn thanked everyone and that this is going to be a great weekend.


Kim noted that the SP SubGroup hosted a family event and reached out to the other subgroups to participate. The invite went to all branch members, and it went over very well with approximately 60 in attendance.


Tony mentioned it was a great meeting and that his branch held a Labour Day event with 14/17 members in attendance.


Christine said it was a good meeting and she will send an email shortly with who is doing what for the steward council.


Manny stated it was a great meeting and looking forward to this weekend.


Motion # 11   Scott McConaghy moved, and Kim Keats seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  CARRIED                                                                                                                    

The meeting was adjourned at 4:56pm.