Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes

Delta Prince Edward, Charlottetown, PE, May 28, 2017

CHAIRPERSON: Kimberley Skanes

EXECUTIVE:  Emmanuel Costain

Michael Basque

Cathy Hebert 

Marcel Journeay                                 

Scott McConaghy

Carolyn Hynes

Mike Pauley

Phil Wilson

STAFF:  Catherine Pinks, Recording Secretary

REGRETS: Marilyn Best

Gerry Saunders

1.         Welcome and Introductions


Kimberley opened the meeting and welcomed newly elected member – Marcel Journeay the returning Executive.

2.       Approval of the Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda under New Business:

c.  Event for Steward Council

d.  Post ARC Review

e.  Ice Breaker for September Meeting

f.  AGM Observers from the Executive

Motion #1  Mike moved and Manny seconded the Agenda be approved as amended.                                                                  


3.       Review of Calendar of Events

Kim reviewed the calendar of events indicating which meetings the Executive are expected to attend.

4).     Elections/Assignment of Sub Committees

a.  Review of Position Descriptions and Election Process:  Kim reviewed the position descriptions and the process to be followed to fill them.

b.  Regional Training Committee:  Nominations for the five members at large for the Training Committee were: Manny, Cathy, Carolyn, Gerry, Mike and Phil.  Following a secret ballot vote, the Training Committee members elected were:  Cathy, Carolyn, Mike, Manny and Phil.

Carolyn was nominated as Chairperson of the Training Committee and she was acclaimed. 

c.  Atlantic Regional Executive Positions:  Carolyn nominated Manny for Vice President he accepted and was acclaimed. Cathy was acclaimed as Secretary.  Phil Wilson was acclaimed as Treasurer.

Executive members were appointed to the following Sub Committees of the Regional Executive with the name in bold standing as Lead:

Resolutions:  Scott, Manny, Marcel and Marilyn.

Elections:  To be determined in January.

Awards:  Michael, Carolyn, Gerry and Cathy

Communications:  Manny, Marilyn, Gerry and Mike

Branch and NB Group Liaison:  Michael, Marcel, Manny, Carolyn, Scott and Mike

ACTION:  Catherine update Executive and Training Committee listings.

ACTION: Catherine update Executive Group email.

5.  New Business

a.  Signing of Principles of Conduct:  The Atlantic Regional Executive Code of Conduct was circulated for signature by those present. 

ACTION:  Catherine circulate the Principles of Conduct to Gerry and Marilyn for signature.

ACTION:  Catherine post the signed Code in the Atlantic Regional Executive binder on the PIPSC Portal.

b.  Training Committee Representative September Basic in Moncton:  Mike will attend.

c.  Training Committee Representative November OSH in Moncton:  Manny will attend with Kim as backup.

d.  Hospitality Event for Steward Council:  Catherine suggested Bingo and Beer.  It was agreed the event would start at 8:00 pm on Friday at the hotel.  We will have a 50/50 draw and sell cards for specials with proceeds going to a local charity.  The Executive will source donations for prizes.

ACTION:  Kim contact Andrew Gize for a prize from the Service Plus partners.

ACTION:  Catherine contact the Delta Halifax for a prize.

ACTION:  Catherine source a bingo company to facilitate the game.

It was decided we would hold the Awards Banquet at the Delta on  Saturday evening with a hospitality in a suite to follow.

e.  Post ARC Discussion:  Kim reported that it was noted that two NB Group members did leave the meeting at approximately 2:30 pm.  It was decided that they would not be entitled to claim their dinner. 

ACTION:  Catherine to note in the module that the two members are not entitled to claim Saturday dinner.

The Executive noted that there were a number of side-bar conversations taking place throughout the meeting.

ACTION:  Kim add to her opening comments to take side-bar conversations outside of the meeting room.  Also, to indicate that the Executive members at the back of the room are there to prevent sidebars.

Kim reported that 109 Bill C-27 postcards were turned in.  38 to Trudeau, 35 to Bill Mourneau and 36 to Local MP`s. 

It was decided that it would be of benefit to have resolutions from the floor translated and posted on the screens.  To facilitate this a deadline for the submission of resolutions will be established and a translation service will be sought.

ACTION:  Elections committee establish and communicate to the ARC delegates the deadline for the submission of ARC resolutions.

ACTION:  Catherine source a translation service to facilitate the translation of resolutions at the ARC.

Discussion to place on whether we should have full translation services – English to French and French to English at the ARC and Steward Councils.  The Executive felt that this was something we should consider going forward.

ACTION:  Catherine to look into what is required regarding translation at the ARC and Steward Council.

It was suggested that for the French and English screens at councils we should switch sides occasionally to prevent participants from having to look in one direction all day.  The positioning of the screen is important as well so the participants can view the entire screen.  A monitor for the presenters was identified as a requirement as well.

ACTION:  Catherine to ensure French and English gets switched on the Council screens and that there is a monitor for the presenter.

ACTION:  Catherine prepare proper labels – Pro/Con and numbers for the microphones at Councils.

ACTION:  Kim send Micheal a copy of Krista`s Presentation.

ACTION:  Catherine to send flowers and thank you note to Pat and Teresa Kinnear.

ACTION:  Catherine format resolutions and send them to Scott and Kim for action.

f.  Icebreaker/Team Building Exercise September:  Catherine will facilitate a team building exercise for the September meeting.

ACTION:  Catherine facilitate a teambuilding activity for the September meeting.

g.  AGM Atlantic Executive Observers:  Following a discussion and review of the Executive`s budget it was decided we could send four observers.

ACTION:  Executive who do not have seats confirm with Kim.

ACTION:  Kim to check with Gerry and Marilyn to see if they have AGM Seats.

ACTION:  Phil to review the budget to ensure we have the funds for four AGM observers and advise Kim.

It was decided if we have more than four observers from the Executive then Kim will do a draw from a hat to determine who gets the seats.

ACTION:  Mike Pauley will look after the Hospitality Suite at the AGM if he is there and Carolyn Hynes is the back up.

6.       Round Table/Adjournment

During the round table Mike mentioned that the NBVM group is struggling to maintain and Executive – currently Carl Dingee, President is the only member.  He advised that Marion MacEachern has agreed to assit.  A review of the PIPSC By-Laws indicates that there is a two year exemption for groups who fail to meet the minimum of 3 members on an Executive.

ACTION:  Catherine draft agenda for September meeting.

ACTION:  Catherine prepare picture slide show for Steward Council

ACTION:  Executive send Catherine any pictures you have taken since Steward Council.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.

NOTE:  Should you wish to view copies of reports presented at this meeting, please direct your request to