Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2019, Delta Beauséjour, Moncton, NB


EXECUTIVE: Michael Basque

Manny Costain

Carolyn Hynes

Marilyn Best

Marcel Journeay

Scott McConaghy

Christine Newhook

Mike Pauley

Jason Rioux

Phil Wilson

STAFF: Catherine Pinks, Recording Secretary

1. Welcome and Introductions

Kim called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to Moncton.

Ice Breaker

Manny facilitated an entertaining icebreaker involving names of well known individuals.

ACTION: Phil will prepare the icebreaker for the May meeting.

2. Agenda

The following items were added to the Agenda:

  • 8. b. PIPSC AGM – Hotel.
  • 8. c. Newsletter date
  • 13. h. AYPC report
  • 8. d. Executive of the year

Motion #1 Phil moved and Jason seconded that the agenda be approved as amended. CARRIED

3. Minutes

Motion #2 Michael moved and Marcel seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. CARRIED

4. Action Items

Kim led the committee through the Action Items from the March 23, 2019, meeting.

Action Items

Atlantic Regional Executive

January 26, 2019

Delta Dartmouth, Dartmouth, NS

# Action
Item/Completion Deadline

1 Executive
Collect pictures and stories from their respective constituent bodies and submit to Carolyn for PIPSC’s 100th Anniversary.

2 Executive
Think of members who are deserving of a Service Award and send their name to Kim.

3 Branch Liaison Sub Committee
Solicit a representative from NS for the 100th PIPSC Anniversary.

4 Catherine
Send the region’s photos for the 100th Anniversary to Laureen Allen.

5 Executive
Check Executive meeting schedule for 2019 and see if you have an office in the vicinity of the meeting where an engagement/visibility event could be arranged.
Decided not to do this.

6 Kim
Bring to the Board that PIPSC should look at developing a strategy as to when interested parties are asking or being recruited that PIPSC determine how they would fit into PIPSC structure. DONE

7 Kim
Contact Jean Trahan regarding an event (Hospitality or Lunch and Learn) for March meeting in Moncton.

8 Catherine
BF for the Branch and Provincial Group President’s meeting a discussion on Swag for events throughout the year.

9 Catherine
Include the acknowledgement of unseeded land, provincial specific, at each event - Steward and Regional Council and the School.

10 Catherine
Send out the ARC Delegate Allotment formula to the Branch and Provincial Group Presidents, the AYAC and Retired Member’s Guild. Also include Executive of the Year Award notification and deadline for Resolutions.

11 Catherine
Include the proposed AGM formula in the ARC Agenda and meeting packages.

12 Manny
Prepare the icebreaker for the March meeting.

13 Catherine
Remove the * from the attendance listing in the November 30, 2018, minutes.

14 Catherine
Issue the invite to the youth again for the March Executive meeting and amend the notice to clarify it is to express interest in attending.

15 Catherine
Send the Executive a list of the contact information for the stewards in the Branch we are hosting the meet and greet for. Executive members who reside in or close to the city of the meeting where possible contact the stewards by phone to promote the event.

16 Catherine
Update the call for AYPC committee members and send it out.

17 Catherine
For the March Executive meeting change the Saturday meeting time from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

18 Kim
Touch base with Jean Trahan as to the plan for hospitality or Lunch and Learn for March Executive meeting in Moncton and advise Catherine.

19 Kim
Ask Manny if he wants to be on the Elections Committee and advise Catherine.

20 Catherine
Obtain a quote on the Pop Ups and provide it to Kim.

21 Kim
Request funding from the Better Together campaign for 16 Pop Ups.

22 Catherine
cc the Regional Executive when going to Branches regarding the purchase of Pop Ups.

23 Phil
Have the Regional Executive 2018 Financials reviewed for inclusion in the ARC Meeting package.

24 Catherine
Follow up on the ARC room block and increase the room nights for Thursday evening based on the availability of flights.

25 Catherine
Source function room, music, munchies, two drink tickets for Friday evening ARC hospitality from 8:00 pm -11:00 pm.

26 Carolyn and Kim
Take care of music for the Friday evening ARC hospitality event.
Christine Actioned

27 Catherine
Obtain a quote from the NL Chocolate Company for 100 individual boxes of chocolates.

28 Kim
Obtain a quote from Purity for 100 gift packs.

29 Catherine
Ensure the Swag resolution is included in the ARC meeting package.

30 Kim
Ask Chris Roach to present the PIPSC Budget at the 76th ARC.

31 Phil
Request copies of PIPSC Budgets from Dennis Britt for the 76th ARC package.

32 Scott
Update the population numbers on the Resolution for the AGM delegate formula when they are out prior to it being placed in the ARC delegate package.

33 Kim
Invite Andrew Gize to the 76th ARC.

Item 6. Kim reported this item has been discussed under Strategic Planning. Discussion ensued as to why PIPSC would not want to respond to groups who are interested in being part of PIPSC. The perception is that there is reluctance to take smaller groups because of the cost.

5. Calendar of Events

Kim referred to the Calendar of Events which is unchanged from the last meeting.

6. New Business

  1. AYPC Resolution: Christine explained that currently the Youth Committees are only ad hoc and they wanted to look at a resolution to bring to the AGM to make the Youth Committees permanent. Discussion ensued on the best route to bring this forward and set it up for success. The result of the discussion was that a resolution may not be the way to go. The Executive suggested this could be brought to the Board for a decision.

ACTION: Kim bring forward to the Board a request to formalize the Youth Committees in the region with the required funding.

  1. AGM Atlantic Delegates: Kim reported the 2019 AGM is back at the Hilton Lac Leamy and the Delta and the New Hilton across from the Delta are the overflow hotels with shuttles to and from the Lac Leamy. The Executive discussed whether they would prefer all of the Atlantic delegates at the same hotel and how this could be accomplished.

ACTION: Catherine facilitate AGM registration asap indicating we are attempting to get all Atlantic Delegates booked at the Hilton Lac Leamy as it is first come first served.

  1. AGM Extra Seat: Phil brought up the interpretation of wording in the October Executive minutes. The extra AGM delegate seat was discussed indicating it would go to the Regional Executive and the Executive would decide what to do with it indicating it may be used for the convenor of the Atlantic hospitality suite. The wording was reviewed and although it may have been interpreted that way it was not the intention.

ACTION: Scott and Catherine verify the delegate allotment for the AGM and report back to the Executive.

  1. Newsletter: Manny reported the last newsletter was mid to late fall. As we currently have several articles ready, it was agreed we would do the newsletter immediately following the ARC.
  1. Executive of the Year: Catherine pointed out that the deadline for nominations is April 30th and to date we have not received any nominations.

ACTION: Executive promote the Executive of the Year Award prior to the April 30th deadline.

  1. AYPC: Kim reported that following the request for expression of interest on the AYPC, we received applications from each province. The applications have been reviewed and new AYPC members and their terms will be formally announced next week. NS: Erica Isenor and Leslie Nasmith; PE: Kathy McClellan and Justin Murphy; NB: Evan Pemberton and Marcus Peck; NL: Christine Newhook and Kimberly Keats. This membership provides 3 returning from the previous year and 5 new participants.

7. Atlantic Regional Director’s Report

Kim tabled her report for review by the Executive. She reported five members from the Atlantic, including herself, are on the task force and committee for Professionals Canada.

Carolyn inquired what is PIPSC doing regarding Phoenix. The grievance process appears to be flawed. Why are we not able to skip the 1st and 2nd levels? Discussion ensued on where this issue is going. It could be up to 5 years before a new program is implemented. What do we do in the meantime? It was pointed out that member’s inquiries regarding PIPSC action regarding Phoenix should be channelled through our President as she is the spokesperson. Carolyn suggested that perhaps PIPSC should initiate a campaign like the C 57 postcards to the MP’s for Phoenix.

Carolyn inquired what PIPSC is doing for Public Service Week? Kim reported that the “Do Better” campaign will be used during Public Service Week.

Marcel asked if the Atlantic would like to bring a resolution to the AGM to change the Union Family Life Balance policy so that it would permit members to take Family Balance day without having to use leave without pay.

Scott stated that the Board could facilitate this change to the Union Family Life Balance Policy.

ACTION: Kim to take the request to change the Union Family Life Balance Policy to read that you don’t have to use leave without pay for the Family Balance day to the Board.

ACTION: Regional Executive Resolutions committee to prepare a resolution to change the Union Family Life Balance Policy to read you don’t have to use LWOP for the Family Balance day.

Marilyn pointed out that if there was to be a Phoenix campaign, then PIPSC data on members affected would be useful.

ACTION: Kim to inquire why PIPSC members can’t skip the 1st and 2nd level and go directly to the third level.

Motion #3 Kim moved and Christine seconded that the Atlantic Regional Directors report be approved as presented. CARRIED

8. Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn referred the Executive to her written report contained in the meeting package. She provided the following update from yesterday’s Training Committee meeting.

Steward Council Agenda: Changes were made to add an hour’s presentation by TEC on the New Steward Framework. For the Friday afternoon session, we are working on securing a presentation from PIPSC legal. Saturday lunch will be plated, and we will break for 1.5 so we can include the scholarship presentations. After lunch we have replaced the two sessions and inserted the TEC presentation on New Steward Framework.

Training School: Kim is unable to attend so Carolyn and Phil will fill the roles of Elected Officials.

Resolution TEC to TEAM: The Training Committee drafted a resolution to the ARC to change name of TEC to TEAM. Carolyn read the resolution. Marcel explained the TEAM acronym, mentoring is part of the mandate of the committee and the acronym is great for any promo material.

ACTION: Catherine facilitate inclusion of the TEC to TEAM Resolution to the ARC meeting package.

PIPSC Steward Awards: Carolyn explained that Kim as Chairperson of TEC is working on a Steward questionnaire and one of the things the Committee looked at was Steward Awards. Carolyn tabled the National Capital Region’s policy on Steward Awards.

ACTION: Executive Awards committee review the NCR’s policy on Steward Awards and determine if there is any part we would want to adopt in the Atlantic region.

Motion #4 Carolyn moved and Michael seconded that the Atlantic Regional Training Committee Chairperson’s report be approved as presented. CARRIED

9. Regional Executive Finances

  1. Atlantic Regional Executive Income Statement: Phil referred the Executive to the Atlantic Regional Executive Income Statement. He reported the Annual Allowance was received a few weeks ago as per Note 3. Other reimbursements were related to swag purchase and reimbursement by the constituent bodies who placed orders.
  1. Atlantic Regional Executive Budget 2020: Phil referred to the draft proposal of the Atlantic Regional Executive budget for 2020.

ACTION: Phil change Training to TRAINING EVENTS in the 2020 Atlantic Regional Executive budget.

ACTION: Phil make the correction on page 3 #437 of the 2020 Atlantic Regional Executive budget - change year to 2018.

ACTION: Phil remove the item for Mayworks from the Atlantic Regional Executive budget.

  1. Atlantic Regional Budgets 2020-2021: Phil referred to the budgets for the fiscal year 2020-2021 and reviewed them with the Executive. He noted that Kim requested budgets for 2020-2021 and we had to make some assumptions for 2021 to prepare these.

The following Budgets were tabled and reviewed.

Atlantic Region Training Budget:

ACTION: Phil in the 2020-2021 Budgets increase attendee number for the training school to 46.

Atlantic Regional Executive Meetings:

Branch and Provincial Group Presidents Meetings: Note no travel as it will be charged to the ARC.

Atlantic Regional Council Budget: Based on 96 participants.

Steward Council Budget: Based on 160 Steward attending.

Motion #5 Michael moved and Jason seconded that the Atlantic Regional Training Committee Chairperson’s report be approved as presented. CARRIED

10. Atlantic Regional Council

Kim referred the Executive to the ARC Agenda noting it reflects the changes suggested at our January meeting. Barry Lewis Green has been contracted as our speaker on Engagement for Friday afternoon. Kim provided and explanation for the Rally in the Alley Event. Kim suggested we look at having someone come in to do a formal welcome for the opening of the ARC.

ACTION: Kim and Catherine to follow up on sourcing someone to formally open the 76th ARC in St. John’s and report back to the Executive.

11. National Committee Reports

The following reports, contained in the meeting packages, were tabled for review.

By-Laws and Policies

ACTION: Jason to follow-up with Barry Gerus on the discussion items referred to in the By-Laws and Policies Committee Meeting. Seek clarification and identify what policy is being referred to.

Human Rights in The Workplace

Information Technology Services and Projects

Finance: As the meeting just took place this week, Marilyn provided a verbal report. All receipts for travel are to be included in claims threshold for not requiring receipts has been reduced from $20 to $10. An update on leasing the building space was provided reporting that in 2018 some rental revenue was received. The PIPSC Budget was projected to have a loss of 2.3 million but to date it was 1.8. The Legacy Foundation is healthy, and a lot has to do with membership making donations. PIPSC year to date budget is showing a surplus of 3.9 million. A reminder will be going out to advise Constituent Bodies they could be audited as there is talk of increasing the number of Constituent Bodies to receive financial reviews. Marilyn advised there will be a change in process relating to the Union Family Life Balance Family Life Day as finance is running into trouble with the policy. Some members are taking it when they are not entitled. The proposed process will be if you are going to take the day it should be pre-approved by PIPSC (finance). It must be taken within 6 weeks. There was a question regarding turnaround time for approvals, but most know in advance what day they are going to take. There were some complaints with the processing of salary claims and to remind people that there is normally a two-week turnaround time.

Training and Education: Carolyn added to her written report stating that the Lunch and Learn process has change. She explained that you go to the PIPSC website and complete the form and submit online. You no longer send the requests directly to the Training Committee Chair. TEC is trying to find a way to use the evaluation form and have it attached to one of the system emails and it would be mandatory prior to receiving your claim reimbursement. Carolyn touched on the Steward Framework – 1st stage is to go out with a Steward survey. The last TEC meeting a day was spent brainstorming questions for a survey which will be administered by a company that has been contracted. The Steward Basic Course and the online pre-learning module process is being adjusted as a tremendous amount of time is being spent getting new stewards to complete the module prior to Basic Training. When Stewards apply to become stewards, they are considering sending them the link to the module at that time. Pension Lunch and Learn is another issue – from regions that have delivered them there have been complaints that they would prefer to have specialists.

Atlantic Young Professionals: Christine tabled the AYPC report. She reported one item was the resolution which was discussed earlier today. Young Worker’s Symposium - many were disappointed with the form as it was focused on the Do Better campaign as opposed to issues related to young workers. They had a speaker who was the CEO of Abacus Data who was great also some panel speakers who were good and the rest of the symposium was Do Better. A lot of the new people were motivated to get involved in their workplaces, but most of them were not Stewards and don’t have the required PIPSC knowledge to advance the campaign. On the second day as an afterthought they took the new people out of the room to provide them with basic information like how to complete a claim form. There were 11 representatives from the Atlantic.

Our last meeting as a committee was held in March and we held a family friendly event with a good turnout. The next meeting is in NL with an AYPC event on Thursday at Bridie Molloy’s.

Motion #6 Phil moved and Carolyn seconded that the National Committee reports be approved as presented. CARRIED

12: Round Table and Adjournment