Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes

Delta Prince Edward, Charlottetown, PEI – April 9, 2022

CHAIRPERSON: Manny Costain

EXECUTIVE: Cathy Hebert

Gerald Hill

Carolyn Hynes

Christine LeDrew

Kelly MacKinnon

Yvonne O’Keefe

Mike Pauley

REGRETS: Scott McConaghy

Jennifer Cantwell

STAFF: Donna Davis, Recording Secretary

1.   Welcome and Directors’ Opening Remarks

Manny welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM. The Land acknowledgment was read by Manny.

2.   Ice Breaker

Yvonne O’Keefe proceeded with the ice breaker, Kelly MacKinnon will do the ice breaker for the May 26, 2022 meeting. 

3.   Agenda

 Add Food Options at Events (dietary restrictions) and, Charity for Atlantic Regional Council Fundraiser. 

Motion #1 – Cathy Hebert moved, Carolyn Hynes seconded that the agenda be approved as amended.  CARRIED.

4. Approval of Regional Executive Minutes

The minutes of February 26, 2022, were reviewed.  Add Seasonal Social from Item 4 in December 4, 2021 Training Committee minutes to Executive minutes of February 26, 2022. 

Motion #2 – Kelly MacKinnon moved, Yvonne O’Keefe seconded that the minutes be approved as amended.  CARRIED.

5. Action Items Review

Manny reviewed the Action Items.

Action Items

Atlantic Regional Executive

                           February 26, 2022







Item/Completion Deadline






Christine, Carolyn and Jen

Finalize the deck and speaking notes on Health and Wellness and forward them to Catherine.






Mike, Scott

Complete the NB portion of the deck and speaking notes on OSH Basics and forward them to Catherine.







Bring the completed Lunch and Learn decks to TEAM Committee for review.







Send Christine Feedback Draw Winners.






Post the Feedback Draw winners to Facebook.






Add the Feedback Draw winner of the previous event to the facilitator’s speaking notes.






To bring to finance Director & Chair and brint to board for discussion on members attending meetings in an area they do not reside. 






To rebook the virtual Atlantic Regional Steward Check-In for every two months. 





To book a Branch and Provincial Group President’s Virtual Check-In once each quarter. 





To purchase coil bound notebooks with the Atlantic Logo.






Scope out new properties for meetings, One suggestion was the Hilton Garden Inn, St. John’s, NL. 






To make up two drink tickets for each member for the ARTS Meet & Greet.





Book Halimac Axe Throwing for Friday night event at ARTS





To let Jennifer know how many spouses are registered in Cvent at ARTS.





To get quotes for different local restaurants for ARC Director’s Dinner





To send a letter to Committees of the Board leads advising the of their duties in relation to reports





Put together some guiding principles for creating the ARC delegate allotment list. 





Look for Resolution presentation material and add it to the Training Committee Meeting Agenda for April






To get quotes for 2023, up to 2024 ARC meetings and send to Gerald to complete Budgets






To prepare notes on AGM Delegate allotment formula for future reference. 





To change Executive Listing and Web to reflect Mike Pauley as Executive Vice-Chair



6. Calendar of Events

 Manny reviewed the Calendar of Events.  The Extra Steward Training on November 18, 19, 2022, at the Delta Beausejour in Moncton, NB will need to be changed to either November 4, 5, 2022 or November 25, 26, 2022. It was also decided to get quotes for a Basic Steward Training at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fredericton and the 2024 Training School in Mill River Resort, O’Leary, PEI. 

Action:  Donna to change dates with the Delta Beausejour.

Action:  Donna to get quotes for Hilton Garden Inn in Fredericton and Mill River Resort in O’Leary, PEI.

7Regional Director’s Report

 Manny advised that his Director’s Report is on the Google Drive for review, along with his Board of Director’s Report. 

Motion# 3 Manny Costain moved and Yvonne O’Keefe seconded approval of the Atlantic Regional Director’s Report.  CARRIED

8.  Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn Hynes, Chair of the Training Committee, went over her report submitted on the google drive.  Carolyn spoke about the requests from Cheryl and Nancy to offer seats at our Basic Steward Training to other regions as we had only 12 participants from our region who registered before the deadline.  Carolyn spoke of some decisions made in regards to the October Steward Council in respect to the theme chosen for Steward Council, guest speakers, entertainment, and concur training.  It was decided to change the start time of the Atlantic Regional Council to 1:00 pm vs 1:30 pm, the motion is as follows:

Motion# 4 Carolyn Hynes moved Cathy Hebert seconded that we change the Atlantic Regional Council start time to 1:00 pm.  CARRIED

Motion# 5 Carolyn Hynes moved and Christine LeDrew seconded the Training Committee Chairperson’s Report.

9. Financial Report

Gerald went over his Financial Reports.  Gerald will be implementing some checks and balances in regards to fundraising at events.  Everything will be recorded in into a spreadsheet for all fundraising at events.  Cathy will be delivering a check to the last fundraising event recipient, she will be asking for a picture to be taken for our Newsletter.  There will be another Kobo E-Reader purchased for the ARC Fundraiser. Gerald has put in for the Annual Allotment and should be receiving it soon.  There was discussion on increasing the budget for the Steward Council visibility item.  Gerald reviewed the Financial Report for the ARC with the Executive. 

Motion# 6 Cathy Hebert moved and Yvonne O’Keefe seconded to increase the budget for Steward Council visibility item. 

Action:  Gerald to prepare a spreadsheet for recording all aspects, from an accounting perspective, of fundraising at events.  Including but not limited to the number of tickets sold, cash in, fundraiser recipient and, receipt from fundraiser recipient.

Action:  Carolyn buy Kobo E-Reader for ARC Fundraising event.

Action:  Cathy get quotes for some suggested visibility items.  

Action:  Gerald to add notes to the ARC Financial Report for presentation.  

Motion# 7 Gerald Hill moved and Yvonne O’Keefe seconded the Financial Report. 

10. Committees of the Board Reports

 a.   Finance Committee Report

b.  Training and Education Committee (TEAM)

The Committees of the Board Reports were reviewed on the google drive. 

Motion# 8 Manny Costain moved and Cathy Hebert seconded that the Committees of the Board reports be moved as presented. 

11.   78th ARC Ongoing Planning Review

There was further discussion on the “Write that Resolution” workshop concerning logistics and roles each person would play during the workshop.  There will be a mock session at the next Executive meeting on May 26, 2022, to go over each person’s role in the presentation of this training.

12. New Business

a.   Tutorial on Concur

There have been various problems with navigating Concur.  We have been asked to allot a half an hour on our Steward Council Agenda to present a Concur Tutorial.  There is one available but it will need some updating before being presented. 

b.  Meet Manager, Atlantic Region, Cheryl Owens-Carr via Zoom

Cheryl joined the meeting via Zoom and was introduced to all members of the executive and talked about some items being discussed at the executive meeting. 

c.   AYPC (Atlantic Young Professionals Committee)
Christine advised that the AYPC is an Ad Hoc Committee, not a Committee of the Board.
There will be a half-day meeting on May 27, 2022, before the ARC. Atlantic, Prairies and
Quebec Regions are the only AYPC Committees active. The Regional Executive will work
with the AYPC Committee to plan meetings, and agree on what can be spent regarding
meetings, events, etc. Christine advised that the AYPC group lost one member out of New
Brunswick. A call will be put out for a new member from New Brunswick. This call will go
out from Donna and she will work with Christine on choosing the new member.

d.  Call for PIPSC AGM (Annual General Meeting) Delegates

A call will go out for PIPSC Annual General Meeting Delegates based on the allotment.

e.  By-Law amendment to the ARC

The By-Law amendment was presented.  After some discussion it was decided to bring this By-Law change to the ARC for approval. 

Motion# 9 Manny Costain moved and Cathy Hebert seconded to bring the By-Law amendment to the Atlantic Regional Council for approval. CARRIED

f.        Food at Events

There was a motion passed at the March Board Meeting regarding food at events, and accommodating members with such things as allergies and/or preferences. This is already a practice of the Atlantic Region but it has been agreed that more questions regarding these issues will be added to future registrations for events. 

g.   Charity for Atlantic Regional Council Fundraiser

Alice House was chosen as our charity for the ARC Fundraiser. 

Action:  Manny will find out who is the contact at the Board for the AYPC as there was nothing sent to Christine LeDrew, Chair of the committee, as to who to contact.

Action:  Donna to put out a call for AYPC members in New Brunswick.  Members under 40 (forty) in New Brunswick.

Action:  Christine to find out when the member’s term is up that they lost from New Brunswick. 

Action:  Donna to put out a call for AGM delegates based on the allotment. 

Action:  Donna to add more questions concerning food allergies and preferences on future registrations for event to accommodate our members. 

13.   Round Table

Manny felt we were doing a great job and getting a lot accomplished, which was agreed to by other executive members.  Christine mentioned the Spring Newsletter would be worked on after the ARC and that she will need articles on the Director, Training School, ARC, Calendar of Events, Branch Profile, Charity event dates and pictures, Steward Training, Tree Planting Event and, Executive of the Year Award.  Gerald mentioned he would be finalizing the Budgets for events.

Motion# 10 – Cathy Hebert moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:00 pm.