79TH Atlantic Regional Council Resolutions

The Atlantic Regional Executive has established a process for submitting resolutions to the Atlantic Regional Council (ARC). For Bylaw amendments to the Atlantic Regional Constitution, our Bylaw 9.2 defines the timelines.


9.2 The text of a proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be sent to the Regional Office at least eight (8) weeks in advance of the Regional Council Meeting where it is to be introduced. The Regional Executive shall provide the text of the proposed amendments to every delegate together with the agenda at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the meeting, to enable them to consult Branch members.


Please see Bylaw amendments being presented below:

Bylaw Amendment 1

 6.1.3 Standing Committee Chairs: The Standing Committee Chairs with the exception of the Training Committee Chair, shall be elected by the Regional Executive, from among those on the Regional Executive, at their first meeting following the Regional Council Meeting.

Bylaw Amendment 2

 6.2.1 Atlantic Regional Training Committee Mandate: The mandate of the Atlantic Regional Training Committee is: to liaise with the Atlantic Regional Executive, the Member Services Training, Education and Mentoring Committee and Regional Staff with respect to regional training initiatives; to solicit from the Regional Council, Steward's Council and regional constituent bodies input concerning the Institute training program; to review the training applications for acceptance to ensure the individuals meet the criteria and objectives for admission.

This is also on the Cvent website along with the Agenda and other Virtual Binder Documents.