In 2020, PIPSC is celebrating its 100th anniversary!

Since 1920, PIPSC members have provided essential services to Canadians. Whether it’s mapping coastlines, crafting documentary films or ensuring everyone pays their fair share of taxes, we should be proud of the work we do to serve Canadians.

We have an entire year of celebrations to look forward to! Get ready for a book about the history of our movement; special Legacy Foundation scholarships; activities across the country; and great prizes to be won!

PIPSC has stood by you every step of the way. For 100 years we’ve been leading progress: fighting for equal pay and human rights, protecting whistleblowers, guaranteeing strong pensions, ensuring scientific integrity, tax fairness, public safety and more. We are proud to defend the services Canadians rely on. 



We’re moving forward with great ambition. We’re working with the employer to build a pay system that worksprotect pensions​​​​, end government outsourcing, build a fair tax system​​​​, secure new collective agreements​​​​, and modernize sick leave​​​​.

Celebrate our 100th Anniversary with us!

Watch President Debi Daviau's Facebook Live that highlighted this important milestone.

Better Together!

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6 February 2020
Your union is turning 100 years old! That means 100 years of history, progress and hard work serving Canadians. Tell us why you’re proud to be a PIPSC member.