Earth Day 2020: 100th anniversary tree planting campaign

Happy Earth Day!

PIPSC is proud to celebrate Earth Day, April 22, a day to celebrate environmental stewardship and to improve the symbiotic relationship we have with our planet. It’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air and appreciate nature, while observing physical distancing.

For the 100th anniversary of PIPSC, we wanted to give back to our Earth. Since 1920, PIPSC members have held an integral role in collecting data that has confirmed we’re facing a climate crisis. Whether it’s surveying the health of our forests, mapping the stars or protecting the vitality of our marine ecosystems, the services provided by PIPSC members are services that all Canadians rely on.

As soon as it is safe and the pandemic has passed, PIPSC will plant 100 trees across Canada to commemorate 100 years of progress!

This is an exciting opportunity for our movement to make an impact in local communities. You too can give back to the environment. Starting today, we’re inviting the PIPSC community to donate to Nature Conservancy of Canada and Tree Canada. Click either of these links to make a donation.