Members create ‘living legacy’ with trees for Canada

Members have created a ‘living legacy’ by planting hundreds of trees across Canada to celebrate PIPSC’s 100th anniversary.

The trees represent PIPSC members’ ongoing contributions and commitment to assure a strong and healthy future for Canadians.

PIPSC members are proud to promote environmental stewardship, which is more important than ever as we attempt to address the climate crisis by reducing our carbon footprint.

Like PIPSC members who serve Canadians in many ways, trees offer immense value to help Canadians enjoy a better and sustainable future.

PIPSC partnered with Tree Canada, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees. For 25 years, they’ve engaged communities, governments, corporations and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians.

Since 1920, PIPSC members have held important roles in collecting data that has confirmed we’re facing a climate crisis. Whether it’s surveying the health of our forests, mapping the stars or protecting the vitality of our marine ecosystems, the services provided by PIPSC members are services that all Canadians rely on.

Whitehorse tree planting
BC/Yukon Director Kal Sahota (right) with members on Main Street, Whitehorse,
Yukon, June 12, 2022

















Regina tree planting
Prairie/NWT members planted 80 trees near Tommy Douglas Building, Regina,
Saskatchewan, June 4, 2022




NCR tree planting near Queensway Carleton Hospital, Ottawa
NCR members planted trees near Queensway-Carleton Hospital, Ottawa