Lunch and Learn Guide

What is a Lunch and Learn Session?

A Lunch and Learn session is a PIPSC-sanctioned activity to communicate information, increase visibility, meet new members or advise PIPSC members on specific topics.

To minimize costs, these sessions are usually held in the workplace, over the lunch hour and, in some instances, right after work as long as there are no costs involved for travel or salary replacement.

Who can organize a Lunch and Learn Session?

Any member, steward or constituent body of PIPSC can organize an event at their worksite or other venue. A lunch and learn could also be suggested by regional staff.

What costs are allowable for a Lunch and Learn Session?

If required, room rental can be refunded, as well as cost of light lunch and/or refreshments (e.g. sandwiches or pizza, non alcoholic beverages).

What topics can be discussed at a Lunch and Learn Session?

A lunch and learn session is, by definition, a training or educational opportunity. It is designed to circulate information to the members on a specific topic over a one hour period. Topics can be as varied as:

  • Presentation for new members (PIPSC : An Introduction to Your Union)
  • Information on Pensions
  • Explanation of the PIPSC Web Site
  • Explanation of the provisions of the Work Force Adjustment Policy
  • Familiarization with collective agreement articles
  • Bullying
  • The necessity of stewards in the workplace (steward recruitment drive)

However, the following are examples of events which would be deemed inappropriate as lunch and learn activities:

  • a meeting or AGM of a constituent body
  • any topic of a political nature such as to discuss candidates in a PIPSC election
  • update on collective bargaining

What is the difference between a Lunch and Learn Session and Bargaining Information Session? 

Lunch and Learn sessions are organized by members, stewards or constituent body of PIPSC and are meant to meet new members, communicate information and advise members on specific topics and to increase visibility.  Topics would generally be of interest to members of all bargaining groups.

Information sessions related to bargaining may be organized by the Group and/or Bargaining Teams (in cooperation with Sub Groups) and deal specifically with current Collective Bargaining issues that are group specific (may include demands, progress reports, and information sessions on any tentative agreements).  Bargaining information sessions fall within the purview of Negotiations, and therefore, Regional Training Coordinators should not approve Lunch & Learns addressing bargaining.

What is the process to request a Lunch and Learn Session?

Limited funds are available in each of the regional training budgets to help defray the costs of these sessions.

  1. Requests must be made prior to the event to the Regional Training Committee Chair by a constituent body, regional staff, steward or member on the Institute approved form (link below).

Note: For clarity, travel costs and/or salary replacement will not be reimbursed.

  1. An email with a standard Request for Lunch and Learn Form attached to the Regional Training Committee chair is the preferred method of request.
  2. The Regional Chair of the Training Committee will review the request and reply with approval/denial via email.
  3. Once the approval for the Lunch and Learn session is received the steward may proceed with organizing the event (booking meeting rooms, guest speakers, inviting members, etc.). Please ensure that you keep your receipts for expenses incurred.
  4. Please bear in mind that reimbursement of claims received at the Institute for activities, which have not been previously authorized by the regional training committee, may be denied.

What is the process to reimburse for expenses made for a Lunch and Learn Session?

A standard claim form should be used identifying the expenses with receipts.  A standard claim form can be downloaded from the Institute web site.

Download the claim form and fill out the expenses incurred by the Lunch and Learn Meeting (with receipts).

  1. Email/FAX, mail the claim form, approval email from the Training Chair, and receipts to the Institute Finance department using the contact information contained on the Travel Expense Claim form.
  2. Upon completion of the Lunch and Learn, a brief summary of the event including the number of attendees needs to be sent by email to the Regional Training Committee Chair.