Regional Training Committees

Here is the list of the members of the various Regional Training Committees. Please do not hesitate to contact them should you have questions or comments regarding your regional training program. Remember that all training requests, including lunch and learn sessions must be recommended by your Regional Training Committee prior to being sent to Member Services Committee or the Board of Directors.


Carolyn Hynes, Chair
Cathy Hebert, Alternate
Kimberley Skanes
Emmanuel Costain
Phil Wilson
Mike Pauley


Martine Lacroix, Co-Chair
Robert Tellier, Co-Chair


Gordon Bulmer, Chair
Glen Schjerning
Stacy McLaren
Greg Scriver


Pete Jozsa, Chair
Christopher L’Estrange, Secretary
Judy Chow
Dean Corda
Yvonne Snaddon


Pam Kubicz, Chair
Samah Henein
Courtney Walker 
Katy Windl
Hugo Buttau 


Peter MacDougall, Chair
Adele McLean
Carl Cahoon