What a nicer way to start our SP union year than with a meeting with the Employer! Your Bargaining Team aims for a quick deal by the summer, before the federal election period starts, though it will not at the expense of a fair deal for all of you. So, by meeting early, we are trying to dance in that direction. Will we have someone to tango with?

Meeting #2 with the Employer

We had a short but productive meeting with the Employer on the 16th and 17th of January.  There has been some movement and valuable discussion.

The main element of our 2-day meeting was sharing with the Employer the rationale behind our general Pay Proposal.

Scientists matter!

In the previous round, we embedded in our collective agreement that scientific integrity matters. We believe SCIENTISTS matter as well! Without scientists, what would scientific integrity mean?

Federal science is important to Canadians in meeting their needs and protecting our way of life. You, the SP members, play an important role when we think of health, environment, climate change, agriculture, law enforcement, economy, border safety, fisheries, oceans, and safe food and drinking water.

This work should be recognized by the Employer for its essential value to all Canadians. However, in this flawed pay-system that we are enduring, your current pay does not reflect your value. This is exactly what your Bargaining Team is telling the Employer.

We are working on finalizing the language to be given to Treasury Board ahead of the next meeting. But before that, once the documentation has been translated, we will share with you our pay proposal.


Our next dance… err… face-to-face bargaining meeting is scheduled for March 13th to 15th, 2019.

We are working diligently for you at the bargaining table. We need your assistance in showing the Employer visible and constant support for your Bargaining Team. We appreciate the pictures you are sending us. Keep mobilizing our members, this is important for each and everyone of us!

In the coming weeks, we will be publishing general information on bargaining directly on the website.

Better together!

Bryan Van Wilgenburg, Judith Leblanc and your SP Group Bargaining Team

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