SH Group Meeting #1

November 17, 2022

Centre Sheraton Hotel, Montreal QC

Attendees: Bruno Gagnon, Selena Glover , Eric Massey, Deborah Gaeon, Rachel Boyko , Terry Hupman, Lynn Ohlson, Donald Moisan, Rene Campbell, Lois Pelletier , James McGrath, 

Regrets: Ian Shaw, Julia Morash, Christine McDowell


Meeting commenced at 0900am 

1.0 Welcome from the President. Warm welcome from Lynn Olhson

2.0 Approval of Agenda - with additions -  moved; James McGrath, Seconded Eric    


3.0 Approval of minutes from the previous meeting: with the following additions:

      Rene to replace Lynn Huff on the Bargaining committee.  No decision was made.    

       After discussion, Rene would be accessed as a Subject Matter Expert.

      The decision made was not to replace anyone else on the bargaining team at the

      previous meeting.

      Mover Selena. Passed unanimously 


4.0 Business Arising From Previous Meeting: 


5.0 Standing items:

 A.SH Bargaining: 

     Bargaining started on November 9, 2022 and November 10, 2022.  There were  

      complications regarding the internet

Cara also addressed the interaction with the Bargaining Team and concurred with Eric’s report - they are planning on when the next in-person meeting will occur.  

Eric Massey: TB were actively listening - TB is willing to have an agreement but we don’t know what their proposal is.  There were no questions from TB.  TB was mostly on Zoom (5 people).  PIPSC will not accept people on Zoom unless an emergency happens

TB will look at each profession and they will provide details.

The Bargaining team wants to acknowledge that Cara Ryan was excellent as our union bargaining representative.


6.0 New Business:

Need to address at the table - leave for Union business which is difficult in some areas as well as with Union/Leave balance.  If this happens, we will need to Grieve this.  We need to have this clarified at the bargaining table.

Where the employer does not allow the leave, and PIPSC pays the employee, the gross is deducted from the employee’s pay and PIPSC only pays the net. This will be put forward toTB 


7.0: Elections

A.President:Lynn Olhson nominated and seconded by Eric.  no other nominations were brought forward

Lynn agreed to the nonomination

Lynn Olsen was Acclaimed

B.Vice president; Rene Campbell: nominated by Eric supported by Bruno 


Treasurer: James McGrath nominated by Lois Pelletier , seconded by Rene,


Secretary: Lynn Huff nominated and Acclaimed

Thank you to Terry Hupman for stepping in when Lynn H was not available


8.0 Definition of a northern nurse: There are no real definitions: There will have to be a  definition developed due to the bylaws committee request, this will need to be clarified and done  prior to the next AGM..  Lois to work on wth  Ginette and Patty P 

To be carried forward to the next Executive meeting..  This is for the purposes of the SH group.  Not just the distance and is multi-factorial.  We can decide what we think is a northern nurse.  Remote and frequency of traveling north  of those nurses probably providing care.


9.0 Dates for our next meetings: January 28, 2023,  April 1, 2023 ,  June 2,2023, 

    September 9, 2023 

    AGM June 3, 2023


10. Update document of Roles for SH group executive members: 

      Elections Officers: TerryHupman, Rachel Boyko, Debra Goen  

      Membership/Rand - Eric Massey, Bruno Gagnon

      By-laws Officer: Selena Glover, Donald Moisan, Lois Pelletier 

                                Chair - Selena

      Delegate Coordinators - Chair - (Christine) Rene Campbell, Ian Shaw

      Consultation Officer - Donald Moisan, Bruno Gagnon

      Orientation officer - Chair: James McGrath, Selena Glover

      Steward Coordinator: Rene Campbell

      Sub-Group Officer: Eric Massey

      Bargaining Liaison: Eric Massey

      Communications: Bruno Gagnon, Rachel Boyko

     We will need to update the specific roles in each group


11. Continue with  translation for every meeting English/French. 

      We will decide at the end of every meeting if we want translation at the next  



12. Planning for next years AGM on June 3, 2023- It will be in  Ottawa at Lac Lemay  

      with a possible Ottawa River Cruise as the athe activity  Possible speakers:

      Possible speakers: ?comedian again, ? President of Canadian Nurses Union, first 

      nations with a focus on health, elder about the medicines, colonizations,   

      intergenerational trauma. Lori and Lois to inquire in to a list of names.  Our       

      budget for speakers is up to $2,000-3,000.


13.  Running for 2 positions simultaneously in SG Group elections: 

       It can cause complications if the member wins both positions.  

       Of this happens, then your profession should be granted if you win both 

       profession and MAL position.  We will check with PIPSC to see if this agrees with

       their policies.  

      Vote will be deferred until next meeting once we consult with PIPSC -if  this is  

      allowed for the group we need to have a by-law that complies with PIPSC by-laws

      8 members felt that you could only run for 1 position and we would have to create 

      a bylaw for this.  The formal vote will be in January.


      Selena to check with Bylaw people 


14. Addition to Bargaining Team/By-laws:  Rene is good to be on the bargaining team  

     but we should not be taking on a naive individual on the team for late additions to 

     the bargaining team

     Unanimous vote to add Rene to the bargaining team.  


15. Reports:

  1. President's Report/Advisory  Council

           Nothing to report.  Missed last Advisory Council meeting due to AGM in  



      B.Treasurer’s Report: 


          We have about $40K in the BMO account:

          We did get the meal in June. 

          PIPSC will need to be paid about 20K for the AGM. 

          Lynn Olhson motioned to pay for visibility items for the northern nurses AGM  

          up to 2,000 - moved by Eric, carried unanimously. 



          10 rand have become members.  

           The list needs to be updated.  


       D. By-Laws

           BLPC have not gotten back with changes to by-laws that have been approved    

           by the AGM members



         Lynn O - National Vice President for EFDC

         Meeting for the Alantic Stewards - Oct 25, 2022 in Montreal

         November 21, 2022 Ontario and NCR stewards in Ottawa

         Eric: hybrid for beginning of Dec, 2022

         Donald: shooting at correctional center - changing windows to bulletproof

         Some psychiatrists are alone in the office without security

         Defense training

         Rachel Boyko - nothing to add

         Lynn H: in person CME for travel outside their hometown not being reimbursed     

         only virtual meetings and meetings that are located in the city the physician 

         resides in.  Discussing working from home vs in office




     G. Stewards: nothing to add


      H.Subgroups: Eric will contact the sub-presidents as they will need to help with 

         Rand members



       Sheena McQuarrie was initally acclaimed into the VAC-NU position, however, 

       this position was changed.  She was required to run for the NU position, 

      however, she  unsuccessful in the subsequent election.

      At the SH AGM, members were encouraged to vote and a reminder was sent -    

      eventually, we only had 6.2% turnout.


     J.  Delegate Coordinators: nothing to report. - Christene will be a member of this       




     K.Promotional Items:

        iPhone holders

        T-shirts with SH groups on the back or computer sleeves or placemats

         Glasses or coffee travel mugs



    L.Orientation: this has been discussed


16. Roundtable/Other business:

     Eric: sent a letter on Oct 22, 2023 in both English and French to members for 

    bargaining suggestions.  Percentage of people opening the letter is low.  

    Rene: pharmacists have a classification grievance in - the employer is now starting     

    to listen.  Might be moving forward with a human rights complaint - regarding 

    gender and pay

    Selena: OPs from VAC - no longer an OT4 position but OPs want to have this   

    reinstated - pay is an issue

    Pay scale is very different for the various vets in different agencies.


Meeting adjourned: 1539