Members of the Bargaining Team for the SH Group met on August 23 to August 25, 2022 for preparatory meetings for the upcoming round of bargaining.  

During these meetings the SH Bargaining Team reviewed:

*articles and appendices of the current collective agreement and drafted new proposal content

*member feedback received up to this date. 


In early September, as per by-laws, a new SH Bargaining Team chair, Eric Massey, was selected due to a vacancy left with Adam Fenwick’s transfer to a new group within PIPSC. We thank Adam for his strong leadership and dedication to the bargaining team and wish him well in his new endeavours. 

Members of the Bargaining Team met again on September 21 to 23, 2022.  Two full days were dedicated to bargaining training. Another day was spent as a preparatory meeting reviewing the language and asks within our current proposals for this round of bargaining. An update was also shared with the team on non-monetary issues common to other PIPSC groups that may be included in Central Table bargaining. 

Another Bargaining Team meeting is planned for October for further preparation. 

For any questions or concerns please contact the SH Group Negotiator or a member of the SH Bargaining Team. Contact information is found on the PIPSC SH Group Website: SH Group Bargaining Team | The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


In Solidarity, 

SH Group Bargaining Team