Members of the Bargaining Team for the SH Group met in Ottawa on March 29 and 30, 2022, in preparation for the upcoming round of bargaining.

The Bargaining Survey has been distributed to the SH membership. This is an opportunity for members to identify issues and priorities for the upcoming round of bargaining and communicate this information to the SH Bargaining Team. The team looks forward to reviewing the responses as they plan for negotiations with the Treasury Board.

Members of the Bargaining Team will continue to engage with members across the country to identify additional concerns and determine areas requiring further consideration. Check your email for notice of a focus group that works for you! If you need to update your email with PIPSC, do so here.

The Bargaining Team’s next preparations meetings will be held virtually on April 20 and 26 and in person on May 11 and 12.

The Bargaining process will roll out as follows: 

  1. Survey members for bargaining demands 
  2. Focus groups with SH group membership 
  3. Ongoing receipt of information submitted by individuals for bargaining issues 
  4. Finalization of bargaining demands 
  5. Exchange of bargaining demands with employer
  6. Negotiations to achieve a tentative agreement
  7. Employer and Bargaining Team reach a tentative agreement 
  8. SH Group membership votes to ratify the agreement

Note that should an impasse in negotiations occur and a tentative agreement has not been reached the employer and SH Group Bargaining Team will go to arbitration.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Cara Ryan, the SH Group Negotiator, or a member of the SH Bargaining Team. Contact information is available here.