The SH Bargaining Committee is a committee of the Group Executive and acts on behalf of the Group in bargaining the Collective Agreement with the employer while keeping the SH Group Executive informed of the progress of negotiations.  The SH Group Executive would like to thank all members that put their names forward.

R6.9.6.8 The Bargaining Committee shall normally include four (4) nurses, one (1) NU-EMA and one (1) psychologist. The remaining four (4) positions shall be filled by representatives of the smaller groups (Dentistry, Nutrition and Dietetics, Medicine, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Veterinary Medicine. Once the bargaining team members have been selected, the SH executive and the bargaining team shall normally appoint a representative from each of the smaller groups not represented on the team. Those representatives will work collaboratively with the Bargaining Team to prepare and/or present issues specific to their professions.

The SH Group Executive has selected the next Bargaining Committee for negotiations following the expiry of the current Collective Agreement September 30/2022.

The members of the newest SH Group Bargaining Committee are:

Lori Clace (NU - ISC)

Adam Fenwick (PH - CSC)

Bruno Gagnon (PS - CSC)

Terry Hupman (DE - ISC)

Carolyn Hynes (NU-EMA - ESDC)

Eric Massey (NU - CSC)

Donald Moisan (SW - CSC)

Leah Munroe (NU-EMA - VAC)

Anya Myers (ND - CSC)

Chantal Ricard (NU/NP - CSC)

The members of the Bargaining Committee will be working with the SH Group Executive in the coming months to identify representatives from the professions that do not have a representative on the bargaining team for the upcoming round.